Nacer, Pryor Foal # 14 Update

Nasar alone and waiting.
Naser alone and waiting.

Little sweet Nasar did not make it.  Jared took her to the vet yesterday afternoon.  She took Gator Aid with water right away and took milk replacement once at the vet.  But unfortunately she went to run with Lakota and all the other wonderful Pryor Horses that have passed.  I appreciated deeply Jared efforts to help her.

Even though she was only here 48 hours, she touched my soul.  I will always remember her each and every time that I go to my campsite, and I am thankful that I took so many photos of her.  She was here and she will always be here to me.

For whatever reason that none of us will ever know, LaBrava choose to have Nasar close by my tent.  I feel blessed that I was able to witness this sweet girl for as long as I did and also give her a name.

I keep saying to myself that I should have informed Jared sooner.  But I am glad that I was there and knew of the situation.  If  LaBrava had choose to foal somewhere else, perhaps no one would have known she was in the wrong place.  I wonder how many times that occurs and we do not even realize it.

All little Nacer wanted was to be loved.  I watched her beg for it with what ever mare she could come close too.  She was a strong little filly that deserved better in her short few hours on this earth.

Stay strong little one.  You are now one of the spirit horses of the Pryor Mountains, a very special place for one so small.





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    • The only thing wrong with her was that she was not with LaBrava. She was trying to survive. If Jared thought something was wrong with her, he would have euthanized her on the range.

      • I meant her front legs look way shorter than her back legs. Sorry, I just notice things.

      • I think you’re right, I just looked at the first post on her and she looks normal. I hope Coronado will let LaBrava go and not hoard her.

      • The biggest problem with Coronado’s band right now is that Santa Fe is dogging them with out a break. Could Coronado done something, absolutely. But part of the reason he could not was because he was constantly having to watch the rest of his band. Could Bolder be to blame. Yes, I believe he could be. HE was the one that took her from Rosarita. They were a smaller band and I believe that they may have be able to get her back. But Bolder’s band took her and wanted her, but did not want her. It was hard to watch. Thank God Gringos got her away and gave her a much more caring environment for the last few hours of her life on the range. It is hard for me to see clearly now, but I am upset and mad that things did not go differently.

  • So sad….I am so sad. Thank God you were there Sandy, to document her “way too short” little life. Her photo’s are so cute.
    She sure was a pretty little filly, and I am so happy that you gave her a name too!
    Bless you for your compassion and your love for these horses and their lives.
    RIP (Run In Peace) little Nacer! 🙁
    Thank you Sandy.

  • Spirit horse she is. A special little one that will live in our hearts forever. Rest in peace little Nacer.

  • I subscribed to you from my old WordPress a year ago and kept getting your subscription emails however without actually reading, for too long. Recently I started reading and have loved every single post. It wasn’t until I saw a picture of Cloud that I truly became attached to your writing. I have had the books about Cloud for years! I followed his story and it wasn’t until you crossed paths with him that It really hit me where you were. I dreamed of doing what you were doing, when I was just a young girl and years later after graduating college and having sold my horse, I still want to pursue creative writing, photography and time with the wild horses in the mountain. I would love to ask you so much. Keep writing!! This post was heartfelt enough that I had to finally reach out and let you know you are doing those horses justice both in words and photographs!

  • The loss of Nacer after watching everything that was happening to her over the 24+ hours that we met and fell in love with her strong spirit has left a hurt in the girls and my heart. I know with time we will feel a peace about all that happened. Sandy you are such a special person and a great advocate for the Pryor horses and you always do what is right even if your heart says different. I admire you so much and am very grateful for the three days that we spent with you and Amber. Your knowledge of the horses that you shared with us and the care you gave to us was wonderful. Thank you so very much for a wonderful trip and for allowing us to share with you beautiful Nacer. Her spirit will always be on the mountain and in our hearts

    • Thank you so much Jeanne! I had a really wonderful time with you and your beautiful granddaughters. What we all shared on the mountain together will keep us in contact for a lifetime.

  • Nacer definitely hold a very special place among the spirit horses of the Pryor Mountains. Reading your tribute to her has literally brought tears to my eyes. I felt very touched by her as well. I’m glad you were there to share her story with everyone and to give her her own special name before she left us. I’m glad you were able to get so many pictures of her as well. She is a beautiful little girl and I know she would have ended up looking so much like LaBrava. She was very strong too especially for such a young age. So many would not have held on as long as she did. I also have to say that you can’t blame yourself. The ideal situation would have been for her to end up back with LaBrava and I know Jared would have waited it out too hoping they would be reunited. I’m glad he did do his best to help her. I could tell immediately from the way you wrote about her how connected you were to her, and how could you not be after the experience you had with her. I wondered if Jared did remove her if you would end up taking her home with you once she was strong enough to travel. I wish her story had ended differently, but I know you will always carry her with you in your heart, and I know she will never be forgotten by any of us. You’ve made sure of that. I had heard from Linda that there was a mare or two that did let her nurse some. Which mares were they? I’m glad she did find some maternal comfort in all of her confusion. I hope the rest of your trip is filled with nothing but happy moments.

  • Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. I’m very sorry for the loss. It’s very sad. Who would want to die of starvation? Naser was not destined to survive. What happened to her mother LaBrava? Did she pass on foaling?

    Please continue the story…. I’m taking journalism, writing and memoir classes. You need to complete what happened to LaBrava.

    Warm regards,


  • My heart is heavy and tears flow for little Nacer. She had such strong bone structure, yet without fluids, the organs fail quickly. Sorry last ditch efforts could not save her.

  • Oh, Sandy, I am so sorry for that sweet little girl, but yes she is running free now. So hard when you are that close. Blessings, Ginny

  • So sorry for this sweet little girl. Thank God you were there Sandy, or she might have passed without anyone knowing about her at all.

  • This is so sad, but I suppose it is the way of the wild (don’t have to like it though). I’m glad you were there watching out for Nacer and that you tried to get her help. So heartbreaking. 🙁

  • So sad to see her go… Thank the Lord you were there to give life to her story. It really does make you wonder how many foals are born that we never even knew existed due to a life cut short. The Pryors are such a mysterious place and you can’t help but wonder how many other little ones Nacer has joined up above.

    Thank you for your time and keeping us all updated Sandy! And give a big thanks to Jared for all his efforts trying to save the little angel for me!

    • Thank you Maleah! I got down off the mountain today after spending 9 straight days there. I ran into Ryan, Jared’s assistant on my way down Burnt Timber. I thanked him for trying to save Nacer. (he was with Jared). He told me that the vet told him that it is very hard to get a wild foal to take a bottle and that was what took her in the end.
      I will always remember and think of her each and every time I set up my camp and will never forget her little whinny.

  • Coronado was quite busy protecting his mares from stallions that day, & I imagine he just couldn’t get back to Nacer without losing one of his mares. He would have had quite a fight on his hands to get her back from mean Bailey and her band. One time on Tuesday, there were some other horses that tried getting close to Nacer when she was in the trees (I’m not sure if they were stallions or another band – I’m not familiar enough with them to know who it was, but it wasn’t Coronado) and Bailey & her band wasted no time in chasing them off.

    It was so sad to see her all alone Wednesday morning, but at least she didn’t die alone and had some care and compassion at the end. Still makes me cry. She was beautiful.

    • Hi Thora, No, in the 10 days that I was on the mountain, I did not see either of those wonderful stallions. But, the water guzzlers at the lower elevation, still have water in them, so I am not giving up yet. They may just be staying down out of all the action on top. That is my hope for now. Ask me again in August.

  • I hope they are doing fine.
    I was wondering about Nacer and Bolder´s band…do you think that since this band doesn´t have foals this summer they were more aggressive in keeping her from her mother?

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