Heading to the Pryors

Niobrara, June 2013
Niobrara, June 2013

I am busy getting ready for my next Pryor Trip.  Amber and I leave on Sunday for 10 days.  Within those 10 days, we will be doing 2 camping trips and 2 day trips on the mountain.

I have tailored my camping trips after a person that gives guided tours into the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  The Outfitter is still in business (WTR Outfitters), but the company founder has retired and is no longer the owner.  Jack gave guided tours for over 50 years.  Bill and I very fortunate to be able to go on one of his trips, about 4 years ago.  Those memories will be with me for a life time.

Bob Marshall Wilderness (I am the back person).
Bob Marshall Wilderness (I am the back person).

Of course, I won’t be giving these tours on horse back, but what I did learn was how to provide an experience that will be remembered, along with respecting the land and animals within it.   I also learned, that just because you are camping, doesn’t mean that you can not have good food as well.  If Jack and his crew can pack up good food and take it into the wilderness on a mule, there should be no reason why I can’t pack up good food and get it there in my truck!   There will be no freeze-dried or packaged camp food on these tours.  The mountain air mixed in with the good food, only adds to the experience.

I recently got a cancellation for 2 days of day tours in late August.  If anyone is interested in a day trip, please contact me.  (406-244-0015).  My camping trips are full for this year, but  I am taking reservations for the summer of 2014.

I am really looking forward to showing several people the top of the mountain for the first time.  I am also looking forward to seeing what changes have occurred since I was there almost 3 weeks ago.  I will be sure to update you as much as I can while there.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

12 thoughts on “Heading to the Pryors

  • I can definitely vouch for the good food-good time! It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you on the Range, Sandy. 🙂 Looking forward to you sharing the experience. And I know it will be great to have Amber along! Talk about QUALITY time. Don’t forget to get your “Happy Portrait” each time. 🙂

  • Love it!! Can’t wait to read your reports – both on the horses and the experience of showing people the mountaintop! Still watching the airlines for tickets all the time! Don’t forget about us;)
    Enjoy your time and have a great trip:)

    • I have not forgotten about you! 🙂 I have told those that have inquired about next year that “June is booked.” I will keep it that way until I hear your exact dates!

  • I know your trips will be great! Especially because you care so much about the quality of the experience. I know it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone! I can’t wait to read 10 days worth of updates and see all of the pictures!! I hope you’re able to get up close enough to really observe all of the foals! I know Autumn’s will definitely be one you want to spend some time with 🙂

  • Hi Sandy
    I would very much like to go with you next summer. And also do a riding tour. I am thinking August?

    • Hi Thora, That would be great! The only riding tours I do are in my truck, which will take you to the top of the mountain. 🙂

      Please email me and I can give you some available dates! (wildinthepryors@aol.com) or call me at: 406-244-0015.

  • Happy Trails to you and Amber and the people that you will share this with…..That must have been amazing to go on that trip with Jack and I know the folks that go on the tour with you are going to equally thrilled and left with memories of a life time and sounds like there will be some good eats too….Excited for all xoxoxo

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