Removal Update, July 28th, 2012 # 17, 18 and 19

I received word today of three more horses that were removed.  I guess it is good that it is moving along pretty quick, but I dread everyday wondering who it will be.

Today they are all from Cappuccino’s band.  They are: Kodiak, Kootenai and Lilly.

Kodiak is the 2010 son of Gabrielle and Santa Fe.   I have been able to spend a lot of time with this band over the last several months.  I remember seeing Kodiak last summer playing with Kootenai.  They both have grown into beautiful soon to be stallions.

Santa Fe with his son Kodiak, July, 2012
Kodiak, July 8, 2012

Kootenai is the 2010 son of Heritage and Lakota.   He was a small young colt, separated from his mom somehow in the winter of 2010-2011.  He has been in Cappuccino’s band since then.  He has grown up and filled out and is beautiful.

Kootenai, July 2011
Kootenai, April 2012
Kootenai, July, 2012
Kootenai and Kodiak, July 2011

The third horse to be removed is a sweet filly named Lilly.  Lilly has left a huge impression on me.  I will miss her and her brothers.   Lilly is the 2011 daughter of Gabrielle and Cappuccino.

Gabrielle and Lilly, July 2011
Lilly, July 2011
Lilly and Gabriele, April 16, 2012
Kodiak, Lilly and Blanca, June 2012

I leave for the Pryors tomorrow.


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20 thoughts on “Removal Update, July 28th, 2012 # 17, 18 and 19

    • Hi Barney! They will be offered for adoption in Britton Springs where they are being held. The Pryors horses are lucky, their adoption rate is usually 100%. I actually will be adopting another one. 🙂

      • Whew! That is truly good news. I do enjoy your posts and your work of spreading the word about these fine animals.
        Sometime I would like to know more of their history and how they got to the Pryors, and the intent of removing them.
        Anyway, keep up the great work


      • Kootenai? Oh my gosh how beautiful, Yay that your adopting another….That does my heart good, though I am still so sad about all of this, just saying

    • @ Barneysday, if you go to the website of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center in Lovell, WY, the blog at http://www.pryor, or, or call Lori, at 307-548-9453, you will be able to obtain a wealth of information about these horses, their history and the people who have fought to keep them from being eradicated. It’s a wonderful American story that I’m sure you will find more than interesting.

  • I share you same dread of wondering who it will be. I love that picture of of Koda from July 2012. The black of his legs, mane, and his dark face are such a striking contrast against his light coat.

  • Dread… even the sound of the word describes the feeling. The photo of Santa Fe and Kodiak appeals to me most in this series, and Kootenai’s summer color is truly striking. Thanks, Sandy. Enjoy your trip.

    • They are not getting any easier, are they Joy? I think last week I was walking around in a haze because of Lakota’s death. Now that I am coming out of that haze a bit, it seems these removals are even harder….

  • Oh, this REALLY hurts! It’s happening so fast. These are such fine examples of the old bloodline coloring and such noble spirits. I was very “taken” with Lilly from the first glimpse of her. I love that stocky build and her beautiful face. God speed to all of them. Whoever gets them will be very lucky. Sandy, these are all great pictures. Thank you again for sharing, and it’s so good that all of the folks who love these horses and take pictures of them have a photographic record of their existence on the range.

    • Thanks Linda. It seems to hurt more with each removal… I am thankful I have as many photos of these horses. It would be great if we could form some kind “club” of those horses that were adopted. Something that we could somehow see how each one of these horses is doing after they are adopted.

      • It’s like a punch in the stomach we saw coming, but didn’t realize how badly it would hurt… Great idea to have some kind of organization of Pryor Mt mustang owners, to be able to follow up on how they mature, especially the yearlings, whose colors could really change yet. We are very lucky to have so many, you, Linda, Shawn, etc. who are willing to share photos with the rest of us 🙂 Bless you all.

  • PS. Wish I could be there. I hope you get to see some beautiful things to, hopefully, outweigh the negative. Take care.

  • Yes….this one really hit me hard too! I don’t understand why they removed so many in Cappuchino’s harem. I will probably see Jared tomnorrow and plan on asking him about this.
    We are not understanding some of these removals. Those three have been some of my favorites and I have some great pictures of them all. It is difficult to go to Britton Springs, as much as I love them all..I wish this did not have to happen…reality check!

    The Center has taken over what used to be “The Pryor Mountain Breeders Association” which was organized by Dale and Daphne Hartman.
    It is now called, “The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center Registry”. It is only for epople who want to register their Pryor Horses with the Center. Bess Carnahan is the registrar and she handles the paperwork, although all of the records are at the Center.
    Both of my Pryor horses are registered. I believe that I had put some of the pdf forms on this site somewhere. I am at home now but later this week I will make sure it is easy to access, just in case anyone wants to register their Pryor Horses.

    Maybe we can keep in contact with the people who adopt these horses through the registry too. I will make sure the Center has a copy of all the horses and the people who adopt them.

    • I hope you do get a chance to talk to Jared — I have had some questions, too. For instance, with Kootenai’s removal (and Judith’s), Heritage no longer has any progeny on the range. Thanks for anything you can share after your discussion.

      • Please excuse me for being a dufus — I shouldn’t post comments late at night and wish there was an edit key here… I know very well that Halcyon is Judith’s mother, duh. 🙁

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