Starman Update

I just read on the BLM Facebook page that Starman is now back on the range.  Click Starman to go to that page.

I would like more details on how they got him back over and how he is looking.  Also, I assume it was on the top of the mountain where they got him back in, but would also like confirmation on that.  I have emailed them and will let you know when I get more details!

Thanks so much for getting him back where he needs to be for the winter!

Update:  Ryan was able to make a creative fence out of snow fencing and coax Starman through it and then on to the range!  THANKS RYAN!!!!!  Starman looks a little thin, but had a lot of spunk!  I bet he is glad to be back over there, hopefully he won’t get into too much trouble with all that spunk!  🙂

Please take a minute to go over on the facebook page and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts or you can email them.  Click HERE to get that contact information.


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