The Cloud Foundation Releases Their PZP Proposal

Mica and his father Cloud.
Mica and his father Cloud, May 2012

The Cloud Foundation released their PZP Proposal.  You can click on TCF to read it.   I am not opposed to some of their ideas, and I support the idea of no more removals.  But to rush into another plan, could be detrimental to the horses.  Is this “playing with mother nature” a bit too much?

I do think it would be nice to see Seneca have a foal.(read TCF proposal to see what I am talking about).  However currently she is in a band of 4 (The Greeters), including her 1/2 brother and son.  Which one would she breed with?  Either one may lead to a less than perfect foal.

I still think the current program should remain in place.  The current plan has only been in place since 2011.   Due to the schedule, weather and only one person delivering the injections for the 2011 year, we have yet to see what a good year looks like.   You can read more about my thoughts and the letter I will be sending to Jim Sparks in regards to this, by clicking PZP. 

This current plan will remain in place until 2015.  I do believe the plan has room for improvement.  But why rush it?  My first concern is for the welfare of the entire Pryor Herd and the future generations.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

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