April 24 part 1- Firestorm

The Date should actually read May 24th. An update from Shawn. Great photos!

Wyoman Photography blog

I had Felicity Jane pretty much packed so that when I got home Thursday I could jump out of Frank, grab Malakai and head to the range.  I was hoping to at least find the area the horses were in before I camped for the night.  I arrived just in time as it was starting to rain so I made my way up BT before it could get slippery.  It wasn’t too bad as I passed the FGR area and came across Cloud’s band.  With the clouds it was darker than usual, but his little filly is so hard to take pictures of during the day because she is such a bright white compared to everything else.  This is probably one of the better shots I got of her on the trip to show her color.


I moved to my favorite spot to scan some different areas where the horses…

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5 thoughts on “April 24 part 1- Firestorm

  1. Great report. I’m so glad to see the foals all doing well. Myka seems quite at ease with his new little sister. What a great, and hansom big brother!

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