Starman Update

Starman, October 2010
Starman, October 2010

Last week in my post “Late July in the Pryors”, I reported that Ryan had informed me that the remains of Starman had been found.

Myself and 4 other woman spent over an hour hiking the area that Ryan had said Starman was.  The only bones we found were that of Cabarets, Duchess and their foal. (I had already known of these,including their yearling son Jericho.   I had taken photos of them in September 2011 when there was still identifying hide on them).  But I thought maybe I had not followed Ryan’s directions correctly.  So when I got home I emailed Jared and Ryan for some clarification.  Jared informed me that he had not been up there to confirm.

Here is the email I received from Ryan this morning:


The bones I was talking about must be Cabaret then because they are just down from the bones near the fence.  One of the visitors told me they were Starman.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience. “
Thank you Ryan.  I appreciate you getting back to me.
Starman and Santa Fe, May 2012
Starman and Santa Fe, May 2012

So, this means there is still a chance (although small), that Starman could still be alive.  I will still hold out hope, at least for a while.  I would love to see his big blazed face come walking towards my campsite.  I will let you know if I learn any more.


Starman and his mare Rosarita, September 2010.
Starman and his mare Rosarita, September 2010.
Starman on the wrong side, July 2012
Starman, July 2012
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20 thoughts on “Starman Update

  • An interesting development for sure. Seems like there would have been identifiable remains if it were more recent. Perhaps Starman has found a way back into the National Forest again :), and is just not coming out no matter what. I do hope he shows up somewhere, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he just refused to leave the area he had always spent the winters in and perished much as the Cabaret family, did. The top of the mountain, altho beautiful in summer, is vicious in winter and has claimed others in the past. Thanks for the update, Sandy.

  • Is there a specific place he liked to winter? I know Two Boots had any area he would stick to for the winter. I wonder if anyone has looked around there.

    • I believe he wintered on Burnt Timber. But that land is so massive and would be hard to pin point exactly where he might be. I do hope he turns up and saves us the worry and wonder (a live of course!!).

      • Yes me too! Maybe him and Two Boots are hanging out together somewhere.

      • I was so relieved when I saw this post! It means there is hope, even though it’s a small one. I don’t know much about Starman, but he must be one heck of a stallion to hang on to his mares for as long as he did. And he’s beautiful of course:)
        Random question: Does Mateo have any offsprings on the range?

      • Yes he does 🙂 The stallion Doc is Mateo’s son with Winemucca. And the mare Celt (TCF calls her Cascade) is his daughter with Electra. Doc has a son named London who is still on the range and Celt/Cascade has her son Echo on the range.

      • Hi Anne! Mateo was also known as Little Foot. Doc’s son London is also Gold Rush’s son. Yes, Killian (Echo) is being very controlled by Celt, it will be interesting to see if he is ever able to have a life of his own.

  • Can we get an update on “Cabarets, Duchess and their foal. (I had already known of these,including their yearling son Jericho”….maybe post pictures of them living…I don’t think I knew they passed? Was that from this year? 🙁

    • Hi Gina. You can use my search button (just go to “search this blog”) on the top right of any post. I have made several posts about Cabaret and there is even a video you can watch with a lot of footage that I took of them in July 2010. (go to “Sandy You Tube Channell) on the right side of any post. My video “Wild Cabello” has footage of him and his band. They died in the winter of 2010-11.

      • I found them…I remember those they where thought to have gotten trapped that winter. I must have missed your post on it as the center never really confirmed which horses had been killed. Sad loss, I thought they had mentioned another horse Ferdinand or something (not Fortunas) that had been killed so I was a little confused at first thinking that perhaps these where recent deaths. Glad they are not.

        LOVE your Blog BTW.

      • Yes, you are correct. Ferdinand also disappeared that winter along with several others. We lost a total of 15 horses that year. (including Admiral and Kapitan). Thank you Gina!

        Here is the list of horses that were lost from the winter of 2010-2011 and also summer of 2011.

        Ferdinand, Havana, Kalista, Guinevere, Beauty, Rosebud, Kalispell, Cabaret, Duchess, Kalika, Jericho, Fortunatas and Bigfoot, Admiral and Kapitan.

  • I think Starman went into the 2012 winter looking good…we have had lots of surprises with horses presumed dead and then pop up MONTHS later.

    Sandy was Buffalo Girl also lost during that winter? I know that everyone presumed Kitalpha dead and she somehow miraculously survived! I remember the touching photo I think you or Wyoming Man took with the two of them.

    2010-2011 was one of the saddest years with lots of wonderful horses passing on, but at least they died free.

  • Thank you for posting the links, I remember reading both the stories your posts are easier to search than the Pryor website (for me at least 🙂 ).

    Again thank you for your blog I live vicariously through you visiting the beautiful wild horses. I hope one day to make a trip over there.

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