Removal Update, July 26, 2012, # 13

One horse was removed later in the day on the 25th.  It was Kaibab.  Kaibab is the 2010 son of Fiasco and Doc.  I remember seeing Kaibab shortly after he was born, in August 2010.  I have enjoyed watching him turn from a small little colt until a strong looking young stallion.  I am going to really miss him.

Kaibab, October 2010
Fiasco and Kaibab, October, 2010
Kaibab, October, 2011
Kaibab, July 2012


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8 thoughts on “Removal Update, July 26, 2012, # 13

  • Does this mean that they have decided to leave Leo instead? Or did Custer’s whole band not end up in the trap. I’m hoping Leo stays since he’s Custer’s only offspring.

  • Will be interesting to see if they let Leo stay now. I see that one captured horse jumped the fence today.. Do you know the story there?

    • Hi Anne, No, I do not know the story behind the horse that jumped the fence. All I know is it happened yesterday. I am guessing it may have been a Dryhead horse. Just a guess, however.. Yes, I hope they let Leo stay.. Ok, I just found out it was not a Dryhead horse, but up top at that trap. So much for my guess! 🙂

      • Haha, no problem;) Impressive that they can jump that high! Hope no one got injured. Have a nice trip up there.. Looking forward to your report:) And I’m hoping for a nice moment with Lakota..

  • Sandy, this boy is truly beautiful. I don’t really understand the tier system…guess I’ll have to look it up. I’m showing my ignorance, but I think Kaibab’s coloring would be choice – to me anyway 😀


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