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  • Jasper (Flint X Feldspar) really seems to have matured and filled out. I hope Knight fits in better with these boys and gets to stay with them for awhile. I worry about Gold Rush. She’s a favorite of mine and I know you didn’t see her either last time you were there. I hope she reappears soon. Madonna’s filly is adorable, although I had my fingers crossed she would turn out to be a sorrel like her mother. I think you said you were heading back out there soon. Can’t wait to hear about what you find!

      • Do u think Lemhi, Longshot, and Gold Rush might turn up or even the ones that are missing

      • I hope they can turn up soon. I might be going to the Pryors next summer but even though I’m excited, I’m sad that the ones who were removed aren’t there anymore and I really miss them

      • They’ve become new members of my family and I hope they’ll be going to great homes. It won’t be the same without them but I won’t ever forget them

      • I hope we can keep track of where they go and how they are doing. Maybe I can even do a post about some of them once in a while. I will be adopting and I will keep everyone up to date.

      • Which horses are you adopting?I was wanting to adopt Jedediah and two or three of the fillies but I dont know if they would be good with therapy horses or get along with the horses at the barn I ride at

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