Pryor Foal #14, July 9, 2013

A new foal was born within 80 feet of our tent yesterday morning.   LaBrava and unknown Stallion are the parents of this beautiful foal.  We have decided to call her a spanish name in the same line as LaBrava.  This filly will be named Nacer (pronounced Na-sar)  which means “to be born” in spanish.

LaBrava tries to get her filly back from Mescalero and band.  Taken with Amber's phone as the one and only time I did not have my camera in my tent with me.
LaBrava tries to get her filly back from Mescalero and band. Taken with Amber’s phone as the one and only time I did not have my camera in my tent with me.
Nacer, July 9, 2013
Nacer, July 9, 2013

LaBrava is the daughter of Coronado and Blue Sioux.

LaBrava, July 9, 2013
LaBrava, July 9, 2013
LaBrava along with her mom Blue Sioux watch Nacer with Bolders band.
LaBrava along with her mom Blue Sioux watch Nacer with Bolders band.

I will write another post telling you more of the story of Nacer soon.  I will briefly tell you that Nacer was separated from her mother and as of 30 hours after her birth, she is still not with her.

She was first taken by Mescalero and band.
She was first taken by Mescalero and band.
Nacer 6
Then Bolder decided to take her.

Nacer 5

Then to Bolder's Band

Then alone
Then alone
Then back with Bolders Band.  Bailey's kicks Nacer.
Then back with Bolders Band. Bailey’s kicks Nacer.



This morning she was with Gringo’s band.  Then alone again.


I am down off the mountain for this afternoon, but will be back on the early tomorrow morning.  Jared has been notified and I will keep you posted.

Nasar alone and waiting.
Nasar alone again.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

35 thoughts on “Pryor Foal #14, July 9, 2013

  • Oh Dear Lord, keep Nacer safe and let Momma return to her tonight,
    Thanks Sandy for the update, she is so precious

  • This poor little soul. I pray that her momma LaBrava finds her. But it had better be real soon or it shall be too late. This makes me so sad as she is a cute little bugger. That pic with Mescalero just scares me.

  • We have got to figure out a way to get the filly and her mom back together because I’m super worried about the foal and if we don’t do something soon, we could probably lose Nacer

  • Thanks for the report, Sandy, and for notifying Jared. Sometimes the actions of the wild horses defy human understanding. I do hope for the reunion of mother and daughter very soon.

  • I am heartbreaking to see Nacer without mom. May LaBrava finds her way to the little angel Nacer soon. She is so beautiful.
    Thank you Sandy for the update.

  • She’s a beautiful little girl. Reminds me a lot of LaBrava as a foal. I just find a lot of this behavior troubling. It looks like Bolder charged in to take her from Mescalero, but then you said the band wasn’t treating her well. Usually mares would look after a foal not be aggressive towards it. It especially surprises me that Baileys was this way. I was thinking for sure she would take care of this foal. And Cedar, Velvet, and Cascade/Celt have all been doting mothers. I interested to hear how Gringo’s band interacted with her. I’m hoping they treated her better. I really hope LaBrava and Nacer are reunited soon if they haven’t been already.

    • I don’t get why Flicka was acting like that to Nacer. She is usually so gentle and caring to the foals but maybe she was telling her that she doesn’t have any milk

      • You must have Flicka confused with another horse. Flicka passed away either last year or 2011. There was a post on the main Pryor blog they had found her body early enough to identify her.

    • I also forgot to say Bolder is generally very gentle with foals, even those that aren’t his. Was he being agressive as well? I know you said he chased LaBrava away.

  • Thank you Sandy. I pray that Nacer will be reunited with LaBrava VERY SOON, or she will not survive. Prayers for the little Nacer! She is beautiful!!!!

  • I’m thankful you were there, Sandy, although it was heart wrenching to see events unfold. Thank you for explaining the situation to me. I hated to leave today. I’ll be waiting, hoping and praying. If there’s anything I can do from down here, please let me know.

  • Poor thing! She seems to end up in every band but her own. Its just heart breaking. It seems, at least from the picture that Gringo’s band was nicer to her. I’m really hoping and praying you get up there tomorrow morning to find them reunited. At this point I’m hoping maybe even Santa Fe went to retrieve her since he’s decided to become attached to this band.

  • What a little trooper Nacer is. She is undoubtedly a survivor and one tough little mustang to have held on for dear life thru all this. Godspeed, little Nacer.

    • She wasn’t really abandoned, at least by her mother. She had been able to nurse soon after birth, but soon after, the problems started. There were a large number of bands very nearby when she was born, and in all the curiosity and confusion, she ended up being surrounded by other than her family, and the band stallion, Coronado, would not allow LaBrava to mix with them to retrieve her and she was forced to leave the area. Some of the other horses did not treat her well (biting and kicking), but apparently over the hours that followed, she had been allowed to nurse some by one or more of the other lactating mares, but none of them seemed to “look after” her. Between one stallion’s interference and another, LaBrava was never allowed to retrieve her, even tho she was seen trying, so her future was uncertain. I’m sure Sandy will inform us on the details and latest developments as soon as she can.

      As Nancy stated previously “sometimes the actions of the wild horses defy human understanding”. This type of thing, unfortunately, has happened before, and will happen again. I’m just really thankful that it’s relatively rare and hope for the best in this case. As long as the foal is alive, there’s a chance.

      With all of the beauty and joy these horses represent, there is also sadness such as this. They are, after all, just part of the animal kingdom in which many strange things occur.

      Let’s just hope…

      • I’m glad some of the other mares have let her nurse! That’s probably played a big part in keeping her going.

  • Any updates on what is happening with Nacer this morning? We are all anxiously awaiting a MIRACLE!!!

  • Oh, my I hope that gorgeous creature will be alright. Looking forward to more news, hopefully good. Love your picturex and blogs, Ginny

  • What troubles me are the pictures of LaBrava watching these events unfold. I know she is young, but I would think she would be trying to get back to her baby every chance she got. She had two oppertunities were the foal was alone to take her back already as it is.

    I’m also surprised Bolder chased mom away instead of just stealing mom and baby both. Baileys behavior is fairly normal though. It is not uncommon for mares to give an orphan foal a cold shoulder and mares rarely adopt a foal that is not there’s, especially one this young in the wild.

    Thank you for the report and hopefully little Necer will get back with her momma very soon.

    • La Brava did make attempts to get her foal back, but, especially at this time of the year, the stallions can be very vicious in their control of their mares.

      This situation brings to mind how a male lion will kill the offspring of a lion whom he has defeated for control of a pride. The mate and not the offspring are their priority. And I’m also thinking the foal was lucky to have survived all the running, kicking and other dangerous to a small creature, activity that was going on right away. I guess this is why the older, wiser mares usually go off by themselves, if they can get away, to give birth.

      Very unfortunate circumstances—very sad.

      • It’s a big part of the stallion’s job though to protect the foals. They’re supposed to be the protectors of the band and the vulnerable foals. But like you said, I’m sure there are stallions who don’t care much for the foals. I’m glad, like you said, that it’s a rare occurrence- both this situation and to see this mistreatment of a foal. I much prefer the devoted dads to the stallions who don’t care much to worry about foals. I hope we hear from Sandy that they’ve been reunited.

    • I had mentioned Baileys behavior being odd, just because she is normally very motherly and sweet to foals, even though she’s never had her own. It was just very surprising to me because when I heard she was with Bolder’s band I figured Baileys would probably try to look after her. I just hope she ends up back with LaBrava.

  • Very sorry you (and others) had to witness this, Sandy. So very sad. A part of nature no one wants to see. But it does happen. Poor little Nacer, and LaBrava.

      • Do we know what has happened with Nacar??? Has she been spotted since the 11th? Hopefully she has made her way back to momma or Jared has been able to step in and save her.

      • I’m so very sorry about Nacer. Thank you for letting me know. Was so hoping that Jared could have pulled off a miracle or momma would have doubled back to get her.

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