Removal Update, August 21, 2012, # 36 and a foal.

Kaelia and her foal, Malayna were removed today, from the Dry Head, Bighorn Canyon.

Kaelia is the 2010 daughter of Merlin and Halo.  Her foal was born in late June.

You can see more photos of Kaelia and Malayna in the adoption post.  Please click on Kaelia to go to that post.

Kaelia and Malayna, June 2012. Photo by Shawn Ivie.


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8 thoughts on “Removal Update, August 21, 2012, # 36 and a foal.

  • 🙁 Im going to miss these two gorgeous girls. At least it means lewis wont be alone for an extra 3 weeks in the corrals. Im sure they’ll be trying hard to get kerry since they wanted to remove both her and limerick and they never got limerick.

  • I know….me too…this is very disappointing to me and very sad.
    Lewis is the only one year old on Dry Head. Now in 2012 we are so blessed to have a couple of more beautiful foals on the Dry Head and they are removing them???
    I am not a happy camper right now!

  • I was somewhat okay with the removal until this one… Hardest one by far, since I considered Malayna to be my baby after finding and naming her… Really hope she goes to a good home and the people who take her keep in touch with the Center…

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