More Photos of Katrina And Her New Colt, Navarre. *Updated

I just received these photos and I thought I would share them with you.    Katrina’s(Swallow) foal is a colt and they are both doing much better today.  Thank you Rosellen for sharing.  They both look wonderful!

If you missed my post yesterday about Katrina and the “Special K’s”, you can click on Grijala, to read it.

And his name is: Navarre!


Katrina (Swallow) and colt, April 4, 2013
Katrina (Swallow) and colt, April 4, 2013
Mother and Son, April 4, 2013
Mother and Son, April 4, 2013



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28 thoughts on “More Photos of Katrina And Her New Colt, Navarre. *Updated

    • Isn’t he?? I am wondering about the whole Grijala father thing. She may have still been with Garcia then, I just don’t know. But by the looks of his shoulder bars and line down his back, I am leaning towards Garcia being the father. But I am very new at this whole color thing, so I could totally be wrong. 🙂

      • I think she had shoulder bars and a dorsal stripe when she was younger and they faded as she got older. I’m not positive though.

      • Thanks Sarah. Her father was Bristol, a grullo. So that is what my thought is, maybe it is from her grandfather than. Do you know when Grijala got her from Bristol? I need to look back at Matt’s posts and see. I saw her with Bristol around the 20th of May, but I am not sure how long she had been with him.

      • I’m thinking you meant when Grijala got her from Garcia, right?

      • I just went back through Matt’s posts quickly and he has then together in a post from May 14th. But said that her and Kachina had been with Grijala a little while already before that post.

      • I love watching the babies as they change! haha watch him roan out and we’ll all be really confused! I’m wondering if maybe she came into heat while still in Garcia’s band and Grijala was one of her “suitors” and then she went off with Grijala after they had their little “date.” 🙂 Haha I wonder if the horses realize how we try to figure out the details of their lives!

  • So cute!! Glad they’re both doing well. You can see his shoulder bars already. Wish we could tell Grijala he is a daddy 🙂

  • Oh how sweet…he sure is a beauty! I hope they know how lucky they are to have a Pryor born unto them…especially since his mom conceived in the wild. Hang on to these special horses as someday there may not be any in the wild.

  • Just a thought; Jacinta has a dorsal stripe. I’ve seen bays have a dorsal stripe every now and then.

      • Thanks 😀
        I have few news name with a “N”
        New moon
        New Age
        Nat King Cole
        If Katrina’s 3 year old and if it’s her second baby, she’s pregant very very youg (sory my bad english)
        Please, how feel’s the mare who some of us think she’s not good ?

      • Hi! I like those names. I am going to transfer them to the name post too! 🙂 This is Katrina’s first foal.

        I have not heard how Firestorm is. I don’t believe anyone has been up there to check on her. I think she will be okay. She should be due to foal towards the end of this month.

  • He is a cutie! I like the name they chose for him 🙂 I hope they’ll send us more pictures as he gets older. Do you know if they read your blog? If so I’d like to say thank you for giving them such a great home!! They both look happy 🙂

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