Some Dryhead News: Report from Lori

I drove out to the Dry Head yesterday morning and had no luck finding Merlin, or Sitting Bull, Cecelia & Mato.

I just keep on going out there hoping to find one or the other, or both.

I also have not seen Fiero or Seattle on my last two trips.
Let’s keep up hope that they are all ok.

The weather has been good, with very little rain or snow. That is all supposed to change later this week with the weather calling for very cold temperatures and rain/snow showers.

If that does happen, I doubt that I will be able to get out to the lower Sykes area of the range for quite some time. We will just have to wait and see how the weather is.

I did see Hidalgo with his harem. They were quite a ways off and I hiked out towards them just to get these photos.

November, 2012
November 2012


Montana and Hidalgo July 2012

I did not see Halo at first, but then she appeared from behind a bush. I was happy to see her. I think Montana was near Hidalgo, and the “girls” were together a short distance from them.

Hidalgo seems to be a very strong and devoted stallion, and I do hope he can keep them all together through the winter and into spring.

I am happy to see him taking such good care of his family. I have watched him a few times as he got right behind Montana to make sure he kept up with the rest. He will not leave Montana behind, and that is a significant quality for a stallion to have. It will be interesting to see if he will have his own offspring next year.

I found a new lookout spot along the Dry Head road and from there I saw the “Greeters” and two black stallions with a grullo.

November 5, 2012 Three of the Greeters.

I believe it was Hawk, Issaquah and maybe Hidatsa. Hickok had to run over to check them out and let them know that they were to stay away from his harem. I don’t think there was any serious fighting going on, but from where I was I could hear some horse noises. I believe he was giving them a warning.  Jesse James stayed behind with Hightail and Seneca, although they were curious as to what was going on.

November 2012
November, 2012

After that I drove out to lower Sykes and only found Inniq. He looks to be in good shape going into the winter and was just grazing alone. He does have some battle scars and I wondered who he had been fighting with.

Inniq, November 2012

I decided to leave him to his peacefulness and drove back to the Center to visit with Liesl and Kaibab.

They were happy to see me and I spent some time with them. As you can tell they both look real good, especially Liesl who has put on some much-needed weight.

Liesl, November 5, 2012
Liesl, July 2012
Kiabab and Liesl, November 5, 2012
Kiabab and Liesl, November 5, 2012

I hope my next trip to the range will be just as good as this one, and maybe if Brianna joins me we will see more horses as she is my “good luck charm”, but I was happy to have seen some of the horses.


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Thanks Lori for the update.  You never know who you will see when you go.  That is part of the beauty of it!

Liesl looks so good.  I decided to post the photo of her from July so we could all see how amazing she looks now.  Of course Kaibab looks great too, but Liesl has had the biggest changes!  It is all because of your great care. (and Diane’s too!)

Yes, winter is scheduled to make a grand appearance in the next couple days.  We have a winter storm warning out for 10- 14 inches in the mountains over here in Western Montana.  We will probably see about half of that where I live at 4,500 feet.  It will make for some great winter photos of the horses.

I am glad that it warmed up again in the Pryors, after the recent snow and rain.  Hopefully it was enough to regenerate some forage for the upcoming winter months.

Thanks again Lori!


21 thoughts on “Some Dryhead News: Report from Lori

  • I love how devoted and caring Hidalgo is. I think he is going to be a great band stallion and look forward to the years to come. I can’t wait to see him taking care of his own offspring too. And I think little Montana really loves his step dad. Inniq’s pink bottom lip is too cute! And Liesl and Kaibab really look great. The change in Liesl is really amazing! I really love the picture of the two of them standing cheek to cheek with their heads through the bars of the fence 🙂 Very cute!!

    • Thanks Sarah….yes, I think Kaibab & Liesl are a couple of little “hams”. they seem to pose for me sometimes. I think you are right about Montana loving his step dad…it is so neat to watch them.

  • It’s good to hear you’ll be getting some moisture out there soon, and that it will lead to some forage growth for winter.

    It is THRILLING to see Liesl looking soooo good. 🙂 I’ll bet she is such a happy camper! And Kaibab looks better, too, even tho he wasn’t quite as thin as Liesl. He IS a real cutie. 🙂 I think they’ll both be very good looking by spring, and Liesl will be very secure in her surroundings. I’m thinking she will adapt so well that she’ll be able to be on pasture with no, or very little, danger to herself with the fence. Maybe the only danger would be of another horse chasing her into it. I’ve never dealt with a blind horse, but I’ve heard tell of ones who you’d never guess were blind because they get around so well. I hope that will be her story, too.

    I also hope that Inniq will find some buddies to hang out with soon. He’s at a disadvantage with so few ’08 bachelors in his “neck of the woods”, but hopefully, some of the older guys will take him under their wing.

    Thanks so much, Lori, for the report.

    • Your welcome Linda! I am hoping that same thing about Liesl and the pasture. After watching and being around her I do think she can see a little bit. She sure can hear good and I am sure she can smell twice as good as some of the other horses. What is funny is that Kaibab seems to know my car now and when he sees it he goes to the side of the fence that I usually come visit them at. Then he whinnies..but of course he does that to others because he wants yet more hay! HA HA.
      It would be nice if just Kaibab and Liesl could get used to the field together…and I think Exhilaration would be ok too…but I am not sure as I watch how he acts towards the other mares in with him on the outside of the corral. He chases them away from his hay…but as long as they all get fed some of their own he is fine. I would worry about him chasing Kaibab and possibly scaring Liesl. That will have to be a choice made by the Center though. I will make sure that they are not harmed though and I think Nancy will do the same when it comes to the decision to put them all together.
      We will see.
      I wish Inniq would find a buddy too…maybe he will as the winter months bring colder weather.
      Thanks Linda!

  • Oh, and, Montana sure looks to have grown a LOT, and has come out a beautiful grullo after all that camouflage color he had as a foal. 🙂 Here’s hoping Hidalgo takes good care of the family thru the winter. Just think of all the neat stuff we have to look forward to with the coming of spring. 🙂

  • Lori, thanks for the update. And a huge thank you for your ongoing care and feeding of Kaibab and Liesl. They are both looking healthy and content. Glad you got to see a few horses – and sometimes who you don’t see is as informative as who you do see. You and Sandy be careful when you are out and about. Those of us who have lived in mountain winters know the snow, ice and temperatures are deadly serious. Say safe.

    • Your welcome Laura.
      We sure will be careful out in this cold weather…if it is too icy, I do not go out to the range at all.
      Thanks for your concern and your love of these horses.

  • Thanks for the updates Lori!! We’ll see if Hidalgo can hang onto the mares!

    I’m sure we’ll soon see what’s become of Damsel with the storms coming on and the mountain horses abandoning the mountain top. Seems like there is plenty of opportunities to see all the horses in the winter months. Hope for the best!

    • Your welcome Clarissa!
      I hope someone can find Damsel and yes the horses do come down lower in the winter, but some of the bands are so far away from any possible road up there it is very difficult to find some of them at all.
      I have been up there a few times in the middle of winter and you need a spotting scope to view any of them.
      I think Teton’s harem and Cappuccino’s harem are the only ones that I have seen close up during the winter. We could not get any further up the mountain and way off in the distance we could only guess who we saw.
      The range is very vast, mountainous and difficult to get around in the winter after the snow starts falling.
      We will see though.

  • Thanks Lori and Sandy for the updates. I am so happy to see the photos of the Pryor Mountain Wild Ones. I hope every one would be safe. I am praying for the rain and the snow covering the Pryors during the winter so the Spring will bring lots of grass, seeds and water for our beloved angles (the wild horses).

  • Thanks for the updates. I hope all the horses winter well. Lisel and Kaibab look so cute.

    Thanks again.

  • I’m following the resent updates like crazy here.. Both the report from late october from TCF and Shawn who’s up there now. It’s nervewrecking hearing about horses that have not been seen for a long time, and the changes that’s going on in the herds. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind:) I know you don’t have all the answers, but you’re the closest we get I think;)

    TCF mentioned they assume that Prince is dead, but as your post says he’s doing just fine now. Have they just not gotten the news?
    Also I see that Shawn mentions Aztec and Jasmine with Jackson, and Baileys missing from Clouds herd. From TCF report they were all together in the end of october. Aztec and Baileys have been loyal for so many years now. What do you think could cause something like this?
    And TCF also mention Jupiter and Irial, but no London? Any news there? He’s so young and has no mother anymore, and if he’s been separated from the boys as well I really get concerned:/

    I think that’s it for now although I’m sure I will think of a lot more things to ask.. Sorry in advance;)

    • Hi Anne, I wondered the same thing when I read TCF newsletter. I know Lauryn reads my blog. Cass from the NPS saw Prince dogging Galaxy’s band the first part of November. I have not seen any photos, I think I will email and ask her for one. I don’t know what to think about Baileys and Aztec. Tomorrow they could be back with Cloud, it changes that fast up there. We will have to see. I thought maybe she and possibly Damsel could be with one of the FS Boys. But Shawn said he saw all but Garay. Maybe, they are with him. I so want to go up there right now!!!! I don’t know about London. But he has hung out with Jasper before and also Garay, he may be with either of them. Again, those boys change daily!
      Also, remember that Cloud is getting older, so we may be seeing some changes happening.
      Don’t be sorry! I love to answer! 🙂

  • I can only imagine how desperately you want to go now:)
    I saw now that London is with Jupiter and Irial.. They make such a handsome little group! Lots of lovely colors and personalities:) And Garay was alone and stalking Teton? We still have Two Boots and Santa Fe though, maybe they have gotten some mares. Santa Fe at least seemed eager to win some. Although I feel bad for Cloud for losing so many of his herd, I can’t help but be impressed with Jackson.. To have such a larg herd when there are so many strong stallions and bachelores around can’t be easy, but he keeps on gathering more:) I really hope Jasmine is there to stay this time!

    Thank you again for caring so much and for answering all our questions:)

    • Haha.. I don’t know why but I always think of the FS boys as the “bad boys” you see in the movies that all the ladies are drawn to, and Jupiter and Irial as the “good guys” who all the ladies SHOULD like.. I have noooo idea why, it’s completely random and out of nowhere 😉

      • HA! That is funny, but fitting somehow. Although I have seen both Jupiter and Irial hanging with the bad boys! 🙂 Those FS boys ARE tough and a bit bigger too.

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