The Greeters On A Winter Day

Today is the one year anniversary of Wild in the Pryors!  It is hard to believe that it has been a year.

Lori sent me these photos take today.  They are of the ever faithful appearing Greeters and some great shots of the mountain.  The horses all look really good!  Thanks so much Lori.

I am heading to the Pryors late next week with my friend Anh.  I am hoping that Lori and Brianna may be able to spend some time with us too.  It sure will be good to be there.  Right now the weather looks like it will be clear.  So if the horses choose to show themselves to me, I may have a lot to share with you.

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27 thoughts on “The Greeters On A Winter Day

  • Wow, it always amazes me how much a landscape changes when it snows. We are supposed to get hit with a snowstorm tomorrow here in the Northeast–hoping it doesn’t affect my morning commute into Manhattan too much!

  • The greeters all really look great. That’s exciting that you’ll be headed out there yourself soon!! Looking forward to what you see! I’m hoping that may include Dancer! I haven’t given up on her yet. And I’m so happy that you’ve started this blog!!!

  • I am happy and fortunate to live so close to these beautiful horses and am even more happy that I can share! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SANDY!!! Thank you for all you do for these horses and the people who love them! I know it takes quite a lot of your time to do this blog, but the most significant being your dedication to these horses! Thank you so much, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!
    I also hope that the weather is good when you and Anh come this way. I will be anxious to hike around with you two, and I hope that Brianna can join us too!!!

  • Yes, Sandy, Happy Anniversary on your blog! 🙂 It really doesn’t seem like that much time has passed! But then, time flies when you’re having fun, and it sure is fun to see and read your blog. 🙂

    Thanks, Lori, for sharing your trip out to the Range. It sure seems strange to not see much red dirt out there on the Dryhead at the foot of Sykes, when it’s covered by snow. All those ridges and arroyos sure do make it hard to see horses unless you walk A LOT out there, after you’ve driven as far as is comfortable. What looks like it is just a short walk turns out to be miles because you’re going up and down steady. Right? Sure wish I could be there to go with…

    It’s great to see the greeters looking furry and not thin. And it’s so heartwarming to know Hightail and Seneca have such attentive gentlemen looking after them. I’m sure JJ and Hickok have helped them tremendously in getting over the loss of Sam, Admiral and Kapitan. <3

    Happy Trails 🙂

  • Thanks for all the posts you have put up for all of us to see. They are always beautiful and informative. Happy Anniversary ‘Wild In the Pryors’.

  • Thanks so much for the posts and pictures. I look forward to reading them for many years to come.

  • I just read TCF’s newsletter from their recent trip and it said that Moenkopi is seperated from Galena, Jackson, and the band. She’s with Casper’s band right now. Casper is such a great stallion, taking in seperated foals like he does and making them a part of his family.Kootenai really became his son after Casper took him in. I hope that when you go out next week you’ll find Moenkopi back with Galena and their family! Jasmine is also not with Cloud, but not with Jackson either. Ginger thinks she may be with Horizon’s band because they didn’t see his band on their trip. Hopefully you’ll be able to solve that mystery too! Garay has Kindra from Grijala and Jasper (Galena x Jackson) is tagging along. Hope that doesn’t turn out the same way as last time! I’ll be interested to see if Grijala tries to get her back. I’ll be interested to see who she’s with when you head out there! Chino and Topper Too are still together. I know there were a bunch of us (me included) who were wondering how Chino was. Blizzard still has Bakken, Strawberry, and Cascade. I know there was a discussion a little while back between some of us wondering if he still had them. I was surprised to hear Fool’s Crow has taken Hidalgo’s band. They also found Hidatsa, Johnston, Issaquah, and Merlin together. I know there are a bunch of Merlin fans on this blog so I thought everyone would ben happy to know that Merlin seems to be doing good! They said they saw a total of 121 horses on their trip and I wish you, Ahn, and whoever else is able to go out with you the same luck!!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I just got done reading that newsletter too. Thank you for updating everyone. I had just updated my horse list earlier this week, looks like I better redo it again! 🙂 Yes, I hope Anh and I have a good trip and see a lot of horses. I really hope I see Jasmine back with Jacksons band. I am amazed and happy for Fools Crow, but he does not need every mare in the Dryhead! HA! 🙂 Good for him. I also hope to see Moenkopi back with Galena, that is never good, when they are separated so young, but I can not see a better band that she could be with than Capucinno. Kootenai stayed with that band until he was removed and came to live with me. 🙂 Just love that little guy. I am also happy to hear Chino is okay and still has Topper too with him. It will be interesting to watch that unfold more. It worries me a bit that Kindra is with Garay, be hopefully he has become a better stallion over this last year. Those two boys have been trolling for mares together since back in November (remember Shawn’s post?). Thanks again! 🙂

      • I hope you see Jasmine back with Jackson too. I really like them together. Haha it seems like Fools Crow is trying to get every mare in the Dryhead! I was very surprised, but I’m sure he is thrilled! He sure has quickly put together quite the band! It will be interesting to see what happens with Topper. I would anticipate she’ll end up back with Chino and Topper Too. I’d love to know how she ended up with Corona and Waif, but we’ll probably never know. I worry a bit for Kindra too. Hopefully Garay will take better care of her. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out too. I’d imagine Grijala is definitely going to want her back, espeically after losing so many of his “special K’s” in the gather. And since she chose Grijala earlier this year, I’d imagine she’d like to be back with him. And have the company of other mares. We’ll have to see. I also think it’s interesting that Garay typically is with Jasper and not back with his other Forrest Service buddies. I remember them trolling together in Shawn’s post. It’s interesting that Garay tolerates Jack even after getting a mare. Especially since they didn’t grow up together or spend much time together it seems before Garay took Doc’s band. I wonder if they’ll end up with kind of a Horizon/Fiesta relationship.

  • I’m so glad to see the greeters looking so good. I love the way the snow looks on the hills. Happy anniversary!

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