Removal Update, August 2, 2012. # 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and a foal.

I received this news early this morning, but I was on my way home.  I am sure most of you know by now that they are:

1. Kalahari

2. July and her colt

3.  Lancaster

4. Kiva

5. Jenny

The adoption has been set for September 8.

I will share more and post photos of those removed soon.  I need to take my boots off for a while!


15 thoughts on “Removal Update, August 2, 2012. # 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and a foal.

  • Thanks — Put your feet up, too, maybe have a drink. Will miss Kalahari’s beautiful winter coat 🙁

  • They’ve now removed nearly all of the tier 2’s, only 6 remain 🙁 I was definitely hoping Kalahari wouldn’t be gathered because now if they also get Le Doux like they plan, all of the foals she’s ever had will have been removed (Ember was removed in 2009). I know other mares have been left without offspring or have had more then one of their offspring removed in this gather but they will have removed all 3 of her foals without leaving any sibling on the range (since they don’t count foals under 1 year). That just seems poorly planned to me. I look forward to the posts from your trip Sandy so we have something positive to focus on.

    • Firestorm had a healthy foal this year. Plus she has several more years without PZP. They take that into account. They may not get Jackson’s bunch.. I did not see him for 2 days. The only time I saw him was the end of my first day, after they had gotten 6 horses and did not have room for more. Be glad when it is over with. It was necessary, but that sure does not make it any less painful.

    • No, it sure doesn’t! Maybe Jackson’s band will get lucky. I’m interested to see how Maelstrom roans out if he ends up looking more like Kalahari or Ember 🙂

  • I’m starting to be a nervous wreck by now.. I’m starting to get my hopes up for Jupiter, but I know they’re still not done. I’ve been trying to put him out of my mind during this process but it’s getting harder by the minute.. I know they are all special, but he really had my heart since he was a tiny, clumsy foal:)

    On a different note I haven’t seen photos of Kiva and Lancaster in a while, but they’ve really growninto some beautiful young horses.

    • I’ve been hoping for the same thing! I think (fingers crossed!) that they’re done on the mountain.

      • The first sigh of relief is drawn.. Just a very few more now and it’s over! I almost feel guilty for beeing so happy that he is staying when so many beautiful horses are gone, but at the same time I think it’s more important than ever to celebrate the ones left on the mountain. Every one we will be able to see grow up and start/join a new family:)
        At the same time I’m hoping we will be able to get updates on the adopted ones as well. And I am so excited to see who the center will adopt, and hope Sandy will get hers:)

    • Thanks Anne! I agree we need to focus on the celebration of those left now. They are done up top, so life can get back to normal for them. It was interesting to see how normal it became when it was all quiet up there.

      I also hope I am able to adopt…we shall see how it all works out. I have a few in mind. So if one does not work out I may still have a couple more choices.

      • London is another one I was so relieved to see stay. I look forward to seeing him grow up. I hope we hear from adopters too!

  • Lancaster. 🙁 When I visited last year he was trying to round up the other foals to make a “band” of his own. What a stinker and full of spunk!

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