Removal Updates, July 27, 2012, # 14, 15 and 16 + a foal

Lori just let me know that they have removed 3 more horses today, plus a foal.  They are all from Baja’s band:  Lukachukai, Jicarilla and Juneau with her foal.  I was able to spend a lot of time videoing this family on my last visit early this month.  I am glad that I have that footage of them.  I also was told that Washakie had her foal.

So before I go over the removals in Baja’s band, I would like to address something.  There is a lot of “up roar” today about why the BLM is not counting the foals in the removal.  Well, this is simple really.  They don’t count the foals when they do the census for the herds total count, so why should they count them when they are removed?  Think about that, it would not make sense.   Also, there were months and a couple of opportunities to send your comments to the BLM on this removal.  Now is not the time for them.  Now is the time to support this and let them do their job.  This is far better than a helicopter roundup, where they would be removing all ages.  Believe me, I do not like this removal, but it needs to be done, period.  Please click on REMOVALS to read my post that I wrote on April 6th of this year.

And now on to those removed:

Lukachukai is the 2011 daughter of Baja and Washakie.  I know Shawn was especially fond of her.  I just got to know her this year and she is a very sweet and pretty young filly.

Baja and Luckachukai, June 2012
Lukahcukai, June, 2012

Jicarilla is the 2009 daughter of Bacardi and Baja.  She is a beautiful grulla roan.

Jicarilla, May, 2012
Jicarllia, June 17, 2012

Juneau is the 2009 daughter of Gold Rush and Two Boots.  Her foal, a colt was removed with her.

Juneau and Mendenhall, June 17, 2012
Washakie, Juneau and Baja’s colt, Baja and Juneau.


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27 thoughts on “Removal Updates, July 27, 2012, # 14, 15 and 16 + a foal

  • I hoped they wouldn’t remove Gold Rush’s offspring. Juneau was one of my favorites, I love coyote dun!

    • Maria, they have her listed as pregnant, so I know they will be watching her and I am sure she is in a good pen. Also, there will be no crowded pens. From what I remember, each of the 30-40 horses could have a pen to themselves or at least pretty close to it and they are not small.

  • Good Job Sandy!
    It is sad as you said, but we know this had to happen….this is way better than a helicopter round up after all.
    We will miss these horses, but there will be more foals born and they are doing what they said that they would do!
    the BLM are doing everything to make sure that no horses are hurt, so don’t worry about pregnant mares being in with young stalllions…they are making sure that the horses removed are in enclosures with their own kind…young mares with young mares…etc.

  • Thank you for keeping us updated on this gather. The negitivity gets tiring, I’m tired of it and I’m not the one getting the information to people. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same background in the issue that you do, not everyone knows how to agree to disagree. Keep up the good work, but also feel free to take a break if you need it.

    • Thanks Travel! My break comes in a couple days. I will be heading to the Pryors. It will be hard to see the empty space that the ones that were removed will make, but good to be able to see how everyone else is doing. And of course I will be there to say goodbye to Lakota.

  • Sandy I will be thinking of you as you travel to see Lakota. This trip should bring closure for you and having a lock of his mane will be a comfort going forward. Travel safe.
    Another question, what happens to the removed horses and foals? Are they all put up for adoption? Diane

  • DARN—but I’m glad I got the pictures I did. I hate to see Juneau and Jicarilla go, especially. They are both so beautiful, and Juneau’s foal is so neat. Glad to know Washakie has finally “gotten the load off”. I sympathize with Shawn on Lukachukai. I saw Ghost Dancer’s foal born in ’09 and they both ended up being adopted out because they couldn’t find others. I know that they have a wonderful new home with a caring owner, but I still think of them often and wish I could see them. But, there are MANY new foals on the range this year, and hearing about them will help.

    I will be with you in spirit when you visit Lakota.

    Thank you so much for the updates.

    • Thanks Linda. I was thinking about Ghost Dancer and her condition when I saw Joviana. As hard as it is, it is a good thing. That spunky little colt would have probably died.

  • Thanks Sandy, your updates mean even more today! We all keep saying it’s sad to see this one or that one go… let’s face it — it definitely is sad to see any of them go, and you’re right — the negativity just makes it worse. At this point, nothing is going to change, so name-calling and yelling and screaming (writing in all caps on any blog or website) is just a waste of energy which should be put to good use elsewhere.

    Whew — for Washakie 🙂
    Thanks to Lori for going out to check so often — does everyone realize it’s not a short trip from the Center to Britton Springs?
    Chin up to Shawn…
    Good trip to you…

  • Thanks Joy…good observation on the travel time for me…but it is worth it…every last drop of gasoline!! HA HA!
    I am just happy that I have the opportunity to go check and then get the information out there so that people can see that the horses are being well taken care of! Also…they are all so beautiful and I hate to see them go…but like you Linda….they will all go to good homes…especially “certain” ones. I wish I had billions of dollars so I could take them all and put them on another 30,000 acres…..nice dream Huh??
    Back to reality!

    I love your comment Joy….”put to good use elsewhere”. How true that is!

    On another note, I have seen Hidalgo with the bachelors, and the time before that I saw Blizzard dogging Hidalgo, Cascade and Lewis. So I think Blizzard got them back. Also, Cascade is pregnant, or has already had a foal…some visitors said they saw him with 2 babies…but I think it may have been Lewis and maybe a new foal by Cascade. I will try to check tomorrow…that is if I can get away from the Center for a few hours.

    Yes…chin up Shawn!
    I feel the same…I named Lenape and Kane…….) :

  • Lori, thanks much for that info on Hidalgo and Blizzard! There aren’t as many horses in the Dryhead as on the mountaintop, but they sure can make things interesting!

  • I have gotten to know the Dryhead horses very well as it is easy to go visit them…but I do love them all. I just love Hawk, and Issaquah of course…lot’s of people take them for granted because they are so easy to go see..but they are just as beautiful as the mountian top horses.
    I am looking forward to watching Malaya grow up and now…maybe Cascades new one!!!
    I will see what I can find today!

  • That must be a relief for Washakie. She was HUGE! I was hoping Juneau wouldn’t be removed. I worry that all Gold Rush’s offspring could be removed. Fingers crossed that London, Ketchikan, or both don’t get trapped. I hope Kane/Uno stays too. With Gold Rush and Cabaret both gone he’s Sequoyah’s only offspring, right?

    • Yes, it is sad that Juneau has been removed. Yes, Kane would be Sequoyah’s only offspring left on the range. I am hoping they leave all or at least one of Ketchikan, Kane or London. At this point I think they are going just off lists and may not know the histories. I may try and see if I can talk to someone while I am there this week. I will keep you posted.

      • Thanks Sandy! I hope they listen to you. These horses are lucky to have people who care about them looking out for them. I hope you have a great trip and I look forward to your posts!

      • I actually just noticed as I went over the list of horses removed, that there have been more tier 2’s removed than tier 1’s so far.

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