Finding Merlin! An Update from Lori.


This afternoon I was out working with Kiowa and Kootenai.  When I came in, there was a phone message from Lori.  “I found Merlin”!!!

I don’t think I have heard 3 better words in a long time.  It has been a long painful year and this was the best possible news that I could have heard!  Thanks Lori!!!

It just goes to show you.  Anything can happen in the Pryors!  Hopefully this good fortune continues and we soon see Damsel too!



Merlin, December 5, 2012
Merlin, December 5, 2012

I feel as if the Horse God’s shined on me today as my eyes looked into the eyes of Merlin!
Merlin is ALIVE!!! After days and months of searching and hoping to find him, today was the day!
Here are the many photo’s of the strong survivor, Merlin!

He was digging, eating and walking fine with the three bachelors: Issaquah, Hawk and Chief Joseph.

I feel so blessed, and I feel so relieved for Merlin. He is with three other bachelors and so he is not alone.

He will be fine and he will come back strong. Let’s all hope and pray that this winter will bring much healing and nutrition to Merlin!



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25 thoughts on “Finding Merlin! An Update from Lori.

  • That’s so great!! I knew he would be ok 🙂 He really looks good, obviously skinny, but theres something in his face that says he’s doing ok. I was hoping after he spent some time alone to heal (both inside and out) that he would end up with some company. So glad he has and hopefully he will come through this winter looking great. Now hopefully Dancer will make an appearance! I haven’t given up on her either!!

  • OMG! I am soooo happy to hear this news and to see him looking actually better than I would have expected. He is thin, but doesn’t seem to be any worse than in the pictures from his last reported sighting, if not a little better. And NO LIMP even!! 🙂 🙂 Could it be any better under the circumstances. Thank you Lori for being the eyes and “boots on the ground”! And, for making sure we got the news in a hurry. Thank you, too, Sandy.

    It is good to see all the guys looking good and I’m happy they’re all together.

    And yes, more good news on missing members of the herd would be so welcome. They are all in my heart and on my mind, for sure.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You are welcome Linda! Yes, Merlin is quite thin but his eyes showed some great spirit! He also has a wound on his hip, but he seemed to be doing just fine. I did not notice him limp at all and was watching him for some time. A great Christmas present indeed!!

      • Lori, is the wound on his hip you’re talking about what we can see on his right side in your pics? If so, those areas don’t seem raw, swollen or otherwise possibly infected, or anything, so hopefully they just need time for the hair to grow back in. And it is sooo good to see that he has “cheeks” again. That has always been a noticeable and lovable feature about he and Fiero which make them somewhat unique. And the sparkle in his eye…what can I say? 🙂 I am so thankful that we have this good news.

        Now, may the winter Gods be kind to the rest of the herd.

        Thank you again. 🙂

    • Yes Linda. I beleive they are older wounds also and you are right…they just need time for the hair to grow back. Yes…he did have that sparkle in his eyes too..he is on the road to making a full recovery! It was just so grand to see him with the other bachelors, and eating. That is what he needs!

  • That is wonderful, Lori! Sandy, thanks for getting the news out to us so quickly. Merlin looks so much better than when I last saw him Sept 29. His body is not as thin and his face especially looks much healthier. So thankful he has the comfort and companionship of being with other horses. We truly have been sent an early Christmas blessing!!

  • Great find Lori! Yay Merlin! Like others said, on the thin side. But hopefully winter will be kind to him. Thanks for the update and pictures to go with it. 🙂

  • Just goes to show how strong these horses truly are! I am so happy that Lori was able to find him. I know how much time and effort she’s put into it. So glad that he’ll still be there for years to come!

  • I am so happy to know Merlin is healing and getting stronger.
    This news is my greatest gift for Christmas. Thank you Lori and Sandy.

  • Thank you everyone! And…you are all most welcome. I am so happy to be able to share this news about Merlin and all of the news about the Pryor Wild Horses for they are in all of our hearts! Unfortunately, Brianna and I did not get up Burnt Timber this past weekend and now our forecast is calling for some real cold and snowy weather. We will just have to see what this month is like. I don’t like going up that road without back up, especially since I have another vehicle now. I will have to take it on a test run when someone else goes with me in another vehicle. If you have ever been up that road you will understand.

  • I just came back from a couple of weeks work out of town and haven’t been able to stay online much, so this is the first time I see the GREAT news!!!!!=D
    It is sooooo good to see these photos! He looks amazing!! Yes he’s still skinny, but he’s healed, put on some weight and he has companions for the winter. We are getting a lot of early christmaspresents this year;) Thank you Lori for never giving up the search for him, and thank you Sandy for getting the news out so fast:)
    Happy days!!! 😉

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