Two Pryor Horses looking for a new home.

I received an email from a friend about two Pryor Horses that need to find a new home.  The horses are Fettucine (who is 7 years old) and her 2-year-old colt.  They are located in Helena, Montana and do not have much training.

I decided to do a post on them, in hopes that it would help find them a home.

If anyone does not have room to buy and give these horses a good home, another opinion for these beautiful Pryor Horses is if someone is willing to pay for them.  My friend would be willing to haul them to her place and give them further training until a good home can be found.  Also the colt could be gelded if that is what someone would like.

Here is a bit of history on these two.  Thanks Alex for providing me with this!

Fettuccine is the first Washakie X Baja offspring. She was born in 2005 , and she left Baja’s harem in early 2006 and went with the stallion Morning star where she spent the whole summer.

In late August she was taken by the stallion Blue moon , staying with him for a few days and then she was taken by the removed stallion Stiles. She stayed with Stiles but they weren’t really bonded.

One day Stiles was trying to get back Teton’s harem that he had stolen back in 2006 and while he was fighting with Teton, the stallion Cloud swooped in and snaked her to his band. As soon as Fettuccine arrived in Clouds band The mares Scarlet and Aztec chased all over the place and the only mare that protected her was Baileys. Once the situation settled in the band she had found her place in the family.

In the spring of 2008 she gave birth to a sickly bay colt who was sired by Morning star , but he died a few days after birth.
In the spring of 2009 Fettucine gave birth again, to a beautiful Dunskin filly sired by cloud. After the birth of the filly Fettucine was taken or went with the stallion Jackson and a few weeks later her filly died (probably from predation). Fettuccine stayed with Jackson and his harem the whole summer.  She was taken in the removal in September 2009. She was unknowingly pregnant at her capture, a Jackson foal and in 2010 she gave birth to her beautiful and very spanish looking dun son….

Below are current photos of Fettucine and her son.

Fettucine’s colt
Fettucine and Jacksons Colt  (sure looks like Jackson!)
Jackson, October, 2011. The sire of this colt.
Baja, May, 2012. Fettucine’s sire.
Washakie (on the right), Fettucine’s mom, May 2012

Let’s try and find these two the good home they deserve.   Please contact me for more information, by either making a comment on this post or emailing me at:

37 thoughts on “Two Pryor Horses looking for a new home.

    • Here is what the information I have: He just turned 2 years old and is a Mustang Stallion. Although he is a stallion he is gentle, and calm. He has been raised around children. He is untrained but is very smart little guy and would love to learn more.
      And on Fettucine:
      Is a very sweet, curious, gentle, smart, loving, and does not spook very easy. She is a 6 year old Mustang mare. She is untrained, but you can pet on her.

  • Keeping everything crossed for a good home to these two! I’m loving the history from when they were in the wild, so a big thanks to you and Alex for that. That colt is just stunning!!!

  • I hope we have another dunskin or dunalino born in the herd!

    I’d love to take the colt home, but things are changing and I’m not going to have time for a horse. Sigh

  • If only I lived closer I’d take them. I live in Southern Oklahoma and have tracked the last several removals but it’s just a little too far to travel. I’m sure a great home will be found for them. Has Fettucine foundered/have hoof problems or are her feet just long?

  • Wow that colt looks a lot like Jackson! And Fettucine is very pretty too. I think she was also refered to as Flax, right? I remember her beautiful filly with Cloud. I was so heartbroken when she disapeared. I thinks she spent some time alone while she was inbetween being with Cloud and Jackson and thats when her filly died. I remember thinking if maybe she had either stayed with Cloud longer or got with Jackson sooner her filly would have lived, but Mother Nature has her own plans especially with those who live wild. At least she has this handsome son by Jackson 🙂 I’m sharing this post on facebook so maybe someone will see it. And I don’t think this was the case at this adoption, but I thought I would suggest it just in case. Was there anyone who came to this adoption wanting to adopt, but didnt’ end up doing so? Just thought maybe they would be interested in there were any cases like that. I hope these two find a nice new home!

    • Thanks Sarah. I don’t know if she was referred to as Flax. I believe she was just known as Fettucine.

      I am not aware of anyone in this adoption that left without a horse that wanted one, but I could be wrong. Maybe they will see this post and step forward!

      Thanks for sharing on your FB page!

  • OMG! I would SO love to be able to take those two!!! The colt is almost a carbon copy of his daddy, and you KNOW what that means to me… 🙂 I will see what I can figure out. I’ll also share on FB. My biggest problem is the cost and time required for transportation.

    • Linda, if you decide to get them, I will maybe help you transport. Lets talk about it if you are serious! My parents live in MN. It is roughly 7 hours from you. If I had some help with gas, I would be happy to bring them that far.

  • Go for it Linda! YOU love these horses so much and what better way to feel closer to the actual Pryor herd!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    they sure are beautiful!! wish I could take them, but as it is I have enough to take care of with my two at home and Liesl & Kaibab. At least for now. We will see what the future holds.

  • Sandy, thank you so much for the offer of transport to MN. My ideas are not working out thus far, but I’m still working on it. Is there a definite deadline? I sure hope others are working on getting them a home. They are both so beautiful. I still have all the same obstacles I had in relation to the gathers that have taken place from which I would have loved to have given one of the horses a home. I will be in touch, tho, as I’ve become aware of new possibilities.

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