Dryhead Report From Lori

Lori went out to the Dryhead on Saturday.  Here is her report!  Thanks so much Lori!


Jesse James and Seneca
Jesse James and Seneca

I went out to the range on Saturday, and I am glad that I went early because it rained this afternoon, and the Pryor’s got some MUCH needed moisture. It snowed on the Pryor’s, but I am sure it rained down in the lower elevations.

I saw the greeters, and Hightail looks a little bit better than last I saw her. Maybe she is finding some of the newer forage to eat and she seems to have more spunk.

They were near the road and all together, unlike the last time I saw them when Hightail was all alone away from the band. This is a good sign that she is keeping up with her family. I stopped and took some photos, and then Hickok decided that they should all move. I watched them for awhile, but they clearly did not want me there, and so I left.

Hickok and Jesse James
Hickok, Jesse James and Seneca

The next horses that I saw were out on Mustang Flats. They were far away so I hiked out to them, but not too close. It was Hidatsa, Johnston and Chief Joseph. I just stood there with them for awhile and unlike the Greeters they did not seem to mind me there at all. They look a bit thin but nothing to worry about and now they are starting to have some new forage to eat. That is what they did the whole time I was there with them. I have a thing for Hidatsa as I have known him for quite some time now.

Hidatsa and Johnston
Hidatsa and Johnston

IMG_2118 (1024x683)


I decided, after some time that I would just let them be and started to walk back to my vehicle when I noticed a dark head pop-up from behind some bushes. It was Hawk, another one of my bud’s out there on the Dry Head. He was very alert and kept on watching me. I did not want to disturb him as he seemed very intense in who and what I was. It was a meeting I was very happy to have with him as I have not seen him close up for quite awhile. I said hello & goodbye and thanked him for showing himself to me.  He is a beautiful stallion and I wish that there were more mares out there for some of these bachelors.

I hiked back to the car and went on my way to the end of the range. I decided to go into Ewing-Snell and see if the creek was running and it was.

I think that there is water in the Layout Creek now. I got my binoculars out and saw one lone black horse way out on the range. I could not tell at all who it was, but am thinking maybe it was either Seattle or Issaquah. I have not seen Seattle in a long time and wonder how he is and if he is still has Sacajawea.

There were some mule deer down by the creek and I tried to not alarm them, but they saw me and started to move away form the creek. I quietly got back into my car and left as they watched me. They seemed to be calm and not running away. There were about twenty of them.

I drove back through but did not see anyone else. I was blessed though, as I did get to spend time with some of the wild ones. It was a good day.

I hope I start seeing more of the horses soon. Last year I saw more of the horses in April. They must know something that I don’t.

Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl

I spent time today with Liesl and Kaibab….they are so cute and doing real good. After I fed them their good stuff, they were playing with their dishes, and so it gave me an idea to bring them a toy!


IMG_2188 (1024x683) IMG_2185 (1024x683)

I brought them a big red ball to play with. Liesl found the part of it so that she could pick it up. They made me laugh and as always give my heart a burst of love.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

21 thoughts on “Dryhead Report From Lori

  1. Thank you for the report, Lori and Sandy.
    I have track Thursday and Saturday, and should stay home Friday – but there is this tugging on me to drive over late Thursday and do some mega-hiking on Friday. A lot will depend on weather and work that needs done, and muddiness of BT, but if I do go would you want to go out Lori?

      1. Me too Sarah! Right now the Pryor’s are getting a good dose of snow. Right here in the basin it is just windy as heck and cold. I will have to snap a few pictures of the Pryor’s from my house and you will see what it looks like from here in Lovell. It is supposed to warm up and hopefully some of the snow will melt away…but then again that means…red “clay mud” and that is all it takes to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere! HA!

  2. Thanks for the report 🙂 Good to see some “familiar faces”. 🙂 Hidatsa is looking ever so grand, as always. I hope Hightail continues to pick up. She IS getting on in years, but hopefully, she’ll be around for many more.

    Hope it works out for you to make the journey, Shawn.

  3. Oh, and I love to see Liesl and Kaibab entertaining themselves with what’s handy. 🙂 I bet they’ll really have some good times with the ball. They both look soooo good, and are getting so good looking. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, Liesl & Kaibab are getting so beautiful and in wonderful shape.
      Diane and I have been trying to work with them as far as halters etc. but the weather will not cooperate and this delays us from the daily lessons. If it is not freezing then the wind is blowing 30 mph. Hopefully the weather will get better and the lessons can be more often until they let us halter them and get used to the lead. They both like to play with the halters and the ropes, so they are getting familiar with them. I can just about get the halter on Liesl, but Kaibab only lets me get it around his nose, then backs away…but he never runs away, he comes back again to get another try!
      I will see if I can get some good pictures of them with the ball!!

      Yes….Hidatsa is so stripey and his mane is that two tone. He sure is handsome. You can see a few marks on his neck which look like he has already been scrapping with someone. I wish he could have a little harem of his own and some offspring!!!

  4. Jesse James is looking very grown up! Liesl and Kaibab are so cute playing with their bowls! They look so grown up too. Kaibab has really filled out nicely. I wonder where Fools Crow is hiding his large band of ladies! And if Hidalgo is somewhere near trying to get his mares back. Lori, I hope you and Shawn are able to get up BT and hopefully see some foals! I’m dying to see new Pryor babies! I’ve been seeing pictures of foals pop up from other herds and which is making me so impatient for foals in the Pryors!

      1. Yay can’t wait!! I hope you see a lot of horses, and hopefully all (or any) potential new babies! I’m also interested to see baby bumps on some of the mares we haven’t really seen up close this winter. I’m hoping someone gets close up with Morning Star’s band too 🙂

      2. Well, this time I will be there long enough to hopefully see a lot of horses. I am really hoping to find Fools Crow and also Corona. Just depends on how far I can get up Sykes for those two. I really need a trip this time with great weather! HA! 🙂 PLEASE!!!! 🙂

      3. I hope the weather cooperates! I really hope you see Fools Crow too! I’d love to see pictures of that band up close and hear about their interations from you. And I’m wondering too about the Corona, Waif, Topper situation. Fingers crossed for good weather! I hope we’ll find out who Kindra is with too!

  5. Well as far as the weather goes, it has been cloudy, very windy and the Pryor’s for sure got quite a bit of new snow, as did the Big Horns. This pattern is supposed to continue through Wednesday, then “please God” it will be nice again with warmer temperatures. I pray for the weather to be nice for your visit Sandy!! I will keep you informed!

  6. Hi
    Really like the photos of Jesse James, he looks wonderful. Do you think Hickok and he will stay together in the band…it seems like there is a bit of posturing between them in that photo or what?
    I hope you will bring back news of new foals, do you think Dove is pregnant?

    1. Hi Thora, I have not seen Dove since last fall, so I do not know if she is or not. If she is, the foal would not be born until August at the earliest. I am hoping to see Coronado’s band when I am there next week. But this time of year it is very hard to know who you will see. Unlike in the summer months when all the mountain horses are on the top. It will be interesting to see if Jesse James and Hickok stay together in one band. Last May I saw them have a few discussions and posturing and I thought for sure they would be separating last summer, but they are still together.

  7. Hi
    Will really look forward to your report

    I am wondering about Exhilaration…is he still at the center with Kaibab & Liesl?

    1. Hi Thora, No Exhilaration is not at the Center anymore. He went back to his home (which was with Matt’s mom). He was causing a few problems with Kaibab and especially Liesl, so they decided it would be safer for her if they took him back home.

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