A Logo for Wild in the Pryors

I have been getting some requests for a logo for Wild in the Pryors.  I had not given it much thought, but because of my requests I decided to pursue it.

I consulted the best artist in Missoula, Montana to do the job.  I would settle for nothing less than her.

Amber Bushnell finished her MFA in Media Arts (Integrated Digital Media option) at the University of Montana in May 2011. Currently, along with being an online adjunct instructor for the University of Montana’s Media Arts Department, an artist, and freelance designer, she works as the Lead Designer / Creative Director for 2 of YouTube’s New Original Channels: SciShow & CrashCourse Biology. Her focuses and interests are in illustration, color, installations, experience design, live visual performance (VJing), animation, public art, interactive design, and collaboration. Most of her work combines digital and analog art methods with close attention to color, and she weaves historic and cultural details within her designs. Throughout her on going projects she strives to give viewers an experience, and hope to positively influence them with delight in discovery and curiosity.She has presented her work in Brooklyn, NY at the Pandemic Gallery, twice at Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, Florida (2010 & 2011), and a number of times in Missoula, MT including the Missoula Art Museum, Wilma Theatre, The Historic Missoula Mercantile (Macy’s Building), International Wild Life Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and First Night Missoula.
I spent an entire day working with Amber.  I wanted my logo to be of Lakota.  Below is the photo I gave Amber to work from.
Lakota, May 2012

I wanted more mane showing in the logo.  Since Lakota’s mane falls to the left, we decided to flip the design so that the mane could be on the correct side.

Here is the finished product.  We may make some slight adjustments.  For printing, it will be completely in black and white.

Logo design by Amber Bushnell

The best part about working with Amber is that she is my daughter!   And her payment will be that I will be taking her to the Pryors in August for a mother daughter trip!  Because not only is Amber a talented artist, but she also has a deep passion for the Pryor Horses, just like her mom!

To read more about Amber and to see what other work she has done, you can click on Amber, or go to the right of this post and click on Amber Studio!

Thanks Amber!


Amber in the Pryors, October, 2012
Amber and Sandy

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