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Last week, I played around with a few changes to my blog.  One of those changes was adding a Search Engine that searches all my posts.  I actually had it on the page before, but I moved it to the top so it would be more visible and also added “Search This Blog”.  You can see it just to the right of this paragraph.   In the last year I have made over 175 posts, so this can be a really handy tool.

For example, if you want to see all posts where I have seen or mentioned Prince, just type in Prince and push search.  All posts about or mentioning Prince will pop up for you.

Prince, June 2012
Prince, June 2012

My friend Anh is going to be joining me for my trip to the Pryors this week.  We leave in a few days and will be there for several days.  The weather looks REALLY great!   There will be a huge amount of daylight each day that we can drive, hike and hike some more.  Lori and Brianna are going to be joining us for at least one of those days.   I will try and make a post, while I am there, but I may not have time.  However,  if we find a new foal, I will be sure to post that news!


PS:  Several months ago, Anh painted the above photo of Prince for me.   It is hanging in a special place of honor in our  living room!  Thank you Anh, it was a special gift!  (she also painted one of Lakota for me too!)  I treasure them both.

Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

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  • Sandy,
    It was my pleasure to paint Prince with the beautiful landscape of the Pryors and Lokota for you. I am looking forward to hiking and looking for new foals with you in the Pryor Mountain this weekend.

    • Awesome new feature Sandy! I am sure that I will use it quite often!! Thank you for all of the time that you put into this blog, and the horses! I am looking forward to our trip in search of any new life on the Pryor’s!

    • Thank you too Anh for the beautiful painting that you did for me of Medicine Bow. I treasure it and always will. It is hanging in our living room along with Brianna’s “READ” Poster!! You are very talented and I do hope that you continue to paint these beautiful horses!
      You are also very talented Brianna!!!! I thank the two of you for sharing your talent, as well as your dedication to the Pryor wild horses! What special gifts!!!

      • Lori,
        You are welcome Lori. I like to thank you for your compliment.
        It is joyful for me to paint the beautiful landscape of the Pryors and the horses. I can’t wait to see you and Brianna in the next few days.

      • Me too Anh!! We will have fun and find some foals…I just feel it in my heart! Just spending time with the horses is a gift, finding foals will be another gift!!

  • I like the new engine. I know I have back tracked before trying to find a specific post and this will make it much easier! I’m also so excited for you to head back to the Pryors! Fingers crossed you get to see a lot of horse and that the weather stays good! I feel like there has got to be a couple foals who are either there already or should be there when you take your trip and I definitely hope you see them!

  • LOVE the Search Engine feature—such a time saver. I was always wishing the Center had that on their blog, but don’t think they ever did. Any time I got on looking for something in particular, I’d get way sidetracked looking at everything else I got into. 🙂

    Here’s hoping you all have great weather, great times and lots of GOOD news. Sure wish I could be there…

  • PS. Love this pic of Prince and the ridge. One of mine is almost identical. A sighting of him having survived the winter would be one of the bits of good news. 🙂 Starman, too.

  • Your blog gets better and more beautiful every day Sandy! Thanks so much for all your efforts! Have a great time in the Pryors – hope you find the “old folks” for us, as well as some newborns! And – I’m gonna love that search engine!

    • Thank you so much Thora! I just realized I have not posted more photos of Coronado like I had hoped to. Hopefully I will see him and his band. I sure would love to see Dove and her filly. But in the mean time (because I know he is a favorite of yours) you can do a search on him here and maybe see some photos of him that you have not seen before! 🙂

  • So glad the weather is going to be so nice for you and I can’t wait to see all the pictures….I would say enjoy yourself but that is just silly, know you will..Happy and safe trails xoxo

    PS, Thanks for adding that search engine , that is great!!!!!

  • Hi Sandy
    I´ve been reading through your blog and I am now wondering who took Starman´s band? How long has he been a bachelor?
    I know that Feldspar is his daughter but does he have any other offspring on the range?
    Is Horizon the youngest band stallion? I would really like to see a Fiesta offspring, wouldn´t you? He has such an amazing coloring. But is Jewel on the PZP list?

    Do you think there will be lot of changes during the summer?

    Sorry about all the questions but just cant help myself 🙂 so curious about their lives.

    • Hi Thora,

      Thanks for your comment and don’t apologize for asking. I love to share!

      Starman lost his band (Rosarita and Isadora) a few years ago.(Winter of 2010-11) Rosarita is now with Mescalero and Isadora (who is his and Rosarita’s daughter) is with Blue Moon. Starman and Rosarita have two more daughters on the range. Feldspar (who is with Cloud) and Half Moon (who is with Teton). So Starman is my Kiowa’s grandfather (Half Moon is her mother).
      Yes, Horizon is the youngest band stallion (unless something has happened this winter that we have not seen yet). Last year Hidalgo had Merlins band for a long time before he lost them to Fools Crow. No one has seen either of those for a few months, so who knows what the situation is there. Juniper (Jewel) is on PZP. As for Fiesta, I am not sure about him or how long he will stay with his friend Horizon. I think for now he seems content with the situation. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

      • I personally can’t wait to see a foal from Jewel! I love her, she is so gorgeous! And Horizon is pretty handsome himself! Between the two of them that would be one stunning baby I’m sure!

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