Removal Update, July 17th, 2012, #3

The third horse to be removed is Liesl.  She is the 2011 daughter of Greta and Bristol. She was a Tier Two horse.  I have heard that she was in pretty bad shape.

Somehow this past winter she was separated from her mother Greta.  She was missing for a while, but in May I spotted her in lower Sykes with her father Bristol and Kitaplpha.

Click on Liesel to read that post.  Then in June, my friend Linda saw Liesl with them again and also by herself.  Liesel is just a yearling, so being by herself is not easy for her.

Lori for PMWMC visited her today and is going to be sending me some photos of her.  I will post them here when I get them!  Thanks Lori!

Liesl, June 2012. Photo by Linda Dombeck
Liesl, June 2012. Photo by Linda Dombeck
Liesl,July 17, 2012 Photo by Lori Graham (PMWMC)

Thank you Linda and Lori for your photos!


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28 thoughts on “Removal Update, July 17th, 2012, #3

  • At least in her case this may be a good thing for her. Hopefully they can get some weight on her.

  • You’re welcome Sandy, for the photos. In the second one, she was “testing the wind”, which she did a lot. She also was wandering around alone quite a bit, rather aimlessly, while I observed her. I felt that she was looking for her mother. I’m not really too surprised that her condition worsened, altho I hoped she’d put on some weight over the summer. Sure wish I could bring her home.

  • I noticed Tier 2 has a priority and a non-priority list, based on the paintball colors they used to mark the horses. The BLM letter listing the tiers didn’t mention a priority list. Who is on the priority list and who is on the non-priority list?
    Are they (or do you know) going to trap and keep all the 1-3 year-olds and release Tier 3 horses and non-priority Tier 2 horses at the end of the roundup? I mean, in case they didn’t reach the number of horses from Tier 1 and the priority Tier 2 list they were hoping for, they would have the non-priority horses to fill in instead. Just something I’ve been wondering about.

    Thanks for the update!!

    • The priority tier 2’s are marked with an *. It gives that explanation above the list. I don’t know your answer to the other question. But I would think that they would not take any horses and move them unless they plan to
      keep them removed.

    • I missed the *; thanks for pointing that out! You’re probably right about not keeping the horses not intended for removal.

  • It’s instances like Liesl’s that I’m glad for the bait trapping. Hopefully she’ll be fine. Thanks for the update.

    • I just read that too. If anyone wants to read that they can click on Lori’s name in the post above and go to “recent news” and then click on “news”!

  • Thanks Sandy and Joy too for catching that one! Yep…She is a little sweetie and she looked at me as though to say, “Take me home or to Pryor and Love me” it was a very spiritual moment for me. So, yes, she will be one I will fight to adopt! It’s llike we connected. She just looked right at me and kept her eyes on me most of the time.
    She is very thin and has a some scars from being picked on, and some scrapes on her, but she is alert and is eating the grass hay that they are giving her. She looks a little lost…but right next to her is Kokopelli and Jumping Badger so she is not alone. I believe that she will be ok..just needs to put some meat on her bones!
    You are so right Lola, this is a good thing for her. I don’t know that she would survive very long out there, and yes I think she missed her mothers nutrition and bonding.

    I don’t think they are going to trap any others that will not go up for adoption, but I will check on that one to be sure.
    I have to say that the BLM (especially Jared Bybee) is doing a good job with the care and concern and compassion that he shows fpor the horses. I know this is difficult, but this only shows the need for management on this particular range.
    I am thankful that the public gets to comment and help them make the best decisions for the herd.
    They are sooo special….ALL of them!!

    They are going to get sick of seeing me out at Britton Springs!! HA HA

    • I’m so glad to hear you will be taking care of this sweet girl! She’s obviously already bonded with you 🙂

    • Oh, look at the sticks in her mane and the hair missing from her face. It’s like she ran through a thicket of trees and didn’t duck. Poor thing. She’ll be a lucky girl if you get to adopt her Lori. I look forward to meeting her if you do. Liza and I are thinking of doing another trip out there next summer.

  • Hey! I just noticed that Liesl isn’t on the three tiers, they must have missed her. Any idea why Lander is listed twice? And is he related to Joseph and Johan?

    • The BLM list contains several errors — in Tier 2, where Lander is listed a second time, that is supposed to be Liesl. Her bro is Johan, sister Katrina. In Tier 1, where it mentions Lander, his bro is Jasper. (Chief) Joseph is a son of Seattle, so he has several siblings on the range.

  • Thank you Joy. I appreciate your comment.
    you too Sandy!! I will send more pictures tomorrow.
    Bed time now!!
    Rest and be strong little Liesl!

  • Thanks Sandy and Lori, for Liesl’s photo. Wow, it’s a good thing they found her — she looks much worse than in Linda’s photos. It probably did save her life.

  • Liesl definitely hasn’t put on any weight since I saw her, and I hate that she has all those wounds. I am soooo thankful that she has Lori and the PMWMC, and Jared of the BLM looking out for her. I know there are always going to be some casualties on the Range, but she is such a sweetie that it would have been really hard to take if she ended up one of them. I was thrilled to find out that her name not being on the Tier list was an error. I believe she is one who will really do better adopted, as long as it is someone gentle and caring, to bring her back to physical and emotional health. Thanks for getting a current picture up—I was having nightmares about just HOW BAD her condition had become.

  • Thanks everyone for your concern for these horses. Lola…I do hope to see you and Liza…YES…we will have Liesl no matter what I have to do to get her. I will go visit her on Saturday again and any others.
    Linda, you were so right on about Liesl..she does need lots of attention and love..she will get that!!!
    THANK YOU Sandy for having this blog and for everything that you do for these horses and the Center! The Center, and the horses especially, appreciate all of the support, emotional and every other way that you give to us.
    I will keep the updates and pictures coming as best I can.
    the Center was so busy today…lots of visitors…..I am going to get some well needed rest for my brain and my body tonight…it is well worth it though!!!

  • When I saw her and took pictures in June, I felt that she was thin, but that’s not terribly unusual for gangly yearlings. Her eyes were bright and she moved fine. I felt that she would put on weight over the summer, if she didn’t let her lack of close companionship get the best of her. I still don’t think she is “dangerously” thin, but it bothers me that she has wounds, from whatever caused them. And finding companions would probably be a gamble since she doesn’t seem very aggressive. Anyway, I hope she gets to a better place with being adopted. She’s one that I think will benefit from the fact that it is happening.

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