Pryor foals: 16, 17 and 18, June 12, 2012.

Thanks to my friend Shawn Ivie for providing these photos for us!

Number 16 foal is born to Juneau.  Juneau is the 2009 daughter of Gold Rush and Two Boots.  The father of the foal is most likely Baja.  Baja is the 1996 son of Tonopah and Looking Glass.

Juneau’s colt, photo by Shawn Ivie.

Foal number 17 is Madonna’s foal.  Madonna is the 1989 daughter of  Twiggy and Black Beauty.  Yes, you read that right, Madonna is 23 this year.  The father is Duke, the 1996 son Flicka and Bigfoot.

Madonna and her foal, June 2012. Photo by Shawn Ivie.

Foal number 18 is Joviana’s foal.  Joviana is the 2009 daughter of  Felina and Morning Star.  I am not sure who the father is.  She was in Morning Stars band when she had the foal.

Joviana and her foal, June 2012. Photo by Shawn Ivie.
Joviana’s foal, June 2012. Photo by Shawn Ivie.

I leave for the Pryors again in just a few days.  I look forward to seeing how much the foals have grown.

I will be sure to keep you updated!


Thank you Shawn Ivie for your photos!!!  You can see more of Shawn’s photos at these sites: Shawn’s Facebook  and also at his Website.

5 thoughts on “Pryor foals: 16, 17 and 18, June 12, 2012.

  • Loving the photography! I joined the mustang world this weekend, I adopted from the EMM Ft. Collins event. If you want to follow our story, check out the blog- I’m so happy to be part of the mustang world.

  • These three are too cute! Can’t wait for your report from your upcoming trip! And I’m crossing my fingers that you see Gold Rush. She seems to be missing 🙁

  • Beautiful photos Shawn! Thank you Shawn and Sandy too!!
    Just so everyone knows, Merlin is doing fine after his injury (don’t know how it happened) but Nancy saw him today. He was alone but doing ok.
    Linda is here and we went out to Dry Head…did not see one horse. Then we went to Lower Sykes and hiked around there. We sawBristol, Kitalpha and Liesel! They all look real good!

    Last year Seattle got an injury (hoove and knee injury) and limped about for quite some time, but now he is fine and has Sacajawea and Kemmerer. I believe that Merlin will do the same. He is strong!
    See you soon Sandy!!!

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