June 11 & 12: Changes in the Dryhead (by Nancy)

A Dryhead Update from Nancy. Thank you Nancy.


Spring is definitely upon us with day-to-day changes in weather. For the past month or so, the wild horses in the Dryhead have been solitary stallions. Because of their social nature, it isn’t typical for wild horses to be alone except for stallions, both young and old. Kemmerer, Fiero, Merlin, and Seattle have been spotted grazing on the spring grass of Mustang Flats. Other than the Greeters at Crooked Creek Bay, sightings of bands just wasn’t happening.

Things began to change on Tuesday. At the Center we had received word from visitors of a large band on Mustang Flats. This was an exciting change after so many days without seeing band of horses past Crooked Creek Bay. In addition, to changes on the Dryhead, the Mustang Center has made some changes as well. John Nickle has taken on the post as director. He and his wife, Lynda, have taken the…

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13 thoughts on “June 11 & 12: Changes in the Dryhead (by Nancy)

  1. Everyone in Hidalgo’s band is looking great! It will be interesting to see how things go between him and Fools Crow now that the band has come back out into more accessible areas. Hopefully they (along with the other Dryhead bands) will stay out and visible for your trip!

    1. The three yearlings are also looking so grown up and gorgeous! They’re really looking good in their new sleek coats.

      1. She is and she has that unique blaze too. And I have loved Morgana for awhile now too. I think she is so gorgeous!!

      1. You are so right Sandy! Nothing like waking up in the middle of a full moonlit night to see a band of wild horses laying down outside of your camp!! ):PRICELESS!! Can’t wait!

  2. I wonder who Mercuria’s father is. She looks a lot like Hidatsa with her color and the stripes on her legs.

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