A Dryhead Report from Brianna

Today’s post is written by my friend Brianna!  Thank you so much Brianna!  I am looking forward to more of these from you!



Saturday Lori and I met at the Center and drove out to the range. We hadn’t been having the best luck, but we decided we’d give it one more try.

We stayed in the Dryhead because we were limited on time that day. We slowed to look for the Greeters when we entered the range, but no luck there.

We crossed the state line and still no luck.

We had just been talking about waiting another month or two for our next trip since we still weren’t seeing anyone, and I Iooked down over a ridge and spotted a horse.

We were in the right place at just the right time, any sooner or later we wouldn’t have seen him. We pulled over and got out, and had to walk back a little ways. At first we couldn’t find him, and then we saw Fiero coming up the small hill into sight. He must not have seen or heard us at first, because he just kept walking closer, we were quite a ways away though, and when he finally did see us, he stopped and looked, then started eating. Not sure what he was eating, but he looked really good. Lori and I were almost surprised at how good he looked.


IMG_2702 IMG_2700

After taking a few pictures, we got back in the vehicle and continued to the end of the range, where we turned around and headed back. All the way back we didn’t see anyone.

We did see quite a few deer though.


Right by the turn to Crooked Creek Bay we were looking for the Greeters again, and there they were this time. They were probably there on our way in too, but we just couldn’t see them.

IMG_2707 IMG_2712

Jesse James was so well hidden that we thought he might have wandered off, but after walking up a hill we spotted him tucked away behind what I would call weeds.


We went back to the Center to visit Kaibab and Liesl. I’m doing a school project and I wanted to use a picture of Lori reading to them for it. Kaibab wasn’t too sure about the book, but Liesl loved it. She seems to really like new things, and just human interaction in general. Here’s a few of the pictures I got of them, and when I’m done with my project I’ll send Sandy a copy to share too.




IMG_2738-2 IMG_2765 IMG_2763


And here is the finished project!  Nice job Brianna!



Logo designed by Amber Bushnell
Logo designed by Amber Bushnell

24 thoughts on “A Dryhead Report from Brianna

  • awww that is so cute how much Liesl seems to like the book! Such a sweet girl! What book was she reading to them? Looks like it’s about the Pryor horses.

      • What an awesome finished poster Brianna!!!! Great job, you are a very creative & talented young lady!!!
        Liesl says thank you, and Kaibab too…but he was not interested in the book!! HA!

    • That is fitting 🙂 Fiero’s looking good. Maybe because he’s alone and not trying to keep track of his independent ladies haha. I think they’ve ended up back with Blizzard, right?

      • We’re not sure where they are. We saw Strawberry with Seattle, and Cascade with Fiero, and then the next time Lori saw Seattle Strawberry wasn’t there, so maybe Blizzard. We’ll just have to wait and see!

      • TCF had seen Strawberry, Bakken, and Cascade all with Blizzard in December. Haha but you’re right Sandy, he doesn’t seem to hang onto them for long!

  • Thanks for the update Brianna and Lori. And Sandy. 🙂 Seeing one horse is better than seeing none. Glad Fiero is looking good. Hopefully the rest of the horses are just as well. Love the pic of Leisl and Lori! Too cute!

  • Thank you Sandy & Brianna…and everyone else!
    I admire and respect Brianna for making the wild horses the focus of her school project this year. She brought ideas and fun to the Center this past summer while working there, and did an excellent job! She also learned quite a bit about the horses, and people too!
    I am humbled that she has included me in her project and she should get an A+ for all of her hard work!
    Great report Brianna!

  • LOVE that picture for the project! (And I also love the book “they” were “reading”.) I’d say that finished project should be submitted to whoever sets up the graphic design/PR for the national reading programs. I can’t think of a better way of encouraging people to read and believe that kids would absolutely love it, too. Leave it to Liesl to add a measure of “special” to whatever she’s involved in. She actaually looks like she’s smiling. And Lori, you are such a natural for that tutoring position. 🙂

    Thanks guys, for the report and pics. Bet it was a bit chilly out there, but at least, you didn’t have to worry about snakes…

    • HA HA Linda….yes I suppose I make a good tutor!! Thanks, and I am so pleased at the finished project…it is so sweet! Matches the sweetness of Brianna!! You are right Linda, it would be fantastic PR for the national reading programs…adults and kids alike love animals…and especially horses like Liesl!!!
      Actually it was a bit cold, but at least the wind was not blowing 100 miles an hour…ha!

  • Love that Liesl seems so interested in the book! That is such a cute picture, it’s Cute Overload worthy (somebody send them a submission, it’d be nice to have a horse in the mix among all the plethora of dogs and cats they usually feature)

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