Removal Update, August 22, 2012, # 37

Today the Bighorn Canyon National Park Service and the BLM removed one male horse from the Dryhead area at the Layout Creek trap.

It is Jalisco.  Jalisco is the 2009 son of  Buffalo Girl and Durango.  You can see more photos of Jalisco by clicking JALISCO.  This will take you to the adoption page and the photos of all the horses removed.

Jalisco, April, 2012


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7 thoughts on “Removal Update, August 22, 2012, # 37

  • 🙁 Hoping this is the last one! They have more than reached their objective. And I also feel that Lincoln and Lemhi should have counted toward the the gathered number since they were both in the age group targeted for this gather and have most likely died. I’m also wondering if they are somehow “forcing” (not sure if that’s the right word) the dryhead horses into the trap. It just seems strange that all of these horses have avoided the trap for so long and now they have captured 3 plus a foal in the past 24 hours.

      • Yes I think those two should count for something as well. I’m very glad that London and Ketchikan remained on the range and Lakota’s daughter Kohl as well. Luckily Lakota is living on through the strong legacy he left behind. I know we were all wishing for Quelle Color to foal, but at least we have Galena’s new filly this year. And maybe next year Galaxy will have his first foal. And I’m sure we’ll get one from Kohl in the next couple years. I know it’s not the same as Lakota still being on the range but it’s nice to see the legacy that these horses leave behind, especially great stallions like Lakota. I guess since Lemhi and Lincoln were were onthe list of tiers I didn’t think about how they didn’t quite make it to their first birthday.

  • I’m sorry.. I remember really well the post you wrote about him.. It was very moving. But I’m sure this beautiful boy will get a wonderful home:)

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