He’s a She.


I am not sure how I found out that Noble was a colt.  Perhaps it was the name that the NPS chose.  Perhaps I heard it from someone.  Anyway, I never thought about it or had the opportunity to question it.  BUT, I have reported several times that Noble is a he.  But he is a she!  

Linda D. emailed to ask me for sure, and so I went through my photos and found confirmation.



Sorry for the mistake.  Does that mean we should change her name to something more fitting for a filly?  Maybe Noblelena?!


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  • She is such a cutie with the best coloring out there. That sticky-up main is so beautiful. I really look forward to watching her growup and see what color she settles with. Noble for a name is a bit masculine, but once we get used to it, I think it’ll be fine. 🙂

  • Maybe we should ask Alex but she is probably the first liver chestnut on the mountain that we know of.

  • I think the name is fine. She still looks like a boy to me 🙂
    Maybe it was the hernia she had that threw us off!

  • LOL! Well, noble means “grand, stately, magnificent”, and SHE’S all that and more. I think the name is still good—unless we’d misspell it to “Nobelle”. LOL. I think it just seems a bit masculine because we’ve heard the term “nobleman” way more than “noblewoman”. But I’m glad it’s settled for completing my list. Your pics definitely show the facts.

    Thanks for the clarification/confirmation. 🙂

  • If you really want to change the name to something more “girly” consider the French and Spanish words for nobility which are noblesse and nobleza respectively. They are both feminine words too! But noble by itself seems pretty gender neutral.

  • Yep, definitely a girl! Haha I guess I have to take back my comment about “him” already being the playboy of the mountain trying to round up all the girls! I did notice a couple days ago on the Pryor Wild blog she was refered to as the daughter of Helenium and Duke but figured it was a typo. I think when NPS announced the name they said colt and everybody went with it. I know TCF has also refered to her as a colt and Im pretty sure in the “news” section of the center’s website the first announcement said colt. Haha at least now we all know for sure that Noble is a girl!!

  • Maybe one day Missoula and Noble can have pretty chestnut babies, whatever shade they may be, and maybe with some flaxen thrown in there!

  • It’s going to be such fun watching “her highness” mature into the gorgeous mare I’m sure she’s going to be. And it will also be fun waiting to see what suitor wins her favor—or at least, wins her. 🙂

    • Yes it will Linda! I thought that Noble was to be a new favorite stallion, but what a surprise to learn that she will be a new favorite mare for me! HA 🙂

  • I agree…Noble is a fitting name for the beautiful little filly daughter of “the Duke!”
    Thanks for setting the records straight Sandy!!!

  • Sandy, that is sooo funny I just asked you about he/she…I thought people had mentioned Noble was a he but I kept thinking “HE” looked liked a SHE and deep down thought for sure it was a filly…I still think the name Noble is fitting, especially when she is an old wise band mare in 20 years :).

    She is now DEFINETLY MY favorite…I hope she never gets removed or I may have to be going to an adoption clinic.

  • Noblelena is a GREAT name. I’d call her Lena. I know BLM names based on the letter of the alphabet but I don’t care. Just like some call Cloud–White Cloud–he’ll always be Cloud to me. Same with Lena.

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