Tour Dates for 2014 and Reviews From Some Of The 2013 Guests.


Below are the available Tour Dates for 2014.   For questions and reservations:  Phone: 406-244-0015.  Email:

Wild in the Pryors is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct small group tours within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range from January to December. Wild in the Pryors is one of a handful of businesses that have the federal permits necessary to guide clients onto this federal property.

Wild In The Pryors is also licensed to give tours within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Sandy lives in Montana and goes to the Pryors many times through-out the year.  Experience a camping trip with someone that knows all the horses and the places they may hide.  With this trip, you won’t just go to view the horses, you will go to know the horses, hearing the many stories that she shares, making this a once in a life-time experience.

If you have a group of 4 and want a private camping tour, contact me for other possible dates.

All tours may include light to moderate hiking.


June 2014

4 Day Camping tour:  June 22-25  FULL 

July 2014:

3 Day Camping Tour:  July 2-4  FULL
(private trip for 5 star Parelli Master Instructor and spouse, who is a 3 star!)

4 Day Camping FULL MOON Tour:  July 11-14.   FULL

3 Day Camping Tour:  July 16- 18th.  1 Opening.

August 2014

4 Day Camping FULL MOON Tour:  August 10-13.  2 Openings

3 Day Camping Tour:   August 15-17.   FULL

5 Day Special Trip for University of Montana-Western Natural Horsemanship students: August 19-23. Special exception for more than 4 guests!  🙂

September 2014

4 Day Camping FULL MOON Tour:  September 8-11.   Contact Sandy for possible openings.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

– John Muir

Full moon in the Pryors, July 22, 2013
Full moon in the Pryors, July 22, 2013

More Information:

Things you need to know:

1.  This is wilderness camping.  No established camping facilities.

Sky at sunset, September 8, 2013
The Blue Hour on Pryor Mountain, September 8, 2013


Included on all camping trips:  All food, snacks and transportation up the mountain and down, along with Sandy’s expert guiding all day long while you are there.   If you need camping gear, it can be provided.

Trips are limited to 4 guests with Sandy acting as your guide along with her assistant who will be  cooking our meals and and offering camp assistance.

With Sandy as your guide, you have have the opportunity to look at some of the hidden spots the horses love to go too, and learn about each horse, as Sandy knows each one and their family’s.

Day Trips:

No Longer available.  Contact Sandy for other day-trip options.

Nickel and Manuelita
Nickel and Manuelita

All trips leave from Lovell, Wyoming (unless other arrangements are made).  Airports nearby: Billings, Montana.  Cody, Wyoming.

A 50% down payment is required upon booking with the remainder due two weeks prior to your trip.

 With limited exceptions, all payments are considered non-refundable. Refunds may be made when cancellations can be filled.

 Anyone interested in a trip will be asked to complete a Pre-Screening Health Questionnaire, and those who book a trip will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Responsiblity and Assumption of Risk document, as per Montana State Law.

July 22, 2013

So whether you want a photography adventure or simply just spend some time  with the horses and someone who knows each one, this is the tour for you.   Walk alongside Sandy as she checks on the herd and keeps records of each horse.    It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Contact Sandy for pricing and more information:  406-244-0015. Email:



“My two 11 year old grand daughters and I were lucky enough to be able to take a two night three day tour to the Pryors with Sandy and her daughter Amber.  I can’t express how wonderful our experience was.  Sandy has so much knowledge of the Pryor Horses and shares it all.  She takes incredible care of you with wonderful meals, safety and once in a lifetime photo opportunities.  As soon as we started down off the mountain we felt sad that our trip was ending.  My heart will always be up there with the horses and Sandy and I will continue to live my experience over and over again through Sandy’s blogs.  Saying Thank you to Sandy and Amber doesn’t begin to cover how I feel.   ”

Miss you tons, Jeanne, Livingston, Montana.


“I wanted to hear the sound of wild horses and experience them in a personal way so I went online to find someone who could possibly give a tour.

I searched for Wild Horse Reserves and found the Pryor Mountain website. From there, I located a photographer who had her own site called Wild in the Pryors. After viewing her photos of the horses and discovered how she cared about them and had gotten to know the so personally, I wrote her an email and asked if she ever gave tours on the mountain. After I found out that she did and also offered an overnight option to camp on the mountain, I booked a trip with her.

This was a trip I will never forget as I’m from Seattle and don’t have wild horses here. I drove to Wyoming and met up with Sandy and a small group and we camped on the mountain. I will never forget the view outside my tent of the sky and the valley below. Being on top of the mountain offered cooler summer temperatures and thunder storms and if that wasn’t exciting enough, to lie in my tent and hear horses thundering by in the dark, was an experience that made me realize that life is precious in the moment. I learned about horses and how they lived in the wild.

I was attracted to the idea of an animal, we are so used to seeing domesticated and dependent on humans, being able to run free and it made me realize there ARE still wild and free creatures in America. To search for the horses after a storm was adventurous and when they finally came out of the forest and we spotted them, Sandy knew each band by name and to see them running to the pond to drink was a thrilling sight. It was the greatest way to view the horses up close and with a knowledgeable guide like Sandy, who respects them and knows them, I was able to accomplish the goal I had to see wild horses in a personal way.”

Annette W. , Seattle, Washington



“I want to write a big “Thank you!” to Sandy Elmore at “Wild in the Pryors”.

Early this year, my cousin came to me with an opportunity she found to observe the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustangs for three days with a guide, food and tents included. I enthusiastically said “yes!” not really knowing what I was agreeing to do.

I came to the Pryor Mountains only knowing two of the Stallions’ names but I came home with a wealth of information about the different Band Stallion’s characteristics, band and herd dynamics, names of all the stallions, mares and foals, mountain terrains, vegetation, and challenges the Pryor Mountain Mustangs face.

The trip was educational, entertaining, and heart felt. The Mustangs became more than a reference or a story to me, they made an impact on my perspective about my own horses and my life.

Sandy is a wonderful and patient teacher as I asked multiple times “Now which horse is that?”, she explained in detail all about each of the bands and the horses, their families and how they interact with each other. It is an experience I will always treasure and hopefully repeat annually.

Thank you, Sandy for all you do, from the wonder food to the great education, all I have for you is praise! It was amazing! Thank you!”

Karmen H. , Seattle, Washington


  “Our trip with Sandy and Amber to see the Pryor horses, wild in their native mountain habitat, was a dream come true for me.  Sandy has carefully planned every detail of the tours: comfy transportation, good food and camping supplies, if needed.

  With Sandy’s years of studying the Pryor horses, raising her own horses including her three adopted Pryor horses, her knowledge of each horse on the Range, their behavior patterns and family interactions, you not only see the horses, but learn about them as the individuals they are. She provides her guests with an up-to-date reference list of the horses with information for identifying each horse.

  After our July tour with her, we were so thrilled we tried to book another tour in September, but she was booked up, so we are looking forward to her tours next season.  Sandy will treat you like a welcome friend to assure you have the ultimate mountain top experience — as we did. 

  Thank you, Sandy!!”

Laura C. , Colorado Springs, Colorado

Irial and Jasper, June 2013
I got to know this wonderful woman named Sandy through her blog on  I really enjoy reading her blog because they are very informative.  During several phone conversations, Sandy invited my wife and I several times on one of her tours up the mountain with her however it never worked out.  

A while ago I spoke with Sandy, she once again invited us on her tour so we jumped at the chance not only so we could meet Sandy face to face but also to travel up the mountain with someone who really knows and understands these horses.  Sandy set up the accommodations at Fort Causeway which really is the ideal place to overnight.  

This is where we met Sandy and her daughter, Amber for the first time. During the scenic tour up the Mountain, Sandy stopped several times to point out various things out that we would have missed travelling up ourselves. The trip up the mountain didn’t seem to take that long because there was a lot to see and had great company.  

At the top of the mountain it was amazing to see all the horses in their true natural terrain with their beautiful summer coats. It’s hard to describe the natural colors of these amazing horses.

 As we drove around, Sandy is very knowledgeable about the horses and their surroundings.  Many times I would ask who that particular horse was and with no hesitation, she would provide the details of that horse and family. She knows each and every detail of the horses including the new colts. She was quick to point out watering holes, trails the horses travel on and places the horses like to graze during the days.  

Sandy shared so much information on this journey and gave me a new appreciation for these horses.  The day with Sandy and Amber was one we will never forget.  We had so much fun and shared so many stories while making lots of memories on this Pryor Mountain journey.  I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who loves horses.  

Thanks again Sandy and Amber for the wonderful time we had together. 

Ross and Marge, Saskatchewan, Canada

Campsite, July 2011


The Wild in the Pryors Tour was a dream come true!  I simply cannot thank you enough for this amazing experience and all of your knowledge you so graciously shared.  I have followed the Pryor Mountain horses for many years now so I came with a voluminous list of questions in hand developed over the years; you were so patient and kind in answering ALL of them.  It was an added bonus to learn from you about the herd dynamics, the mountain seasons, the range history, and what the future may hold for these magnificent horses.

I would encourage anyone who is an admirer of the Pryor Mountain Horses to take this tour with you.  There is a spirituality one cannot even begin to surmise until hiking and spending quiet time on the range with these horses. It truly is a world of its own up on the mountain that I was sad to leave. The scenery was amazing, the food was fantastic; however, you may want to amend the Items List to read “SPF 50 sunblock” for some of us over-confident city folk who say “I never burn”

Thank you for granting my “Bucket List Wish” of being able to see the Pryor Mountain Horses up close and personal.  I never dreamed I would be able to take such a unique camping trip, let alone have the benefit of a friendly, knowledgeable guide who is an awesome cook!

Sandy, I especially want to thank you for all you do for the horses and always being “their voice” through the good and bad times.  You are their champion!

 -Elizabeth, Seattle, WA

Just before sunset, July 14, 2013
Wild in the Pryors is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct group tours within the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range from January to December. Wild in the Pryors is one of a handful of businesses that have the federal permits necessary to guide clients onto this federal property.

Sandy is also licensed to give tours within the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.


Contact Sandy for reservations or more information.  


Phone: 1-406-244-0015.

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