The Day Before the Adoption

I don’t know how much sleep I will be able to get tonight.  Tomorrow is the adoption and I am hoping that all the horses get adopted to good homes.  I was able to spend several hours with the horses in the pens today, some of it was alone, which I really enjoyed.  I was hoping when I visited last Saturday that I would be able to get some clarity of who would be my final pick, but that was not to be for what ever reason.  Today I got that opportunity.  I tucked a piece of Lakota’s tail hair in my pocket today, hoping that in some way that would help me.  I started out with a top 10 pick, then narrowed it down to a top 4 and today, I have my number one.   I won’t share who that is yet, but I think it will all work out.  Some of you that I spoke to today, know who I am talking about.  Depending on how it goes, I may come home with more than one.

It was hard for me to decided.  Knowing almost all of the horses so well, it made it harder, so much harder.

I also had the opportunity to watch a demo by a wonderful horseman, Dave Weeding.  He has competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover several times.  In 2 1/2 hours he was able to take Kane (son of Sequoyah and Two Boots) from a scared and unsure wild horse and turn him into a willing (but still a bit stubborn)  accepting and calm horse.  Dave even laid on his back.  It was very amazing.  I have studied Natural Horsemanship for 12 year now and I always enjoy seeing it in action.  I love watching someone new and hope that I can somehow soak in their knowledge.  I find the more I know the more I learn.  I hope that makes sense.  It was a wonderful two hours and I hope that sometime I may be able to take a clinic with Dave or work with him personally.  Tomorrow morning before the adoption he will be working with another horse and I am going to make sure I get there in time to witness it.

I am going to end this post by saying that I know that a lot of emotions ran high during the time of this removal and adoption.  But I want to thank those that were involved.  I got to meet and talk with several of those people today.  Cass from the NPS was there today and I really enjoyed getting to know her.  Don, who has taken such great care of the horses during their time at Britton Springs.  I really enjoyed talking with him and learning about how much he cared for the horses and the Pryors. (yes, lets hope some new signage can go up to educate people on range and what they should not be doing up there!!!)  The horses all look good and well cared for.  Thanks Don!  Jared and Ryan for the care that they showed the horses during the gather and after.  Nancy, who has a hard job with all the cordinating of the adoption.  She has a beautiful horse from Calico that I got to meet today.

These are real people that care for the horses and I think that people really need to take the time to realize this and reach out to them, it would benefit the horses and everyone involved with them.

Kane, July, 2012

I will make a quick post tomorrow to let you know who I will be bringing home on Sunday.  I am also going to try to keep track of who adopts who.  I hope I have a lot of good news for you tomorrow!


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7 thoughts on “The Day Before the Adoption

  • I have seen a clip of this guy I think, and it’s really amazing what he does. It’s good news that some of these horses first real interaction is with someone like him. Would love to have seen him work on Kane! I am so excited for your next post!! I know I will be cheering when I hear who you and the center gets:) Also hope to know as much as possible about the other horses as well.. It would be so good if the buyers would keep in touch with photos and updates:) *fingers crossed*

  • Sandy, I know whoever you pick will have a loving forever home. I wish this for all the other horses also.

  • More then one, hmmmmm thinking I know what the more then one means but I will wait. SO EXCITED for which ever (two) come home with you, 🙂

  • What an awesome thing; to ryoead a happy ending for these mustangs! Most of the time it is just one more round up and into long or short term holding. Cannot wait to find out your new family member Sandy. Or maybe two!!

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