The “Special K’s” and Some more New Foals

Last May as Bill and I were heading down Burnt Timber Road.  We came across Grijala and his new band.  You can read that post by clicking on MAY.  By the time I saw Grijala again in mid-June, Grijala had: Kachina, Kindra, Kohl, Kachina, Katrina, Kalahari and Quelle Colour.  Kachina, Kalahari and Katrina would be removed by the bait trapping the end of July, beginning of August.

Katchina, Kohl and Katrina
Katchina, Kohl and Katrina, May 2012


Grijala with Kachina and Kalahari
Grijala with Kachina and Kalahari, July 2012


I named these girls the “Special K’s”, because it seemed Grijala only want to have “K” girls.  (Quelle Colour sounds like a k).

My friend Maria from Bulgaria has an amazing sense about her.  She can always seem to sense or see if a horse is pregnant when many of us cannot.

This morning she emailed me and said:

“Last night as I was looking some photos of the adopted horses on TCF site I saw pic of Katrina and I think she could be pregnant but I couldn’t find if her owner has facebook  I thought you may know her.”

Yes, I knew her.  We had talked via email after she adopted Katrina and I gave her several shots of Katrina in the wild.

She emailed me right back and said:

Funny you should ask.  Just this morning Swallow (Katrina) had a baby girl.  We have been out with them all day and we still haven’t gotten her to nurse yet, so we are following the vets advice and milking mom and feeding her out of a bucket for now.  She wants to nurse, but they just don’t seem to have figured it out yet.
Thanks for asking.”
Katrina, July 2012
Katrina, July 2012


Katrina (Swallow) and her new foal, April 3, 2013
Katrina (Swallow) and her new foal, April 3, 2013
Katrina's (Swallow) new foal
Katrina’s (Swallow) new foal


That made me think about another horse that Maria was certain was pregnant at the time of the adoption last September.  Kachina.
Kachina, June 18, 2012
Kachina, June 18, 2012

So I emailed to see how she was.  This is what I learned:

” hi, yes she is. she looks to be 2 or 3 weeks away yet. sure is big though.”

She has promised to send me photos,  I will be sure to post them when I receive them!

The sire of both these foals is most likely Grijala.

Grijala, July 30, 2012
Grijala, July 30, 2012
Grijala watches his Special K’s get removed.

I wonder how many other “K” girls will foal.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

38 thoughts on “The “Special K’s” and Some more New Foals

  1. AWwwwww…such great news…wish they all could have been born in the wild, but at least they do have owners who love them and take good care of them!!! Thank you all who adopted and are caring for a Pryor horse!
    Can’t wait to see some photos!
    Thank you Sandy for keeping up with all that has to do with these horses, all who adopted and all who love them. Thank you for providing us with this information which many crave!!! It’s a spiritual thing and I am guilty of it too! HA!

      1. I can’t help but think just HOW MANY THINGS no one sees on the Range—but they happen. I don’t see everything that’s posted, but i don’t remember anyone posting anything about seeing Kelly with anyone in April 2012, but she was definitely “with” someone. 🙂 Perhaps we will be able to make a better guess—and it will still be a guess— when he has done all the color changing foals seem to do. But we will have to be patient. Uuuugh! He sure is precious, no matter who his sire is. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see pictures!!! Wish we could see Grijala with his first set of foals! Hopefully they will get Katrina’s filly nursing on her own. I wonder if Lady Jane (Kalahari) will give us another surprise Grijala foal 🙂 I wonder if we’ll see foals from any of the other K girls on the range besides Ketchikan. I know at one point you thought Kiowa might be pregnant, but then changed your mind. Still thinking no?

      1. Maybe she’ll throw out a surprise baby for you 🙂 or maybe you could breed her to Hickory in the future. That boy is very handsome!!

  3. Can’t wait to see pictures. Always exciting to get updates and see how the horses are doing that were removed from the range.

  4. Ha! Funny I was going to ask if any of the other removed fillies were pregnant or had foals. I guess you beat me to it! 🙂

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. Or possibly Kindra. It seems they may have missed Grijala’s band with the pzp or maybe got it to them late.

  5. I sure love Katrina’s color! And also Kachina and Juneau. I got some really nice close ups of those two in 2011. I’ll put them up on FB. I love looking at them, even tho it brings a tear to my eye to know they’re not on the Range anymore.

      1. Thanks Livi. Maybe she is with Hernando. I know Shawn saw Knight, Inali and Hamlet together without him. (which is a bit unusual.) If Kindra is pregnant, I bet she will be having the foal soon. I hope she is with a stallion that will be able to take care of her and her new foal.

      2. Ktialpha was also not with Garcia, Greta, and Millicent. I wonder if she’s back with Bristol or if someone else has her now. I hope Kindra’s with a good stallion too!

  6. Katrina’s foal is such a cutie!! And looks just like her Mama 🙂 I hope they’ve got the whole nursing thing figured out.

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