April 20th – ghosts from the past

I very interesting post by Shawn. Thanks Shawn!

Wyoman Photography blog

Upon awaking Saturday, I decided to run out the dryhead while I saw what the weather was going to do.  It ended up remaining the same most of the day, with clouds and clear sky intermixed, until I left at around 5 with a heavier rain.  It also looked like the rain, or snow, was more consistent higher up the mountain. My first wildlife on the range was actually some of the bighorn sheep. Image I saw Issaquah and Hawk again, but no Kemmerer with them this morning.  Fiero was nearby. ImageImageImage As I came back through, the greeters had made it to work a little late. ImageImageImage

Still unsure of the weather, I decided to go to the Sykes’ coulee overlook.  I am glad I did because on the way  I could see a lone horse out a little ways.  It was Inniq, taking after his father in his remote desert ways.

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