Pryor Foal # 15

My friend Anh had a very special discovery today while she was hiking on Lower Sykes.  She spotted Kitalpha with Bristol and  their new foal.  The foal looks to be a couple months old.  Anh was uncertain of the sex, but thinks it may be  a colt.

Kitalpha is the 2010 daughter of Buffalo Girl and Durango.  Bristol is the 1997 of Echo and Sam.


Bristol and new foal.
Bristol and new foal.
Anh 2
Kitalpha and her foal, July 21, 2013
Kitalpha and her foal, July 21, 2013
Kitalpha and her foal, July 21, 2013
Kitalpha's new foal
Kitalpha’s new foal
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14 thoughts on “Pryor Foal # 15

  • YES! Thank you Anh! It’s good to know they’re all OK. Kitalpha looks a bit thin, but hopefully, she’ll pick up over summer. The foal is definitely well-nourished. 🙂 And what a beautiful foal! Interesting color…reminds me of Durango’s descendants.

    Looking forward to more good news from the “boots on the ground”. 🙂

  • WOOHOO Anh! Great find!!!
    Those two horses are not seen very often at all and I am sure that they cannot PZP her for that very reason. Now…this is what WILD is all about!!!
    Thanks Sandy and Anh. the little guy does remind me of Durango and his “relatives!”

  • So glad someone finally saw them! The foal is so cute! Reminds me a lot of Kitalpha’s brother Hidalgo. Before I clicked the link and saw the parents listed I thought it must have been Halo who foaled and had a little Hidalgo baby. Durango’s color gene’s are definitely strong! I’m glad Bristol has another offspring on the range. He deserves it. Bristol looks really great, as does the foal! Kitalpha is a bit thin, but that’s somewhat expected of foaling at a young age, I’m sure she’ll pick up weight. I bet this little guy continues to look like his uncle as he grows. Can’t wait to hear the name Ahn decides on. Definitely a great find!

  • Isn’t Kitalpha the one who showed up, after it was asummed she had passed with her Mother?
    She has really done well in spite of her bad beginning! Beautiful baby! Good luck to them all!

  • So happy to hear about this little one! I did go out and find it yesterday after hearing the news from Sandy. I am thinking it’s a girl. She definitely shares the red dun color of her uncle!

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