Wild Horses And The Missoula, Montana Airport

I have been asked to provide a collection of photos for the Missoula, Montana airport.  The manager of marketing and advertising at the airport was at my Rotary Club presentation about the Pryor Horses last fall.  She recently contacted me and asked me if I would be interested.  Of course I said yes.  It was a good opportunity for a lot of people  to learn about the Pryor Mountain Horses.  It will be displayed in the airport in a place where all people can see the display, not just ticked passengers.

The PMWMC is providing information that will be available for everyone to look at.  Thank you Lori!

I will have a thirty foot wall to fill.  Below are the photos that I have chosen.   All will be on canvas.  I am grouping them in “2’s”.  I have selected a variety of photos.  My hope is it will give those that pass through the airport,  a look into their life on the range.  I think so many people do not even know that there are still wild horses.  I hope I can raise that awareness and cause more people to become involved  and realize the beauty that is just outside their back door.

Also, someone said to me today that they did not know that I sold my photos!  Of course I do, but that is not why I am here.  I am here for the horses and to provide information for everyone.  But, a little gas money to go to the Pryors would be great!  I take over 1,500 photos every time I go.  So if anyone is interested in a particular horse, or photo, please contact me.  My email is listed below.

First grouping and in the middle will be:

Lakota and Grijala, July, 2011
Grijala, July, 2011

On the left side of this pairing will be:

Chino and the Toppers, May, 2012
Jackson and his band, September, 2011

Next and further to the left will be:

Lakota, May, 2012
Bakken, April, 2012

Further to the left will be a group of four foals (in groups of 2):

Montana, May, 2012
Gabrielle and Cappuccino’s foal, May 2012


Missoula (of course I had to show him!), May 2012
Mica, May 2012

Then on the right of Grijala running, from left to right (in groups of 2) will be:

Lakota, July 2011
Lakota, July 2011

The next two:

Kootenai, April, 2012
Krystal and band, April 2012

The next two:

Kiowa, March, 2012
Kayenta and Warbonnet, May 2012

The final two:

Baja, May, 2012
Jackson, October, 2011

I will update this post with a photo of the display.  It will be in place by the third week in June.

Sandy  (viento3@aol.com)

The display went up June, 12, 2012. The title cards and other signage will be going up soon. I’ll post another photo when it is completely done.

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