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I just got an email from Cass at NPS with an update.  I wanted to share right away, because I know there are several people who were concerned about Mica.  He was last seen with the stallion Santa Fe.

Mica, 2-17-13
Mica, 2-17-13

Mica is now back with Feldspar, Inocentes and Cloud.  Aztec was also back.

Jackson’s wound continues to look better.  He had Heritage, Brumby, Moorcroft, Galena, Jasmine and Maelstrom.

Firestorm was not with the band, but is now with Santa Fe!

Firestorm, 2-17-13
Firestorm, 2-17-13
Santa Fe, July 8, 2012
Santa Fe, July 8, 2012

Galaxy’s band is the same.  Cappuccino’s is the same and Moenkopi is still with them.  They also saw Teton (still the same), Blue Moon (the same) and Mescalaro with Rosarita and Polaris (the same).

It seems like it is an ever-changing saga with Jackson and Cloud.

I will be sure to let you know if I hear anything else.  I am really getting anxious for next week to get here, so I can head to the Pryors!

Thanks Cass!


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44 thoughts on “Latest Horse Gossip!

  • Who has Inocentes if she isn’t with Cloud? Did Cass see her at all? Thanks for the update and can’t wait to hear your’s when you get back.

  • Thanks Cass and Sandy 🙂 I’m really glad Mica is back with his mother, even tho he probably would have been OK otherwise. He can still use some nurturing and guidance from a “loved one”. 🙂 Sounds like there’s plenty of interaction with Cloud, Jackson AND Sante Fe. Jackson looks like he has a scrub on his face now, or maybe it’s something else. Firestorm is soooo pretty, as always.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next visit… =D

      • Sure enough. 🙂 That’s what I get for doing things in a hurry—but they do look similar at a quick glance, or at least I think so in that pic. Now I see the star, and I was wondering about the bit of missing ear, too. LOL!

        So these pics are Mica, Firestorm and Sante Fe, right? Mica sure does have his dark winter coat on! 🙂

  • It is a good news. Mica is back with Cloud and Feldspar. Maybe, Firestorm does not like to be pushed around by Jasmine.
    Thank you Sandy for the post. I hope you will find lots of horses in the range on your next trip. I am looking forward to your report and the photos.

  • I’m glad Mica has been reunited with Feldspar and Cloud. Like you said, I’m sure Ingrid will pop back up. I had a feeling Santa Fe would be making an effort to win another mare. I just wish he had made sure to take Maelstrom along with Firestorm. But, at least Maelstrom is still with his other family. Hopefully they’ll get reunited one way or another. This winter hasn’t been very kind of Jackson’s little trio. I’m sure Brumby and Galena will keep an eye on him, especially since Galena doesn’t have Moenkopi to look after now. And Mica looks like a little furry bear in that picture! 🙂

    • Clarissa, can you tell the story of this? I have on all my records that Firestorm’s filly, Incendia,( who was born in 2008) father is listed as unknown and she was in Cloud’s band at the time of her birth and the year before her birth. Thanks!

      • 🙂 You’re welcome!
        I hope she stays with him too. Just because he doesn’t have other mares to bother her now that she isn’t doing well. And maybe they can have another light bay foal. 🙂

      • I was thinking the same thing, that if she stays with him they could have another adorable foal like Ember. Ember’s such a unique color too. I think Alex said it is called a mealy bay roan and said it’s a rare color for the Pryors. She was originally supposed to be re-released, but when they ended the round up early she was one of the ones they decided to keep so they could make their number. Firestorm is so unique too! I love her beautiful winter roan coat in that picture above. I always look forward to her foals!

  • Thanks Cass for letting Sandy know, and thank you Sandy for keeping us all up on the lives of the Pryor horses. This is getting to be like “All My Children”! HA HA
    I am sure there will be more changes with these bands as spring is just about here.
    Thankfully the little ones seem to be doing well, and they sure are pretty, and handsome!
    It will be nice to see you Sandy and to hear your next report!

  • Hi Sandy, Thanks so much for your blog. I miss Matt’s Blog and it’s good to know that you are there keeping us up to date on the Pryor horses. I saw Two Boots in Shawn’s update. Is he on his own now? The lone picture of him makes me wonder. I saw him back in ’09 and he was a band stallion then. He and Cloud had a little sparring action going on as their families were in close proximity.

    • Hi Donna, I miss Matt’s blog too!! Yes, Two Boots has been on his own for a few years now. He will be 25 this year. He seems to be content to be on his own for the winter months( I saw him last year by himself in this same area). But in the summer months I often see him with some other bachelors, like Jasper (Jackson’s son and actually Two Boots grandson!). Thanks for commenting! 🙂 Sandy

  • Hi Sandy! I’m enjoying the calendar you sent me!

    Just wanted to reiterate what many others have said – love your blog and all the pictures and stories of the Pryor horses. And I really appreciate all the hiking you all do to get those pictures!! Would so love to do that myself, but Maine is a long way away!

    Keep ‘um coming!

  • Hi
    Really enjoying your blog.
    Glad to hear that Mica is back with his band.
    I hope you will see Coronado and his band next time, he is a favorite of mine. I would love to hear a bit more about his band 🙂

    • Thanks Thora. I hope to see Coronado also. If not, I will try to do a post with some photos that I got of them last summer/fall. There are many I have never posted! Thanks for commenting!

  • Herd dynamics are always changing – that’s one of the fascinating things of watching mustangs on a day-to-day basis. Anything from a spunky young bachelor to the birth of a baby to a change of the seasons can trigger a change in the herd.

    So missing my dosage of equine right now – thank you!

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