Mountain Photos From A Mystery Guest

I have decided what I like best about having this blog.  There are many things, but the best is how many people I have met through it.  We all have one thing in common, the Pryor Horses.

I especially love getting emails from people sharing their thoughts and feelings about the horses or asking me questions.

Tonight I received an email from someone who wishes to stay anonymous for now.  They sent me a photo of Ireland and gave me permission to share with you.   This was taken on a recent visit to the mountain.  There is something about this photo that really captivates me.  The light, the falling snow, the details in the mountain behind her.  It is beautiful.

Limerick and Maia
Limerick and Maia
Ireland, Maia and Limerick
Ireland, Maia and Limerick
Maia and Ireland
Maia and Ireland
Galaxy and Hera
Galaxy and Hera


Hera and Limerick
Hera and Limerick

Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more emails and photos!


Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

26 thoughts on “Mountain Photos From A Mystery Guest

  1. Like 🙂 Like 🙂 Like 🙂 Reminds me of my first visit to the mountain when it started to snow while we were observing Jackson, Sante Fe and Lakota’s bands on Cheyenne Flats. THANKS to you both for sharing.

    1. WOW!!! Absolutely awesome photo. It is a very powerful photo and gives one a sense
      of the magnitude and solitude of the Pryor’s in winter!
      Thank you both for sharing!!!

  2. What a beautiful picture of her! I’m glad Limerick is still there, she’s a pretty girl 🙂 Looking forward to hopefully seeing a Galaxy x Hera foal. Hera foaled earlier last year right? Sometime in April I think.

      1. Hopefully we’ll see one in May then! I really want to see a Galaxy foal too and combined with Hera that baby will be stunning. I bet a foal from him and Electra would be stunning too, but not sure we’ll see that. I was SURE she was pregnant last year. Maybe something happened with her foal.

  3. Me too!! Beautiful pictures and so nice to see Maia doing so well. I also am happy that Limerick is still on the range!! Thanks “mystery” guest for sharing the photos!!

      1. Yes Sandy! I remember that very well, and I am glad that they did not catch her! She is a pretty girl!! And the memory of Grijala running around causing a fuss will always be in my head!! He is awesome!
        Is Maia from Prince as is Limerick? I think both Ireland & Hera used to be with Prince in 2011. I wonder where Pococeno is? Maybe she is with Prince who nobody has seen in a while. Hmm?
        I would also like to see a Galaxy & Hera foal.

      2. Thank you Grijala!! Yes, Limerick and Maia are both from Prince. I hadn’t realized that Pococeno wasn’t still with the band. Maybe she is with Prince.

      3. In the last photo Hera and Limerick are standing together in the middle and there are two black horses, one of either side of them. I’m assuming one is Galaxy and one is Pococeno.

      4. Thanks for letting me know that Pococeno is with them. Hmm….then we are missing Prince? I was hoping that maybe he still had Pococeno and that maybe he has just not been seen. He still could be up there somewhere. Maybe he has Damsel?! I do hope we will see both of them soon.

      5. Cass from NPS said she saw Prince the beginning of November. That is the last sighting of him that I know of.
        I did learn something interesting. Topper is now with Corona. So Lori if you head out to the DH, keep a look out for them.

      6. I don’t know Livi. I just know that Topper was seen with Corona. I know they were separate a few years ago, but I like when the two Toppers are together. I especially liked when they were with Chino. Chino is 20 this year, Topper is 22! Wow. I can’t believe that.

      7. Very interesting Sandy! I wonder how Waif likes that? Or maybe she is with someone else! Well we know one thing for sure: horses don’t mate for life!! HA HA I will be on the lookout for them this coming week.
        I agree with you Sandy in that I like the toppers together, and it was also comical when I was up there with you this past summer and the Topper’s & Chino would go hide! Camera shy?? Ditto on the concern for Chino!
        Topper is Nebraska’s (my horse) mother!!

      8. I would love to see Prince and Dancer show up together! Prince is Arrow’s sire (Dancer’s first foal in 2007). She is a gorgeous girl too! Hopefully Chino’s alright. I wonder whether or not it’s Topper’s idea to be with Corona. Ha if it’s not he probably won’t be able to keep her long. Waif doesn’t always seem to like company either.

  4. Beautiful and mystical!!! I can’t express how much I enjoy these photos. Everything about the Pryor Mountains is so different from the east coast. Our Pennsylvania mountains are just little lumps by comparison. As for wildlife, while we see black bears, fox, and coyotes, the biggest hoofed animals are whitetail deer. Somehow the horses are more stirring!

    What’s particularly wonderful about your blog, is that you do answer questions and educate those of us who have so little experience with wild horses. And your photos and those of your guest writers are amazing!!! 🙂

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