Dryhead Update from Lori

Here is a short update on a few Dryhead horses.  Thank you so much Lori!


On one of my many trips out to the Dry Head I was wondering, as usual, if I would see any of the horses.

Upon entering the range I noticed Seneca on the side of the road and she was all alone. I pulled off of the road quite a distance from her and just watched her. I wondered where the rest of the “Greeters” were.

She crossed the road and seemed to be on a mission to get over and down to Crooked Creek Bay. I followed her to see if any of the others were down by the water. I did see Hightail there, but not a sign of the two stallions. I knew that they had to be around somewhere.

IMG_2495 (1024x683)

Hightail and Seneca
Hightail and Seneca

All of a sudden Hickok came galloping from across the road and had his eye on me.
I had made sure that I stayed quite a distance from the route that he would follow to get down to the girls. I stood quietly and when he realized that I was not a threat he went along his way and joined the rest of the group.


As I slowly and quietly made my way over to the top of the ridge I saw all of the Greeters down by the water. Jesse James must have been hiding from me the first time I looked down to see where Seneca was headed, but there he was looking right up at me!

Hickok and Jesse James greeted each other and had a little discussion, then they all seemed to settle down and went about their business of grazing on the green grasses down by the water.  I decided to leave them to their peacefulness and continued my drive into the range.

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The Greeters
The Greeters

I did not see any other horses through the entire range.

On my way back through, I unexpectedly saw  Kemmerer in a place where I had never seen any of the horses before.

He was magnificent, just staring at me. I am so thankful that he is still free and did not get removed last year. He is a robust and beautiful young stallion. I hope
that someday he can win his own harem and have some offspring on the range.
I pulled over, turned my car off and got out to take a few photos of him. He looked very healthy, and was surprised to see me too.


After a few minutes he seemed fine with me there (I was not close to him at all) and he continued on his mission. He made his way down a steep cliff and got to the bottom where I saw there were lots of grasses for him to eat.


He grazed for a minute then went to a clear patch of dirt and began to roll.
I watched him for awhile and expected to see at least one other bachelor somewhere nearby, but that did not happen. He was alone. I said goodbye and as always, thanked him for allowing me to share this moment with him.

IMG_2525 (1024x614) IMG_2531 (1024x669) IMG_2533 (1024x683) IMG_2537 (1024x683)

I decided to leave then and make my way back out of the range as I wanted to explore the area where the bodies of Admiral and Kapitan had been left. I found the remains of both horses, but never did find Kapitan’s skull.

Their remains were scattered around the area, and I was surprised to find some hair still there.

IMG_2548 (1024x683) IMG_2549 (1024x683) IMG_2553 (1024x683)

I was very sad because it brought back those bad memories of that day. Those awful memories and sights will be etched in my mind forever. I was there that day. So for me, this trip to the range was full of mixed emotions. I was happy to have seen the Greeters and Kemmerer, but sad to have found the remains of those two beautiful horses who died needlessly and horribly almost two years ago.


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Logo designed by Amber Bushnell


25 thoughts on “Dryhead Update from Lori

  • Great post, Lori. Thanks.

    I just love the closeness that the Greeter family displays, and am so happy for Hightail and Seneca that they’re doing well after becoming “widows”. The family members may get “separated” but they always seem to come running back to one another. 🙂 The special circumstances of how these horses became a family will always be an emotional memory for me. It is also always interesting to hear if JJ is still hanging around, or if he has moved on to independent bachelorhood yet. Perhaps he and Kemmerer will eventually begin to hang out together, since their “home range area” is in pretty close proximity.

    I have a special place in my heart for Kemmerer, and I think he will be a force to be reckoned with one day. He IS very healthy looking, has a very wise sire, and I love his color and primive markings. He reminds me of Baja, on the mountain. I sure hope I get to see him next time I’m there. 🙂

    RIP Sam, Admiral and Kapitan. 🙁

    • Thanks Linda! Yes, Kemmerer is a very special one to me also. He has those primitive markings that should be carried over to another generation of Pryor horses! I hope that happens one day, and also I would love for Hickok to carry on his bloodline!

      • 🙂 There sure are some nice looking bachelors roaming around out there. I sure wish a couple more females would migrate down that way… Oh, and yeah, “primitive”, not “primive”, like I put. 🙂

      • Oh, when you said there’s nice looking bachelors, for a moment there I thought you meant guys! I was about to say, “Okay, where do I sign up?” 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • HA Carolyn! 🙂 When you get to come visit, you will see that these stallions are really heart stoppers! 🙂 Lori and I refer to a couple of them as “hunks”! 🙂

  • The greeters are all looking good. I’d love to see Hickok and Jesse James have offspring of their own one day too. It will be interesting to see how long Jesse James will stay with their group, whether he leaves on his own of Hickok kicks him out. Kemmerer looks really good too. He’s always looking very robust. Seems like he was off on his own adventure when you saw him Lori haha. I know NPS saw him with Hawk and Joseph earlier in April.

    • Yep..you bet Sarah!
      Kemmerer seems to get around, sometimes with the bachelors and sometimes last year I would see him with Seattle and Sacajawea. I have not seen Seattle in quite a long time. ) :
      Well, Jesse James has been with the group for almost two years now, but I bet if there were
      more mares available he would leave.

  • Thank you Lori and Sandy for the report and the nice photos.
    The Greeters and Kemmerer look real good. I have not seen Kemmerer the last few times when I was at the Dryhead area. He is a good looking one.
    Lori, I understand how you feel about what was happened to Admiral and Kapitan. For the memory of them, I have a photo of the father and the son “Admiral and Kapitan” on my wall.
    Thanks again for the report Lori

    • You are welcome Nancy! It is so great to see some of the horses coming back into sight on the Dry Head! Thank you!

  • Hi
    Does Seneca look pregnant to you? Perhaps PZP didn´t work. She seems quite fat in these photos.

    • Hi Thora. Lori and I and a few others have been talking about that. I am not going to make a guess this year. Last year I was sure she was (and hoping it was Admirals), but this year she looks the same as last. So I am just not sure! We will just have to wait and see! 🙂

  • Yes Thora, Sandy is right about that. However, I am still going to be keeping a close eye on her. If she is I am betting it would be Hickok’s! But I am thinking it is like last year, she is just a bit “chunky” in the middle. I will let you know for sure though if someday I go out there and find a foal by her side!!!

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