Liesl and Kaibab Update from Lori.

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Ever since Liesl and Kaibab were adopted by the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center on September 8th 2012,
Diane Granger and myself have been the care givers to Liesl and Kaibab. Feeding them, and working with gentling them down have been our responsibility, and believe me it has been a wonderful experience and those two horses have been a part of my life as well as Diane’s since day one.Diane has been a board member for about 6 years, and was also married to my father for 25 years, so we are very close. Both Diane and I love them very much, and I believe that they both have come to know, trust and Love us as well.When the Mustang Center decided that Liesl and Kaibab needed a new home it was a no brainer that they should go to live with Diane.  So, we talked Jimmy into building yet another shelter for Liesl and Kaibab up at  Diane’s place. Her property is about 5 miles from the center so they did not have to travel far.She already owns two other Pryor horses named Kristy & Charlotte, and a goat named Dolly.Finally after a month of hard work the shelter and corral were ready for Liesl & Kaibab.  Thanks to the expertise of Nancy and Steve Cerroni, both horses were loaded up into their trailer and taken to Diane’s.

Here are some pictures of Liesl and Kaibab at their new home. They seem very content and happy and are getting
acquainted with Dolly the goat, Charlotte and Kristy.

Charlotte is from Blanca and a stallion who was taken off of the range and adopted. I am not sure of his name. Kristy is from Chino & Belle Star.

There are two other horses outside of the property that belong to the neighbors and
they are in one of the photo’s.
I know they will have the best of care and we both will continue working with them. I am happy for both horses and just looking into their eyes I can tell they feel safe and they know that they are with someone who they trust and have come to love. That is enough for me, and I will continue to be a part of their lives, which means
the world to me.

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32 thoughts on “Liesl and Kaibab Update from Lori.

    • I don’t think we will ever ride them. We just want to get them used to a halter and lead rope so that they can get their hooves trimmed and the necessary shots every year.
      Both Diane and I are “pushing 60” so when we fall, things break. 🙂
      Personally, I would not want to ride an adopted Pryor horse back on the range as it would make me feel bad that the horse is not free anymore, but that is just how I feel about it.

  • OMG! Lori, I am soooo happy to see them soooo happy! I am so glad they can run around a bit, and have companions to make life more interesting. They both look wonderfully healthy and Kaibab has grown SO much. Wow! Thanks so much for the update and great pics!

    • Thanks Linda! Yes they have more room to run and someday they will have even more. Diane has 12 acres and getting the proper fencing will be in her future plans.
      They are happy Linda!!! The ground up at Diane’s is different from the soft ground at the Center and their hooves are already trimming themselves!
      I spent the morning grooming Liesl (she loves it) but Kaibab “Kai” for short, is still a bit shy to the brush. I used to be able to brush him, but something scared him and we are now trying gain his trust again. He will come around soon. He did let me brush him a little bit today, so there is improvement already.
      They both are loving the company and Dolly the goat is the mediator between the four horses! It is a sight to see.
      I will try to keep you updated as we head into the fall and winter!

  • I just want to start off saying that they both look FANTASTIC!!! You and Diane have done such a great job taking care of them! I know they are very loved. They really look so great. They have both grown so much. Kaibab looks so mature and Liesl’s transformation has really been amazing. I looked at a picture of her when she was first captured and she is a completely different horse now. I know they are going to love life here.
    Why did the center decide not to keep them anymore? I know the director suddenly changed again. Did that have anything to do with it?

    • Thank you Sarah!
      I think Nancy answered your question below as far as the decision to move them. Liesl does need special care and just cannot be treated like any normal horse. They will do fine at there new home. I have looked at their pictures from Britton Springs and there is a huge transformation, especially Liesl. Kaibab sure is a handsome guy and growing up to look so mature! He now has his small harem!! 🙂

      • I’m glad Liesl will be getting the special care she needs. And yes, I’m sure Kaibab is thrilled to find himself a “band stallion!” Is Charlotte the black mare and Kristy the bay?

      • No,Charlotte is the bay mare, and Kristy is the black mare. They all seem to be getting along pretty good and Dolly the goat is the “momma.” She is the peace keeper I think.

  • Lori, thank you and Diane so much for all your time, work and expense in caring for Liesl and Kaibab. You both have done a wonderful job with them. And thank Jimmy for building, not one but two sheds for them. It is so happy to know that they have more space and to have the company of other Pryor mustangs is a special treat.
    Thank you again too, Sandy, for all you do to keep us up-to-date with photos and the blog. Our trip with you and Amber up the mountain was absolutely awesome every minute.

  • Thanks so much to Diane and Lori for their love and care of these two horses. I’m excited for them to be at Diane’s. The Mustang Center realized the special care Liesl needed and that Diane’s facility was a perfect fit for her and her buddy Kaibab. They are definitely in good hands!

  • Thank you Nancy and yes they are in the best hands! I know Diane wants you to come up and visit them anytime, and anyone else who wants to visit with them. She is very gracious.
    They are doing awesome and are happy.

  • Lori, I realized in all my excitement about how good those guys look and how happy they are, I neglected to put in my THANK YOU to you, Diane and Jimmy for making such a good home for them. And I would imagine Diane’s husband gets to help out some, too. Liesl and Kaibab are so very lucky to have all of you. I’m sure Liesl will get better and better at knowing her boundaries as time goes on and she gets used to the setting she’s in. I’ve heard many stories about blind horses being able to move around almost as if they could see when they know their territory. They both look so very good. Kudos to everyone. 🙂

  • Thanks Linda! Diane’s husband was my dad who passed away in 2005. That is one of the reasons why Jimmy and I moved out here. We wanted to spend some time with him and as it ended up we had 2 good happy years with him before he passed. We all miss him very much. He and Diane adopted Kristy and Charlotte at one of the 1990″s adoptions. I am not sure which year, but Dad wanted Kristy and Diane wanted Charlotte so that is the way it went. They did have them “gentled” and rode them a couple of times, but then Diane got bucked off a couple of times so that was the end of riding them. They now have the best of care and live the good life. Now Liesl and Kaibab will have the same and I will always be a part of their lives. I still think Kaibab thinks that I am part of his “harem.” He shows off when I am with him and then he goes to Kristy and Charlotte and acts like he has to show them who is boss. They are separated and that may have to be the way it is. We will see how they all get along, but with Liesl being “functionally blind” they may pick on her, so time will tell how it will all go.
    Liesl already knows her boundaries and is doing real good.

    • Sorry for the incorrect assumption, Lori. I was not aware that your father had passed away. My belated condolences. How good that Diane still has the horse he loved, besides her own and now the others. I’m sure it helps fill the void of the loss of your dad in her life. I’m sure Liesl will be in the very best place she could be with all of you. 🙂

      • Thank you Linda. I will be updating you all on their progress with photo’s and write-up’s. Yes, Liesl is doing wonderful and Kaibab is in his glory with the three mares. 🙂 I don’t think that they can ever all be together as the other mares will probably pick on Liesl. We are watching how they are interacting with each other and so far no big disaster’s. Dolly the goat seems to be making friends with Kaibab & Liesl and I do believe that she will be their best buddy too!

  • Thanks for the Update Lori! I am happy Liesel and Kaibab are in a great new home! I have always wondered who adopted Charlotte!! She is a beautiful mare! Sandy you have pics of her as a baby ! the one Ross sent you! She is actually from Teton! 🙂

  • You’re welcome Alex!! I bet you are right as Blanca has been with Teton forever! Diane does not know the names of lots of the horses and I think she must have forgotten who the sire is. thank you for the information. That is a wonderful combination.
    she sure is beautiful, and she is the “alpha” mare in the group. It is easy to see. I think that is why she and Liesl are having a more “tense” getting to know each other. Kristy seems more friendly to Liesl right now. Liesl is no slacker either, she is a bit feisty, but she had to be to survive in her condition on the range.
    I would love to see the “baby” pictures of Charlotte!!! I bet Diane would too!!
    thanks Alex!

    • Thanks Lori!! 🙂

      how does Liesel handle all with her being blind?

      Could you ever put up a pic of Charlotte if you ever get the chance? I bet she is a big flashy mare! 🙂

      • Liesl is doing great and seems to get around her enclosure just fine. Her one eye is totally blind, while the other eye can see something, but not much. She is getting along with the others, but once in awhile (mostly when Diane and I are in with them) she gets a little feisty with them. She will put her head through the fence and nip Kristy, but nothing too serious. Diane said most of the time they all are standing next to each other and there is a calmness. She lives with them and can watch them all of the time. I have to drive 6 miles to visit with them.
        I will see if Sandy will do another post sometime in the next month or two with updates of Kaibab & Liesl, and I will for sure get some real good pictures of Charlotte & Kristy too!
        Thanks Alex!

  • Hi Lori,
    Please clarify. I thought that mustangs couldn’t change hands until after the BLM issued ownership papers 1 year following adoption.

    • HI Donna. They can be moved to a different location as long as
      BLM are notified. You are correct that after one year the owner will receive
      papers saying they now own the horse. Then that person can do what they want with the horse. Sell, give away, or keep the horse. I am sure that after the Center receive those papers they will change the ownership to Diane. I hope that this clarifies your question.

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