A Dryhead Report from Lori.

I finally got to go out to the range and visited with Liesl & Kaibab after about 2 1/2 weeks of fighting off the flu.

I missed Liesl & Kaibab so much and I really believe that they missed me too! Of course I missed going out to the range even though there are not too many horses out on the Dry Head yet, but I did see more “signs” of the horses throughout the range.


IMG_1962 (1024x683) IMG_1967 (1024x683)

The first horses I saw were the greeters, but only Jesse James & Hickok. I think that Seneca and Hightail were on the other side of the ridge and from where I was I could not see them. But I did see them on my way out.

Hightail was pretty far away from the others and she does not look too good. She looked thin to me and a bit on the scraggly side. I am worried for her, but then again she is, after all 24 years old. Maybe the spring forage will get her looking and feeling better. I sure hope so. The others looked ok and I am not worried for them as I am for Hightail. As always, it was good to see them and I hope that the little bit of rain we got overnight will start to green things up on the range.

IMG_1946 (1024x683) IMG_1949 (1024x683) IMG_1951 (1024x683) IMG_1945 (1024x683)

IMG_1936 (1024x683)

I saw who I think was Hawk & Issaquah out near Mustang Flat, but they were very far away and the pictures that I took had the darn power lines in them. I could not find a better place to get any photo’s without the power lines. But I am almost sure it was Hawk & his half-brother, Issaquah.

I had to get my binoculars out when I saw one lone black horse very far out on Mustang Flat. I could not tell who it was and I could not even get a decent photo. It could have been Seattle and maybe Sacajawea & Kemmerer were nearby in the scrub, but I am not sure of that.

IMG_1944 (1024x683)

I will be going out to the range again in the next day or so and I hope Brianna will join me. Maybe we will see more of the Dry Head horses!

Speaking of Brianna; (sorry Brianna but I have to brag on you a bit about this!) Brianna received a gold medal for a State Star Event, “Promote and Publicize FCCLA.” The convention took place in Cheyenne, and this qualifies her to go to the National convention in Nashville, Tennessee July 6-11. I believe that if you get on the Lovell Chronicle website you can read about it there.

Her project was about the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses.

Congratulations Brianna, and I hope you can raise the funds to go to the National’s. You deserve it!!!!


IMG_1937 (1024x683)

Thank you Lori!   I am so glad you are feeling better!

Congratulations Brianna!  That is so great and we are so proud of you!  I hope you are able to go too and I hope my little bit can help you get there!!!  🙂


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14 thoughts on “A Dryhead Report from Lori.

  • Liesl looks so grown up! And so does Kaibab, he’s getting that stallion look to him 🙂 And congratulations Brianna, you definitely do deserve it!!

  • Lori, I have been missing you on the blog. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the photos of Liesl and Kaibab and the trip out the Dryhead. Congratulations, Brianna!! You have been a great asset to the Center and as an ambassador for the wild horses. Where would we send something to help on the convention trip to Nashville?

    • Thank you Laura, I miss seeing the horses out on the Dry Head and sure hope they come back soon..and maybe one or two of the bachelors will talk a mountain mare into staying with them!!??
      Hope to see you and John this spring.

  • Thanks Lori :), and my thoughts are with Hightail, too. She’s another special one in my heart. She and Sam were the first pair of mustangs I saw on my first visit to the Range, and she stopped and posed for me as tho she knew I was there to see mustangs and she was willing to be my model. 🙂 At least she isn’t PG, so maybe she’ll start picking up when the sun shines longer each day. I hope so. 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS Brianna! I’ll be sure to check out the article in the chronicle.

    • You bet Linda! I will be checking on Hightail and trying to find some more of the horses, but there are not too many back there yet…at least I have not seen too many.
      Hightail was one of the first wild horses I have ever seen also. She sure is special.

      • Back in 93 our first trip out here I am sure that there were more horses out on the Dry Head, and I did not know their names, but I am sure Sam was the first stallion that I ever saw, in the wild! Cool…sharing memories. I bet I can go through all of the pictures that Diane & my Dad used to send us and pick out some of the horses…some still alive and some gone. I will have to do that one of these days!!

      • That would be great! And I bet with Sandy’s old lists you might be able to find some of the names of those you don’t know personally.

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