Life Goes On

A beautifully written post from Matt and Nancy. Thank you.


Today’s blog is a shared effort by Matt and his mom. Nancy wrote the post that resulted from a lot of discussion with Matt.

Two recent Sundays on the Horse Range served as a reminder that life goes on. Last Sunday was hot…unseasonably hot. I drove out to the Red Hills with the goal of hiking out to Turkey Flats both for a beautiful place to hike and the possibility to glimpse wild horses.

Instead of heading west out to the Flats, I followed a fresh set of horse tracks to Cottonwood Springs.

Lots of sign led me to the cool shade of Cottonwood and a filled-to-the-brim water catchment, but no horses.

Sunday, May 19: Today’sweather was in stark contrast to last week. The old adage, “if you don’t like the weather in Wyoming, wait five minutes” is definitely true! A trip to Big Horn Canyon is the perfect way…

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