Update on Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration.

The Powell Tribune did a story on Liesl.  It made front page in today’s paper.  I found a link to the article and you can read it by clicking on LIESL

Also below Lori gave us a wonderful collection of photos and a short report on the “Three Musketeers”, Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration!

Thank you Lori and congratulations on the wonderful article in the Tribune!


IMG_1584 (1024x683)

On Friday the 21st of December Liesl and Kaibab finally got to be let out into the field at the Center.

IMG_1545 (1024x683)

Although Exhilaration has been at the Center for awhile now, he has not had the chance to run and play with them.

IMG_1504 (1024x683)
It was amazing to watch them all run and play. I had a tear in my eye as I watched them run like the wind!

IMG_1562 (1024x683)
I was concerned for Liesl as there are a few ditches that run parallel out in the field, but she did great.
She did stumble a few times, but now she knows exactly where the “trouble” spots are. They all know where the fence is.
Liesl sticks real close to Kaibab.

Every day we let them out in the field and in the evening they are let back in their corral. Exhilaration will stay on the
outside for a few more nights and then I believe that we can let them all stay together as they are getting along very well.

IMG_1497 (1024x683)

For the visitors who come to see them in 2013, it will be a sight to behold, especially when they are all running.


IMG_1600 (1024x683) IMG_1599 (1024x683) IMG_1583 (1024x683) IMG_1609 (1024x683)

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22 thoughts on “Update on Liesl, Kaibab and Exhilaration.

    • You bet Lola! It is such a wonderful feeling watching them run…almost like being free again!
      Thanks Sandy for posting this update and the article in the Powell Tribune! What an honor for me and Liesl, and Kaibab too! Sorry, I forgot to add my name on all of the photos…I get so excited to share them I forget sometimes!

  • Thank you Lori for the wonderful report and the great photos.
    It is so nice to see them enjoying playing together and running like the wind.
    They are so cute. That makes me wating to fly there to visit them sooner.

  • It’s so great to see them running and playing!! I bet Liesl has not been able to run like that in a long time. It’s so sweet she has Kaibab to stick with and help look out for her 🙂 I love seeing them in the snow too. I bet they’re loving that they actually get to play in it as much as they want without having to worry about conserving their energy. Thanks for the update!!

  • OMG! What an occasion!! 🙂 It looks like Liesl was about ready to take flight! I’m so happy that she is going to be able to function OK in the larger enclosure, but I’m glad she’ll be safe and sound in the smaller one at night. Those guys all look like they are so happy and secure being companions with each other—and “their people”. What wonderful stories they have from situations that could have been much different. Kaibab is certainly becoming very handsome, and Exhileration is still the charmer he has always been. But Liesl’s progress is remarkable, and she is beautiful.

    Thank you so much Lori and Sandy for giving us a window into their world and sharing your observations. I’m going to check out those newspaper articles right now. 🙂

    • Thank you Linda. The same article will be in the “Equine Enthusiast” next month I believe, so people from all walks of life will read Liesl’s story! She should be famous, she certainly deserves it!
      Yes LInda Kaibab is becoming very handsome and he is such a love! He knows my car and sees me coming from multiple directions. I watch him watch me and it is so cute! Liesl follows him and they come right in the corral to eat while Exhilaration knows that he gets fed outside of the corral for now. They are very smart and it has not taken them long at all to know the drill! Amazing to me!!
      I will be making another trip out to the Dry Head lower range and maybe lower Sykes. I will see how the roads are and go from there.
      Can’t wait for you to come see Leisl & Kaibab, and of course Exhilaration, he sure is a beautiful horse. Of course Liesl is becoming a beauty too!

  • Wonderful photo’s and glad to see they are okay………….Running and getting a chance to kick it up

  • Lori, your update and the photos are beautiful. You, Jimmy, Sandy and the others who helped bring about the dream of a Liesl/Kaibab adoption for the Center have done a wonderful work of love. It is heart-warming to see it come true with them now running happily in their new home, well-cared for and loved by so many of us. A huge Thank You to all of you!!

    • Thank you Laura! It was pretty much all Lori and Jimmy though. The only thing I did was haul them to the Center after the adoption and keep my fingers crossed during the adoption that it would all go well and they would get them both!

  • Btw, your link to that news article no longer works (about Liesl). Nor the ones from earlier pages (about Matt, Lori n etc). 🙁

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