Dryhead Update From Lori

I finally made it out to the Dry Head last Wednesday after visiting with Liesl & Kaibab at Diane’s. They are doing great and seem very happy in their new home with their new family! They look better than I have ever seen them look, so apparently this change was the best thing for them. We are working with them and I think soon we will be able to get their halter’s on.

 Most of the Dry Head horses are out on Mustang Flats.
First I saw Fools Crow with his band of the dark bay’s, and of course Mercuria.
It seems that Hidalgo could not hold onto all of his ladies. Fools Crow has Jewel with Mercuria, Halo, Icara and Morgana. They all seemed perfectly content and this group was quite a ways from Hidalgo and his little band.
IMG_4653 (1024x683) IMG_4655 (1024x683) IMG_4660 (1024x683) IMG_4682 (1024x683)
Hidalgo had Fresia and Montana with him. Just nearby on the hill were the bachelor boy’s intently watching Hidalgo and his little band. I watched as Hidalgo chased the bachelor boys away. Apparently they were a little too close for comfort. He sure is keeping his band close with an eye on the bachelor’s.
IMG_4688 (1024x683) IMG_4703 (1024x683)
I hiked out to see who the bachelor boy’s were that were watching Hidalgo and his band.
It was Hawk, Issaquah, Johnston and Kemmerer. Chief Joseph was alone but near the boy’s!
 IMG_4718 (1024x683)
IMG_4735 (1024x683) IMG_4746 (1024x683)
Then I spotted Blizzard and hiked down to see who was with him. It was Cascade and they were quite a ways from the others. Blizzard was keeping some distance from the rest and did not really like me taking their photo’s. After I did take a few pictures he moved into the brush and I hiked back to my car.
IMG_4724 (1024x683) IMG_4730 (1024x683)
That is when I spotted Merlin and he was headed towards Hidalgo and his band.
Hidalgo saw him and took off in a full gallop across the dessert to chase him away. There was no confrontation, just chasing. After he felt Merlin was far enough away he turned and galloped back to his band.
IMG_4783 (1024x683) IMG_4791 (1024x683) IMG_4798 (1024x683) IMG_4803 (1024x683) IMG_4808 (1024x683)
Merlin stopped and just kept on watching Hidalgo. I think he will be dogging Hidalgo and possibly Fools Crow too. I will have to make another trip out there this week to see if there are any more changes.
IMG_4811 (1024x683)
I decided to head back down and see if I could find anyone else.
I did spot Hickok and his girls out on one of the “hills” towards the south end of the range.
IMG_4850 (1024x683)
It was a good day and I look forward to another exciting trip soon!
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
 Thank you Lori!  Merlin really looks good.  It is so good to see Fools Crow with a band again.

15 thoughts on “Dryhead Update From Lori

  • Thanks Sandy! I think Fools Crow looks real good and happy too. I thought Belle Star was with them, but it was Icara. They do look alike a bit. Also they were in the brush the entire time and I could not get any good shots of their leg markings. Now I am wondering where Belle Star is.
    Merlin wants a band of his own and I am wondering if he will be able to take any of the mares from Fools Crow. I don’t think he has a chance with Hidalgo though, plus Hidalgo only has one mare left! It should be interesting to see how this plays out on the DH this winter.

    • Last time someone saw Belle Starr she was with Hidatsa. She’s been with him for a little while now. When she first disappeared from Hidalgo and the band some of us assumed she was back with Fools Crow, but then Joy (I believe) saw her with Hidatsa and I think someone has seen them together again recently. I think he’s trying to keep her hidden.

      • Yes, I remember now. It was Shawn that saw Hidatsa with Belle Starr up Sykes earlier this summer. I thought I saw Hidatsa when I was there last. But, but looking at the photos again (it was getting dark when we saw them), it was Johnston and not Hidatsa. It would be nice to get a current report of someone seeing them!

  • Interesting activities Lori. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen Hidalgo close up in a long time, and it sure is amazing how big and mature he has become. It would sure be cool if a couple of the other stallions could each end up with a mare. It would be nice to know there were a few families on the DH. 🙂

  • And Liesl and Kaibab do look really good. I’m sure a little more freedom to run around has been very good for them, along with the excellent care. 🙂

  • Thanks Linda! Yes, Hidalgo is just gorgeous and so stout looking. He is a serious stallion and I am sure he will hold onto someone over the winter. It will be interesting to see what happens. At least we have the up-and-coming Mercuria and Morgana, and then there will be Bristol & Kitalpha’s little filly. I hope they get to stay on the range!

    Liesl & Kaibab have it made in the shade.

  • Everyone looks good! So glad Liesl and Kaibab are doing so well! I know they are in great hands. Fools Crow and his girls look good as do Hidalgo and Fresia/Montana. Merlin looks good and I hope he doesn’t get hurt again pursuing Hidalgo. Looks like Cascade posed for you even though Blizzard wouldn’t 🙂 Thanks Lori!

    • You are welcome Sarah! I hope Merlin does not get hurt again either 🙁
      Yeah, right after I took that picture they both went behind the brush! HA HA Reminds me of Sandy and the “Topper’s.”
      Yes..now I remember about Belle Star being with Hidatsa. That is why we have not seen him either alone or with the bachelor’s…he is keeping her well hidden and safe from the other’s.

  • Great report and photos. Thank you Lori. I hope Hidalgo can hold on his girls.
    Thanks Sandy for the post.

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