Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Visit, 2013 Day Two Linda Dombeck

Another post from Linda!!  Thanks so much Linda.


The sun was setting by the time I arrived at the campsite. After a lively discussion of our day’s events, we all headed for our lodging for the night, be it a truck or a tent. I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep with the excitement about finally being here and anticipation of what the next day would bring, but the fresh air and the very peaceful quiet did the trick and I soon dropped off.

At daybreak, with the sun shining brightly thru the trees and across the meadow, we enjoyed delicious cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs—AND HOT COFFEE—thanks to tour guide Sandy and her daughter Amber. What a way to start the day, and to top it off, we heard horses approaching!


Coming out of the trees were some of the roaming bachelors. First Jupiter, followed by Hernando, coming out of the trees directly behind the campsite. Aha! The fun begins!


Jupiter was looking fine and stopped to sample the snow from one of the piles still present in the shadier spots.


They were soon joined by others, including Jasper!


This looked to be a group that would likely be causing some havoc today in the otherwise peaceful pastoral scene on the top of the mountain.

2013_06_17_0270 2013_06_17_0284 2013_06_17_0288

Jupiter seemed willing to take on anyone who was game to try him.

2013_06_17_0290 2013_06_17_0294 2013_06_17_0295 2013_06_17_0296

Sometimes they appeared to be very serious.


Even beautiful Irial, who is once again a bachelor, joined in the fray.


Hernando watches as Irial fights off the very mature and bulky five year old, Inali. Not a real match.


And so began my first full day on the mountain this trip, a day that would hold much beauty and wonder for one who loves these beautiful creatures and this land.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

2 thoughts on “Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Visit, 2013 Day Two Linda Dombeck

  • Thank you Linda & Sandy! I am blessed that I shared these beautiful moments with you!
    The bachelors are beautiful!
    Ah…and yes…..HOT coffee and the very tasty home made cinnamon rolls topped off the morning!

    • Lori, we really did have a good time, didn’t we? 🙂 Hopefully we can repeat it again soon.

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