Update on Liesl and Kaibab

Lori sent me some photos of Liesl and Kaibab and said I could share them!  Thanks Lori!!  They both look great!  Also Lori sent some photos of her other horses: Nebraska and Red Dawn.

Here is Lori’s message:

Eating Is What We Do Best!

Here are a few pictures of Kaibab and Liesl.  As you can see Liesl has put on some weight and is doing very well. Kaibab is a little pop-belly and is healthy as well. I got them some mare/foal food yesterday and Liesl is not sure if she likes it, but Kaibab (the one who does not need it as much) likes it. She will get used to it and it will be good for her. I only give them a small coffee can full each per day. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe with the weather getting a little bit warmer I will be able to work with them again…I still have not used the lead rope yet.

Also, here are a couple of pics of my horses…Nebraska (full brother to Garcia) and Red Dawn (from Dale and Daphne’s breeding stock of Pryors).
I think they both posed for me…perfect picture! As you can see they are very healthy…putting on the winter fat!
I went out to the Dryhead and all I saw was an empty road!
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Kaibab and Liesl
Red Dawn and Nebraska
Empty Dryhead Road!

Thanks Lori!

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23 thoughts on “Update on Liesl and Kaibab

  • So glad to see them doing well 🙂 Liesl looks so much better and I do see Kaibab’s belly! It’s going to be a nice change for them this winter without having to put so much effort into finding sparsh forage. Who are Garcia and Nebraska’s parents again? I want to say Chino and one of the Toppers… but I’m not positive. I’m glad to see the rare apricot dun gene has made it into the breeding stock off the range. Do you know if any of the Pryor breeders adopted in September? Thanks for the pictures!!!

    • Tony & Topper are the parents of Garcia and Nebraska. Tony has not been seen for over a year and we believe he is deceased.
      The only breeder that I know of who adopted on Sept. 8th is Bess Carnahan. Dale and Daphne Hartman no longer breed or sell Pryor Mustangs.
      Thanks Sara.

      • oh yes, now I remember Tony being Garcia’s father. He was a handsome boy 🙂 Do you know who Bess adopted?

      • She adopted Kaycee and Maria and Juneau and Mendenhall ! 🙂 I think they will have a good home! 🙂

  • Nebraska is gorgeous! How old are they now? and it’s good to see Liesl and Kaibab looking so well 🙂 Will the small pen be gradually opened up into the larger one as they get more accustomed to where they are? Thanks so much, Lori. And once again, thanks, Sandy, for providing the space.

    • Nebraska is 11 and Red Dawn is 6.
      Exhilaration is on the outside of the pen with all of the other quarter horses, who will be going home soon. I beleive they are going to leave him with one mare on the outside…not sure though.
      Maybe eventually they can all be together, but I would be very cautious as Exhilaration may beat up on Kaibab…we will just have to see. I am not sure about poor Liesl going out in the field for quite awhile. The fence on the outside is barbed wire and I would be so scared that she would spook and run into it. That will have to be done with much caution, and to make sure that she knows where the pen is.
      I would feel much better about that when we can lead them both so that they know where the boundary & fence are. We will see, probably after winter.
      Thanks Joy…yes, Nebraska is beautiful and a real sweetheart!

  • It’s really nice seeing Liesl looking so good:) And I just love how the two of them always seem to be close to one another. I’m so happy you introduced the two;) Your other two are also stunning.. Are they together with Exilleration?:)

    • Thank you Anne!
      Exhilaration is on the outside of the corral with the other quarter horses who should be going home soon. Maybe someday we can put them all together, but definately not for awhile.
      My horses live at home with me and my hubby. I would miss them so much if they were at the Center. Now I have two at home, and two at the Center that I take care of and Love!! Lucky me!

  • Thank you Sandy, for giving me the space to update everyone on Liesl and Kaibab, and also my two Pryor’s!
    Good Job!
    Wish I had more to report on the Dry Head!!
    Soon, I hope.

    • Your store looks interesting with some unique accessories. Thank you for taking the time to put these horses on your web site.
      Have you visited the Pryor’s?

  • Thanks for such amazing images and information on these beauties… I hope that we one day can bring the HERD back to what it was, Or at least help. If there are any ORG that you know of please inform us. Thanks Foster of Trove General Store

    • Hi Foster! Thank you for reblogging on your blog. The herd is actually doing quite well. This last removal was tough on all of us, but it was necessary to maintain the health of the herd. Especially this year with the drought, the forage on the range is pretty bad. The removal was done in a very humane manner, no horses were injured or killed and those that were working the traps were very knowledgeable of horses and their behavior. It did not make it any easier for all of us that love each of these horses and know them by name.

      There are a few organizations. The Cloud Foundation and the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center. However there are also several individuals working on their own that help in some ways, perhaps more. Sometimes when you are in a formed group or organization you have to conform to group rules and policies, not allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings without checking to see if it is okay. I am not saying that either of these groups do that, it is just my personal opinion of how groups do work at times. That is why I chose to do this blog. To allow those of us not in an organization to have a voice that will be heard. We are after all in it for these horses, and that is the way it should be.

      • Just out of curiosity, what other major water sources are available on the mountain, besides Krueger’s Pond and the water guzzlers now that Mystic is dried up?

      • Are you talking about the top of the mountain Joy? If so, Krueger Pond and one water guzzler would be the only water source right now on the top of the mountain. There are several water guzzlers, both on Burnt Timber and Sykes as you head down the mountain (as dry as it is, I don’t know how full they would be right now though).

      • Yes… because water seems to be the most important right now and I wonder if they come all the way down to the Dryhead to get water. I know from reading past blogs there are various springs, etc. but not a lot of major sources heading down. Since it’s been so dry, even though you have received some snow, I would think they will be moving to where there is more water. Which would mean… more drama in the Dryhead! which would be fantastic if some of the mares would end up staying there.

      • Yes, it could make for an interesting winter. But once the snow comes (and hopefully it will), they will be using that as a water source. Also there is the Cottonwood Springs area in lower Skyes. I was told that is running again (as of the first part of September anyway). It will be interesting to see what happens.

      • You are certainly right about organizations and individuals Sandy, and YES..it is about the horses and the preservation of these wild ones…this includes all of the wild horse herds in the west. No matter what, they must be protected and sometimes that means disagreeing with the ones in charge of their management. Sometimes emotions get in the way of science, but then again there are times that emotion and passion are good things, because without it these horses would not have been saved many years ago from those who wanted to get rid of them.

        I do know that there is another water source in the Lay out Creek area and it is a constant. I have also heard that the BLM is possibly going to make another water source in the Dry Head area. If I find anything out about it I will let you all know.

      • Oh, I forgot about Layout Creek! Thanks. Yes, keep us posted on what you hear. I would volunteer to help with that project if they need help! 🙂

  • I would also Sandy. I will see if I can find anything out from Patti at the NPS. She is the one who let me know about that, but did not specify when or where this project would be done.

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