Removal Updates, July 21, 2012, # 6 & # 7

Kayenta and Klamath were removed on Friday the 20th along with Kierra and Lynx. Bringing the total horses removed to 7.

Kayenta is the 2010 daughter of  Warbonnet and Teton. Klamath is the 2010 son of Bolder and Sapo.

Kayenta, October, 2010

Warbonnet and Kayenta, March 2012
Kayenta, May 2012
Kayenta, May 2012
Bolder and Klamath, July 8, 2012
Klamath, July 8, 2012
Klamath and Sapo, July 2010
Klamath, July 2010
Klamath, June 2012. Photo by Terry Hawthorne.

This is an especially hard post for me to write.  Kayenta and I made a connection back in October 2010 and since that time we still share that bond.  I will miss seeing her out there.  I will miss my little “lucy” as I called her the first time I saw her flaming red mane.  I know I have said that I will miss each and every one, and I will, but this one hits me especially hard.

Lori  will be sending me some photos of everyone at Britton Springs and I will post them here.

Thank you Terry Hawthorne for you photo of Klamath!


July 22 update:  you can click MATT and it will take you Matt’s post.  Lori has some photos there that she took of the horses in Britton Springs!  Thanks Matt and Lori!

Kayenta, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)
Klamath, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)
Lynx and Kierra, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)
Liesl, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)
Klamath and Kokopelli, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)
Lynx, Kierra and Kayenta, July 21, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)

Thank you Lori for your photos!

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26 thoughts on “Removal Updates, July 21, 2012, # 6 & # 7

  • Damn — you know how I feel about this one. it’s not going to get any easier… Thanks for letting us know.

  • Kayenta does seem like a sweetheart. I know she was one you hoped they would reconsider removing, I had hoped the same as well. As for Absaroka/Klamath as I was reading this I suddenly realized that him and Echo would no longer become bachelors together. I had been looking forward to watching them together in their footloose bachelor days as they became the new “boys of summer.”

  • I love Kayenta’s winter-to-summer coat, and will miss it come next March/April.
    It didn’t occur to me with Lynx and Kierra, but they are now trapping on the mountain. Do you know where they are set up?
    With them up and trapping, any news on Lakota? 2:30 appointment Monday, but then I am free to check on things.

  • Ouch! Two more beautiful horses going thru an unpleasant experience, but hopefully with good outcome. And like Joy says—“it’s not going to get any easier” for those of us who care. It never will, from one gather to the next. Kayenta’s coloring is so unique, and her personality so engaging, I really wish she weren’t on the list. I will miss seeing her also. Thanks, tho, for the update, and I sure hope we get word on Lakota getting around better soon.

  • I really hope Gold Rush’s foals priority status is reconsidered since she has been missing.

  • Seeing these names keeps getting harder and harder to read. Too bad about Kayenta. She has such a nice color and personality about her. She was one of my favorites…her coloring so unique. She is definitely one I would consider adopting if I could. I also was hoping she would get to stay on the mountain. Any chance they would set her free if enough other horses were gathered? I haven’t read up on the tier list. Thanks for the update.

    • Hi Lola, Kayenta is on Tier One. I don’t think they will be releasing any horses that they capture. The bait trapping is different then the helicopter roundups. Where as in the helicopter use they bring in the whole bands and then release some back. With the bait trapping they select the horses and then take them and leave the rest of the band on the mountain. So it is much easier on the horses. Although right now it seems very hard. I am considering adopting Kayenta.

    • Kayenta is on my top 3 for sure. I am hoping one of those 3 will not be removed. I just do not want to get into a bidding war with someone, so if there is someone that really wants her and will be at the adoption bidding for her, please email me so we can figure that out! 🙂 (

  • Way to go Sandy!!!
    You are most welcome for the photos…will be going out to see the horses again tomorrow.
    I feel the same way about Liesl…so if there is anyone out there who is interested in her…please let me know..but the Center only has so much money to spend on adopting two horses…so PLEASE let the Center have her….!!!!

    I don’t think the color factor has anything to do with removal decisions.

    As soon as any adoption dates become available, we will post them on our web page and I know you will too Sandy!!!

  • OK Sandy…I will probably be teary eyed the whole time. This will be such a soul touching experience for me.I will take you up on it! thank you!!!!!

    Lola, don’t know yet as our board will meet on the 16th of August and may then get some ideas then. I do know that Nancy and I want Liesl…so that means she is #1 on our list.
    we have to get in gear on our building…and if it is not ready by the time they have the first adoption, she can go to my house until we are ready…I am going to have to gather up as many people to help build this……NOW!!!!
    I will let everyone know how it progresses.

  • Sandy,
    Kayenta is a beautiful one. I like her color and the look of her eyes. I hope you will get her.
    I think the horses must be very sad and their families must be terrified for lossing their family members. I can not stop crying. I love all of them. I hope Lori will get Liesl.
    I hope I can come to Britton Springs to visit them soon.
    Thank you for the update and the pictures.

  • I was in Kayenta, AZ two weeks ago, and I think it’s interesting that the sandstone in that area is nearly the same as Kayenta’s. It’s like a pale pinkish-orange color. I guess you could say that her name really fits her! 😉

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