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After eating a lunch and hiking back to the FJ, I scanned from the WS hill area to see if I could see anyone.  There appeared to be a few horses in the juniper near BTCG ( Burnt Timber Canyon guzzler – first on left), and I also saw Inocentes moving along a bottom down low.  I decided to go back to where I had camped and hike out to BTCG with a detour to where I had seen Inocentes so I could see if Mica really was with Cloud or was just in the area when I had seen them earlier.

I followed my normal path most of the way out, but veered between 2 ridges on another fairly used trail.  As I came into the opening I saw Doc again, now down bottom, and another group. The first horse I recognized was Jacinta.  This was the first I…

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  1. Hi Sandy
    Jacinta looks pregnant, don´t you think? I didn´t see her mentioned in the Who will foal 2013 blog.
    If she is, who is the sire?

    1. Hi Thora,
      Jacinta does look very pregnant to me too. She was not included in the “Who will Foal 2013” post, because she is in the “PZP window”. She will be 4 this year and should have received the injection. But sometimes it does not work, or it was not given in time or other things.
      It depends on when she foals, who the father may be. She was with Tecumseh until mid-June last year. That is when Gringo stole his band. So if the foal is born this month it will probably be Tecumsehs. Other wise, most likely Gringo’s. I believe I saw Gringo breeding her in June when I was there, shortly after he stole the band. But we will have to see what happens! 🙂
      ps: I think there will be other mares foaling that were also not listed in that post. That post just included those that were in the “non PZP wind”.
      Thanks for asking Thora.

  2. Yes, there are always those surprises..ha ha! Jacinta had LaSalle in 2011 and was with Gringo then. thanks for this post Sandy…and Thank you Shawn!!!

  3. Actually, in 2010 and 2011 Jacinta was with Tecumseh, so I am thinking that LaSalle is from Tecumseh and not Gringo. Sorry about the mix-up. Of course we are actually only presuming that the mares who give birth within a harem are from the band stallion, but who knows for sure?

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