Mountain Update, Afternoon of Day Two, June 18, 2012

The afternoon was just as wonderful as the morning.  What made it more special was that my good friend Lori was going to join us for a few hours and along with her was a new friend Chris.   They met us shortly after I had seen Lakota.

The four of us were the only ones on the mountain so far that day. As we headed up the road after checking on Lakota I saw two horses to my left napping in the sun.  It was Santa Fe and Judith!  If you don’t remember Santa Fe and Judith, you can read about them by clicking; SANTA FE.  I had seen them in May and at that time Santa Fe was having a hard time keeping Judith around.  It seemed like she had finally settled in to being with him.

Santa Fe and Judith, June 18, 2012

As I followed the road towards Penn’s Cabin, I was able to get closer to them.

Santa Fe and Judith

The next band that we encountered was Cloud’s band again.  But this time Mica saw me.  I only stayed for a few minutes and moved on.  He was getting way to close to me and I did not want it to become a habit.

Mica spots me, June 18, 2012

Mica is the only foal that I have ever met that deliberately walks right towards me.  It does make me feel pretty special, but I do not encourage it in any way.

Mica, June 18, 2012
Kierra, June 18, 2012  Yes, the sky really is that blue!
Mica, with the beautiful blue sky as a background.

I left and went down the road and parked.  I walked over and peered over the cliff above Mystic Pond.  This is what I saw:

Jackson and Blue Moon bands, June 18, 2012

Jackson’s band had a new member since I last saw them.  Kaycee had a beautiful little filly.

The snow above Mystic was a fraction of what it was a month ago when I saw it last.  It was also much smaller than last year, when I saw it the end of July.  I am sure it will be gone in the next week.

We spent a long time watching all of the bands.  It was really interesting to see some of the interaction.  It was not as quiet and peaceful as it had been when I was watching everyone nap a few hours ago.  If you missed that post, click HORSES, and it will take you to that post.

I am going to share several photos with you of what I saw.

Grijala was there with his band of “Special K’s”! Kohl, Katrina, Kachina, Kalahari, Kindra and Quelle Colour.

Judith and Santa Fe had come down to join the bands.

Judith and Santa Fe
Kaycee and her new filly, June 18, 2012
Kachina, Kindra and Quelle Colour
Grijala and Katrina

Garay came walking up and caused some commotion.  Nothing too bad, but very interesting to watch.  Garay was a lone.  I wondered where London was.  I would see London the next day.

Santa Fe and Garay discussing.
Bolder and his two sons, Killian and Klamath greeting Garay. This was really fun to watch. I doubted that the two young colts would be that brave without their father there.
Killian pushing on Garay
Garay, June 18, 2012
Kane from Blue Moon’s band decides to greet Garay too.
Kane and Garay
Garay heads over to greet Grijala

Garay and Grijala used to hang out together before Grijala got his band last summer.  I was interested to see how this meeting would go.

Garay and Grijala
Garay and Grijala

The meeting went just fine.  There was even a little mutual grooming.

Grijala and Garay, June 18, 2012

There were so many horses around, it was hard to watch everything.  I looked up over to the left and saw Galaxy moving his band down to the water.

Galaxy and band

I looked to the right and saw Duke’s band heading for water.

Duke’s band, June 18, 2012
Duke’s band

I then turned and saw Grijala and Santa Fe having a discussion.  Each time I turned my head I saw something happening some where.  It was an amazing sight to witness!

Santa Fe and Grijala
Santa Fe and Grijala, June 18, 2012
Santa Fe and Grijala

Grijala then realized that Santa Fe meant business and left to return to his band.  Only to encounter a very grumby Jackson who did not allow anyone to step over an imaginary line that he had drawn in the snow.  When they crossed that line, he would let them know!

Garay and Grijalla
Jackson enforces the boundary.
Grijala band.
Kachina, June 18, 2012
To my left was Teton and his band. This is Missoula, June 18, 2012
Duke’s band made it to the pond.
Duke’s band
Galaxy’s band was on the other side of the pond.
Firestorm right below me.
Firestorm and Brumby’s foals
Jackson’s band
Galena’s foal
Brumby’s foal seemed to really like Kaycee and her new filly.
Firestorm and her foal, June 18, 2012
Kaycee and her new filly, June 18, 2012
Chino, Topper One and Topper Too.
Chino, June 18, 2012
Chino moves his mares down to the pond.

I wasn’t prepared for how many photos I took down here.  My camera chip was down to my last 20 shots and I had to hike back to the ATV to get more.  On my way up I saw Coronado and his band.

La Brava, June 18, 2012
La Brava

And then my chip was full.  I did see this band again the next day, so you will see more photos of them when I do that post.

I was then told by my hungry visitors that I would have to stop and eat lunch.  I reluctantly agreed.  We went up to Penn’s and ate.

On our way back up the road I saw two black horses coming my way.  It was Two Boots and Jasper.  Two Boots looked great!  I can’t believe he is 24 this year.  I thought it was great that the young Jasper was with him.  He was learning from one of the best.

Two Boots and Jasper, June 18, 2012
Two Boots and Jasper

I then saw Tecumseh.  He headed up to greet them.  It wasn’t long before Two Boots decided he would rather not continue this greeting.

Tecumseh and Two Boots
Two Boots and Jasper
Gringo and his new band.
June 18, 2012

After saying good bye to Lori and Chis we went to check on Lakota.  Then headed back towards Penn’s cabin.  The first horse I saw was on of Jackson’s mares, Kiowa.

Kiowa, June 18, 2012

I was hoping to spend some up close time with Jackson’s band and I would not be disappointed.

I like to sit and watch the horses.  I find it really interesting to watch how they each interact with each other.  I never get tired of it.

Jackson’s band
Jackson’s band

I turned and saw Baja’s band.

Baja and band.
Kaycee and the Jackson Four!
Firestorm, Brumby and Galena foals, June 18, 2012
Jackson foals, June 18, 2012
Hertiage, Kiowa, Firestorm foal, Galena foal and Brumby foal.
Galena and Lander
Galena, Lander, Jackson and Brumby
Lander, June 18, 2012
Firestorm and LeDoux
LeDoux, June 18, 2012
Lander, June 18, 2012

We decided to head back to the campsite for a while.  I saw a car driving towards us.  It was Shawn Ivie and his daughter.  It was really great to finally meet him.  He mentioned that he thought he saw Prince on his way up.  I had not seen Prince up close for some time.  The last time I had seen him was in May and it was from a long way.  I hurried down Burnt Timber road to find him.

It was Prince and he did not look good.  Very thin.  Prince is 19 this year.

Prince, June 18, 2012
Prince. His old wound that Blue Moon him a few years ago is still apparent.

We checked on Lakota one more time.  It looked like a storm was coming, so we headed back to our campsite and called it a day.  A good day!

View from my campsite.

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  • Mustang Overload! Love this… except for Lakota and Prince, what a great trip. I know I will keep coming back to read again — so much info and beauty here. And you’ve coined a new phrase — Kaycee and the Jackson Four — love that, too 🙂 Hope you know how much these are appreciated. Keeps the memories alive…

  • So wonderful! These mustangs sport such a variety of colors. None is plain and all are stunning. Is there a term for the zebra stripping I see on some of the horses legs? Thanks for sharing your overload!!! 🙂

    • Thank you! That is the correct term. Those stripes on the legs are called Zebra stripes. The stripe down the back is called a Dorsel Stripe and the stripe down the shoulders that you can see on some of the horses is called Shoulder Bars. These are all consider primitive markings.

  • Thanks again for sharing all of your amazing pictures and stories! I absolutely love that picture of Breeze. She is so gorgeous, she’s definitely a big favorite of mine. I feel a connection with her though I’ve never seen her in person. It seems like you and Mica have a special connection. And look at his eye lashes! I also really enjoyed the picture of Kaycee with all four foals, it was adorable 🙂 I think those four are going to have so much fun together! La Brava has turned out to be quite stunning too!

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