Removal Updates, July 25, 2012 # 9, 10, 11 & 12

Four more horses were removed today.  They are Kyrstal, Judith, Lenape and Kelly.

Krystal is the 2010 daughter of Feldspar and Blue Moon.

Krystal, Feldspar and Bailys, July 8, 2012
Krystal, April, 2012
Krystal, April 15, 2012

Judith is the 2009 daughter of Halcyon.  She was with the stallion Santa Fe.   I will miss Judith.  In my post in May I said that every time I saw Judith it involved running.  I will miss her and all that running.  You can read that post by clicking JUDITH.

Judith, July, 2012
Judith, mom Halcyon is on the left, July 2011

Kelly and Lenape are in Morning Star’s band. Kelly is the 2010 daughter of  Gaelic Princess and Morning Star. Lenape is the 2011 daughter of  Hataalii and Morning Star.

Kelly, June, 2012
Kelly, June 2012
Lenape, June 2012
Lenape, June 2012
Lenape, June 2012

Thanks Shawn!


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8 thoughts on “Removal Updates, July 25, 2012 # 9, 10, 11 & 12

  • Thanks, Sandy. Poor Santa Fe — he finally gets her settled down and then he loses her. I was hoping Lenape would be missed. She really has some deep coloring, plus I love her mane!

  • Poor Santa Fe, I was hoping they wouldn’t take her. Lenape was another I was hoping would stay. I think the tier 2 removals are catching me more off guard.

  • haha! Love the picture of Lanape stretching with mane all sticky up. Cute! The thing with these horses is they are all so beautiful. I have a picture of Kelly against a background of white clouds…it’s one of my favorites. It will be sad, though, to go up on the mountain and not see these young ones.

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