The Birth Of A Colt, March 26, 2013 (Kelly Addiction, part 2)

Remember Kelly?  She is the Pryor horse that was removed last July during the bait trapping.  Shortly after she was adopted (by Lisa Friday) and moved to her home at Legacy Mustang Preservation, it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Kelly, June, 2012
Kelly, June, 2012

After Kelly’s pregnancy discovery, may of us became glued to our computers. You can read more about Kelly and this on going addiction by clicking : KELLY.

I, like probably many others stopped watching quite so faithfully as the days turned into months.  I silently wondered if she really was pregnant.  But as her tummy begin to get bigger and bigger, it was very apparent that she was.   Then I wondered if perhaps she was caring twins.  I hoped not, as the outcome for twins born to a horse is not often good.  I just hoped everything was okay.  I checked in on her once or twice a day.

This morning, the waiting ended, as Kelly gave birth to a beautiful black colt with a stunning white star on his forehead and a right hind sock.  He is beautiful.  I know all baby foals are beautiful, but for some reason this little guy just has more beauty.  Perhaps it is where he was conceived.  Wild and free in the Pryor Mountains.  Whatever the reason for my new love, I do know I will be following his growth.

Thank you Lisa Friday and Legacy Mustang Preservation for giving him a home.  I know he is in the best of hands.

You can see this little guy on camera with his gorgeous mom Kelly, by clicking on LEGACY.

Kelly's Colt, born today, March 26, 2013
Kelly’s Colt, born today, March 26, 2013
Kelly and her colt, March 26, 2013
Kelly and her colt, March 26, 2013
Kelly and her colt.
Kelly and her colt.
Kelly and her colt, March 26, 2013
Kelly and her colt, March 26, 2013

If you missed the birth and would like to watch, here it is:

If you can, please support this wonderful group, either by sharing this post or contacting them direct to see what you can do to help.  You can click on LEGACY MUSTANG, to find out all of their contact information.

His name is: ‘Cloud’s National Legacy’ or ‘Nate” for short.

Thank you Christina Flint for sending me the photos.


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

49 thoughts on “The Birth Of A Colt, March 26, 2013 (Kelly Addiction, part 2)

  1. What a blessed event!! All went so well. Kelly, what a wonderful mom you are; you did a great job of carrying and delivering this beautiful boy. And thank you so much to Lisa Friday and Legacy!! Sandy, thanks for sharing so that people who weren’t glued to the Kelly cam like many of us have been can also share in the exciting news.

  2. Thanks Legacy and Lisa!!! So excited she finally had her baby! I had worried too about twins since she had gotten so big. So glad she has a beautiful healthy baby boy and that they’re both doing so well! I’m going to be glued to the camera all day too 🙂

  3. I figured she would foal in the spring! He would have been the first foal born this year if they were still wild.

      1. Yes! I wonder who will be the first to foal this year. I can’t wait to use some of the names we have been posting!! 🙂

    1. Yes he would have 🙂 I don’t think Morning Star’s band has been seen much this winter. I wonder how Shadow, Gaelic, and Honey are looking. I hope all three will foal 🙂 I bet Kelly’s little guy would have loved running around with the other foals in the band, but I’m glad he has a good home!

  4. When I checked early last night before I went to bed, Kelly was laying flat out and I thought it was kind of early for that and was not all that surprised to wake up this morning to check in again and the little one was wobbling around on those big long legs—his first few steps!! ❤ And poor Kelly was doing her best to get them lined up for nursing—I'm sure she's bursting with the lifegiving milk, but he was pretty busy exploring and it took a while to get to the right end of the "milk machine". LOL 🙂 It is just absolutely great to be able to witness those first few hours. Big thanks to Legacy/Cloud Foundation! It's amazing that he's ALMOST a carbon copy of his mom with the star and right hind sock. And wow, what a star! There'll be no missing that—just like the real morning star in the morning sky. Since he was born in the morning and has that great star, I hope they name him "Morning Star", like his relative on the Range. This is absolutely exciting—guess I'll be at the computer quite a bit for a while 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. What a beautiful little guy!!!!! Thanks for the post Sandy and thank you Lisa Friday and Legacy/Cloud Foundation for all you have done to let us follow Kelly’s life and the birth of her little colt!!!!

  6. Tears of joy just keep pouring from my eyes. He is the most beautiful. I wish Cloud could know of his great grandson. We believe this may be an Echo baby.

    1. Yes…he sure is Lisa! Thank you so much for giving these special beautiful horses a wonderful home! You are a special person and the horses know it too!!! Maybe Cloud does know…we have no idea what instincts & other senses that they have!!!!
      What are you naming him Lisa?

  7. My god what a little beauty!!!!! 😀
    Thank you so much for posting the link as I, of course, was working when it happened. I had my phone with me all day after that, looking for a picture;) He seems like such a little ball of energy, and Kelly is awesome at this mom-stuff.. hah.. following him around all the time, making sure he doesn’t get too far away from her. I know how I will be spending my easter now 😀

  8. that was a wonderful way to end the night . I have been watching this off and on since last wenday night i have even got my husband and little girl into it.. we would watch ever night to see if any thing had happen . so when i loged in to facebook tonight to check on kelly i seen 8 legs not 4 and i knew she has her baby. it was a blessing to watch gods cration being born in to this world. WELCOME HOME LITTLE GUY!!! you are in a wonderful place !!

  9. Thank you Sandy and Lisa Friday for the report on Kelly’s new born. He is so cute and a beautiful little guy. I am glad both mother and son are healthy. Kelly seems to be a great mom.
    I am looking forward to watching him grown. I believe he will be a handsome stallion.

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