Removal Updates, July 14, 2012, #1 & #2

Here is what I know so far about the removals.  They are trapping in the Dryhead right now and two horses have been removed and taken to the holding pens in Britton Springs.

They are Kokopelli and Jumping Badger.  Kokopelli is the 2010 son of Strawberry and Blizzard.  Jumping Badger is the 2009 son of Cecilia and Sitting Bull.

I have copied and pasted this from the Blm website:

“Gathered horses are being transported on the same day to Britton Springs, where BLM staff is monitoring the site. Trap sites the horses are not heavily utilizing will remain open for the horses to pass in and out.”

Click BLM to go to that site.  They update this page every week day.   Every Friday they will be updating with the names of those removed.  You can click on  NAMES and it will take you to that page.

Jumping Badger, June, 2012. Photo by Linda Dombeck
Kokopelli, April, 2012

Thank you Linda for your photo of Jumping Badger!

Kokopelli and Jumping Badger, June 14, 2012. Photo by Lori Graham of the PMWMC.

Thanks Lori for sending me the photo!

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12 thoughts on “Removal Updates, July 14, 2012, #1 & #2

  • At least these two are together in the corrals. Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse for all of us as the names of those captured increases.

  • You’re welcome Sandy, for the use of the pic of Jumping Badger. He is a beauty, like all the rest. I’m still a little confused on how they are doing this. Will they just keep gathering until they get the goal number and then have an adoption event, or will there be numerous small events? Seems like a long time for the first catches to be held if they don’t get adopted until the end in Sept.

  • HI all. I was out to Britton Springs today and saw the two “boys”. They seem very settled in and were eating their grass hay. Then they would both just stare at me. I spoke to them both and told them that they would be OK. I think they sort of understood and seemed relaxed.
    The set up at Britton Springs is nice and I believe they have it so that the horses feel safe. There is some wood panels to give them a little bit of privacy and a safe feeling.
    are lots of seperate corrals so that there will not be a bunch of horses in one corral at any time. There are also places for a mare and her foal to be so that there is no chance of fighting and anything else that can happen when several horses are together. I felt good about the set up.
    Jared seemed like he was doing everything possible to make them feel safe and secure.
    I will be going out there at least once a week to check on things. I am sure Matt will also.
    This is the first time that they have done this type of gather so I think they will just carry on and see how many and how long it takes to gather some of them.
    I am not sure how they will have this adoption, we will just have to wait and see how it goes.
    I will be updating our web page on Monday, and I am sure that Matt will update the Blog.
    Don’t worry too much as I felt comfortable with everything I saw.
    Now I want to adopt another Pryor to add to my other two at home. Our shelter and corral at the Center is going to get underway this week!
    I will keep everyone updated as this progresses and get any information out there concerning this gather and adoption.

    Yes Sandy, they will also geld the stallions and there are guys who will be working with them to get them gentled a bit.
    I will keep you posted.

    • Missed this post and I am glad to hear that they are doing everything to help with this transition, thank you for sharing

    • Thanks for additional info Lori! I also wish I could adopt one of the beauties I saw in person last year. But I don’t have the facility and money to do so at this time (Ialready have 3 horses). Maybe next time as I’m sure there will be another gather in a few years. The 2 seem pretty comfortable in the pen. I’m glad. The horses on this mountain are very lucky because they will be adopted out to families that will love and care for them. Anybody who get to adopt is very lucky also.

  • Sandy, thanks for providing space for updates… Linda — great photo of Jumping Badger 🙂 Thanks for sharing. How ironic that he is the second one trapped for this gather when there was so much commotion about him during the 2009 gather. Lori, thank you also for keeping us updated through whatever means possible. We’ll all plod through this with communal support.

  • I also have added some things on our web site on the news section; also Matt is updating our Blog.
    Pray for rain more than anything else for the entire herd. Water sources for the horses on the range are drying up and the Pryor’s need moisture. This past winter did not give the range enough and our spring was almost nill…so if you all want to pray for something, pray for rain!
    I will be doing my share of rain dancing!

    • Thanks Lori! There is a link on the right side of this post. Click on Pryor Wild and it will take you to Matt’s blog. Then you can also click on Lori’s news section from there!

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