Valerosa, Kiowa and Kootenai. An Update on 3 Pryor Horses

I thought that since I am not able to travel to the Pryors right now, that I would give you an update of the Pryor Horses that I adopted.

I adopted Valerosa (Isolde) in 2009.  Valerosa is the daughter of Merlin and Sacejewa, born in 2008.  Then just this past September I adopted 2 more.  Kiowa and Kootenai.  Kiowa is the daughter of Half Moon and Lakota, Kootenai is the son of Hertiage and Lakota.

As most of you know who have followed my blog, Lakota was my favorite horse.  If you don’t know the story of Lakota.  Click on Lakota.  That will take you to the first post I made on him.  He died in July so it became very important to me to adopt at least one of his offspring.   I adopted both.

Kootenai is a sweet guy.  From day one, he has been willing and trusting.  Kiowa has been a hard nut to crack!  I wonder if it is the mare thing? Because her personality is very much like Valerosas.   It took Valerosa quite sometime before she trusted me.  Kiowa seems the same.  She is curious and comes up to me, I can touch her sometimes, but she is not as friendly or as trusting as Kootenai.

When they interact with the other horses, it seems that Kiowa is the one that has more confidence. It is all very interesting to watch.

As you can see in the photos, Kiowa still has her halter on.  I made the decision to have them put on  before I loaded them to come on from the adoption.  I wish I had not.  I did not have them put one on Valerosa.  I thought at the time that I would accelerate my training, but when I got home, I just decided to take the time it took to win their trust.  I may end up attaching a lead rope to Kiowa first, it is time she learned that she can trust me more.  But we will see.   It needs to feel right and right now it does not feel right.

Kootenai let me take off his halter.  Before I took it off, I was leading him around by just the knot under his chin.  He is a pretty easy-going guy.

They have a way of letting me know when it is right.  I will wait.  I have plenty of time.

So yesterday and today I took some photos of them in the snow.   It is a beautiful sight to see three Pryor Horses running and playing in the snow right outside my door!

I do feel very lucky that they allow me to be part of their lives.


Kootenai, November 10, 2012
Kiowa, November 10, 2012
Kiowa and Kootenai, November 10, 2012
Kootenai and Kiowa, November 11, 2012
Kootenai, November 11, 2012
Kootenai and Valerosa, November 11, 2012
Valerosa and Kiowa
Kootenai and Cisco
Kootenai with Pancho and Cisco in the background.
Kiowa, November 11, 2012
Kiowa and Valerosa
Valerosa, Kiowa and Kootenai, November 11, 2012
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You can see that even scabbed over the brand shows up right. Birth year is 10.  You can click on the photo to get a closer look.  This was taken within a week from him being home.

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